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Tips for Solo Female Travel in Sri Lanka


Despite its modest size, Sri Lanka boasts a wealth of tourist attractions– from its beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountain panoramas to lavish green jungles and undulating tea fields. The nation’s varied and abundant history, covering countless years, includes an additional layer of fascination to its attraction.

Considered a gem amongst travel locations, Sri Lanka has actually gotten appeal amongst backpackers. Throughout the preparation phases of my solo journey, I explored blog sites authored by fellow female solo tourists, mainly from the West. They regularly stressed that, while the nation is typically safe, they experienced periodic uncomfortable stares and came down with frauds.

Understanding that solo female travel in Sri Lanka can be both complicated and thrilling, I took in their experiences as important insights. Like any journey, I understood there would be a mix of difficult and favorable encounters, and I felt effectively gotten ready for the experience that awaited me.

So, here’s my experience taking a trip solo as a woman in Sri Lanka.

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solo female travel in Sri Lanka
Tips for Solo Female Travel in Sri Lanka

Is Sri Lanka Safe for a Solo Female Traveler?

Sri Lanka is typically safe for solo female tourists. I invested 2 weeks checking out the nation on my own and had a wonderful experience. Fulfilling travel companions in hostels contributed to the experience, and my Airbnb hosts were accommodating. The regional Sinhalese individuals are typically friendly, adding to the inviting environment.

However, just like any location, individual security counts on judgment and choices If something feels off, it’s essential to trust your impulses.

While I did experience a couple of uncomfortable scenarios, they were small compared to the total favorable experience of the journey. I totally suggest it if you’re a solo female tourist pondering a journey to Sri Lanka. Accept the experience, and you’re sure to return home with extraordinary memories!

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Travel Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Sri Lanka

Here are a couple of suggestions for solo female travel in Sri Lanka.

Dress Moderately

In Sri Lanka, where cultural conservatism is more noticable than other traveler locations, it’s a good idea to dress decently. Prevent using crop tops, shorts, swimsuits, or excessively exposing attires, particularly when checking out smaller sized towns and spiritual websites.

When going to heritage websites and temples, guarantee your clothes covers your shoulders and knees; otherwise, entry may be limited. While it’s more unwinded at beaches in the South or the Southwest, it’s typically much better to be well-covered to prevent undesirable attention.

Act Confident and Be Cautious with Information

While Sri Lanka is typically safe, it’s smart to keep a positive temperament and not constantly divulge that you’re taking a trip alone. In less congested locations, you may experience people with doubtful objectives. Stay alert, and trust your impulses.

Share restricted details about your solo takes a trip with complete strangers, consisting of information about where you’re remaining. This preventative measure can assist prevent unpleasant scenarios and guarantee a smoother and more safe and secure solo travel experience.

Visting temples as a solo female traveler in Sri Lanka
Tips for Solo Female Travel in Sri Lanka

Stay Vigilant and Seek Crowded Places if Stalked

In disturbing scenarios where you feel somebody may be following you, act immediately. An apparently safe encounter ended up being a prospective concern throughout my walk around Kandy Lake. After declining a ticket deal for a cultural program, I understood the individual was following me.

I increased my speed, crossed the roadway, and looked for haven in a memento shop amongst fellow travelers. If you ever feel stalked, remain vigorous and head towards crowded facilities or locations If required, notify the personnel or security, as they can help in diffusing the circumstance.

Avoid Solo Night Exploration

While checking out easily is appealing, preventing roaming alone during the night is a good idea, particularly in quieter locations like Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy, or Ella after 8 PM. While Colombo and beach towns are lively after dark, other areas might end up being peaceful

Plan any nighttime getaways with a buddy, whether it’s for supper, beverages, or a late walk. I experienced the value of this in Sigiriya, where discovering a tuk-tuk ended up being difficult after supper, and strolling back alone worried. Partnering with a travel companion can include an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Use Google Translator for Communication

English is not extensively spoken in Sri Lanka, especially amongst residents like tuk-tuk chauffeurs and street food suppliers who mainly interact in Sinhalese. Throughout my journeys, when I pointed out being Indian, lots of presumed I was from South India and started speaking in Tamil.

Google Translator was a lifesaver– a fast method to bridge the language space I would type my message, and the app assisted communicate my ideas, making interaction much smoother.

Opt for Hostels or Airbnb Accommodations

When solo taking a trip, think about remaining at hostels or Airbnb lodgings rather of hotels. This not just permits expense savings however likewise supplies chances to get in touch with travel companions, find surprise gems, and take pleasure in excellent business.

I was lucky to fulfill extraordinary individuals throughout my journey. While treking Pidurangala, I partnered with a guy from India and a woman from Canada. In Kandy, my remain at Clock Inn Kandy (briefly closed) caused a journey to Nuwara Eliya with 2 fellow solo tourists I fulfilled there. Investing Christmas Eve together ended up being an unforgettable experience.

Similarly, my host at Babylon Hostel in Mirissa shared insights about regional beaches, popular dining establishments, and stories from his town. Wise lodging options and checking out evaluations in advance can improve the solo travel experience.

Babylon Mirissa
Babylon Mirissa. Image: Booking.com

Ensure Phone Connectivity

Activating worldwide roaming or getting a regional SIM card is essential when taking a trip solo. Having access to your phone not just permits you to remain linked to the web however likewise allows you to make calls.

I made it a practice to conserve the contact information of my Airbnb hosts and hostel owners at each area. By doing this, if I ever dealt with any obstacles, I might quickly connect to them. Keeping enjoyed ones notified about your location is similarly essential while taking a trip alone.

Travel Dudes Tip: You can likewise get an eSIM that permits you to remain linked at all times without required to get a regional SIM in each nation. Have a look at the benefits of using an eSIM while traveling.

With competitive rates and international protection in over 180 nations, the Travel Dudes eSIM card is the best service for any tourist.

Exercise Caution with App-Based Services

While app-based services like ‘Pick-Me’ in Sri Lanka (comparable to Uber) can use cost-efficient transport, it’s essential to be mindful. Throughout my journey from Mirissa to Galle, I experienced a circumstance where the regional tuk-tuk chauffeurs were dissatisfied with the occurrence of app-based services.

Despite a lower fare on the app, I dealt with some fights and ultimately needed to go with a regional tuk-tuk due to the intensifying stress. While utilizing such apps can conserve you cash, be gotten ready for possible regional resistance, and think about the total circumstance before choosing. Regardless of these obstacles, do not let anything hinder you from enjoying your journey and experiencing the very best that the nation needs to use.

Tuk Tuks in Sri Lanka
Tips for Solo Female Travel in Sri Lanka

While my journey to Sri Lanka was at first a solo experience, it changed into a series of shared experiences with newly found buddies. From enjoying delightful crabs in Colombo to loosening up on the beaches of Welligama, and from unscripted singing sessions on a train to Ella to the enjoyment of identifying leopards in Yala, the journey was improved by the extraordinary individuals I experienced. It’s a testimony to the truth that Sri Lanka is a location where you’ll undoubtedly fulfill impressive people and share unforgettable minutes.

Undoubtedly, solo female tourists need to work out care and stay watchful, however it should not impede the satisfaction of brand-new experiences. Sri Lanka, with its somewhat conservative environment, needs mindful expedition, however by sticking to the offered suggestions and trusting your impulses, there’s absolutely nothing to fear. As your journey unfolds, you’ll collect terrific stories to show loved ones, recording the essence of this gorgeous island.

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