Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz in the Canary Islands


Puerto de la Cruz is found on the Northern part of the island of Tenerife and belongs to the Canary Islands (Spain).

The city is understood for tourist, however likewise for the numerous Northern Europeans who reside in the city to endure the winter season in Northern Europe.

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Before you go … here is an introduction:

Where to remain in Puerto de la Cruz

10 Interesting Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz

1. Check Out the Second Best Zoo worldwide: Loro Parque

If you are going to Tenerife, then this location is a should to check out. Loro Parque is by far among the very best zoos I have actually been to.

The zoo has a varied and comprehensive reserve of animal and plant types. You can see various animals in the park for example: chimpanzees, gorillas, sea lions, otters, jaguars, tigers, alligators, flamingos, unique fish, piranhas, sea horses, and numerous sharks.

Next to this, the zoo offers various programs throughout the day. This consists of sea lion programs, dolphin programs, parrot programs and whale programs. The sea whale, lion and dolphin programs are actually fantastic.

Loro Parque was granted by Trip Advisor as the very first finest zoo in Europe and the 2nd finest zoo of the world.

You can buy your ticket online now, so you do not need to wait in line at package workplace.

Price: €42
Opening Hours:
09:30– 17:00
Free cancellation approximately 24 hours beforehand.
Fast Track

Loro Parque has all of it– this sensational tourist attraction in Spain boasts the biggest dolphin tank in Europe, a tunnel under a shark tank and the biggest penguin enclosure worldwide. It’s likewise among just 2 parks in Europe where you can see whales!

In addition to the interesting sea animals, there are likewise the typical animal types to find– from gorillas and chimpanzees to magnificent lions and tigers, reptiles, pests and far more. Most popular, nevertheless, are the vibrant parrots that bring the park to life with their vibrantly colored plumage and harmonic tunes.

With a strong dedication to animal well-being and ecological sustainability, a see is as interesting as it is environmentally friendly!

Loro Parque
Loro Parque

Tip 1 for going to Loro Parque

When you go into the park you can purchase a ticket for the ‘Discovery Tour’ omitting or consisting of lunch (you can likewise buy the ticket online prior to you go). This is certainly worth a buy. I purchased this additional ticket and got a personal trip in the ’em ployee just’ parts of the zoo.

During this trip I checked out the sleeping complex of the Gorillas, discovered the food and habits of the Gorillas, checked out the water filtration complex of the penguins and checked out the day complex of the Orcas. The personal trip at the complex of the Orcas was fantastic. Throughout the program you will see the Orcas from above, however throughout the trip you will decrease in a complex and can view the Orcas behind a window. Via this, you can see the Orcas at the very same height as you. The Orcas are extremely curious animals and will come frequently to the window to engage with you.

I have actually never ever been that near a huge animal like the Orca. It was fantastic! If you likewise wish to experience this, I advise you check out the zoo in the morning or ask the ticket desk for the Discovery trip, due to the fact that the later you will go into the zoo, the greater the opportunity that the tickets for this unique trip will be offered out.

Tip 2 for going to Loro Parque

Every 20 minutes a complimentary express train leaves from Reyes Católicos (town hall Puerto de La Cruz) to Loro Parque. The last train leaves at 17.45 from Loro Parque.

Facts about Loro Parque

  • Loro Parque was granted by Trip Advisor as the very first finest zoo in Europe and the 2nd finest zoo of the world.
  • The entryway cost is around EUR 42 for grownups.
  • Children under 6 complimentary entryway.
  • Loro Parque is open from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM from Monday to Sunday.

2. View the Sunset or Sunbathe at Playa de Jardin

Have you ever envisioned what paradise might appear like? A warm sandy beach, sparkling blue-green waters, unique plants and bubbling waterfalls– perhaps like this?

Then you must certainly check out Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife. Here you will discover the lovely beach of Playa Jardin. The beach is black and the sea is deep blue. The surrounding location is defined by lavish plant life.

Playa de Jardin is the greatest and best beach of Puerto de la Cruz.

Playa de Jardin suggests ´ Garden Beach ´ in English. The beach is surrounded by palm trees and various type of plants.

At the beach you will discover black sand. There is one huge dining establishment where you can have lunch or purchase treats and beverages. On the beach are sun beds, showers, toilets and parasols offered.

Manrique attempted to keep the beach as wild and natural as possible. He surrounded it with manicured green areas, an arboretum and a hurrying waterfall– all so that beachgoers would not be interrupted by the sound of the pressure of Puerto de la Cruz.

Playa Jardin is divided into 3 natural areas by interesting rock developments: El Castillo, El Charcon and Punta Brava. Synthetic reefs have actually been integrated in the sea to secure the beach from the strong waves. There are likewise open locations for internet users.

There is likewise a lifeguard, due to the fact that in some cases the waves can end up being extremely high, that makes it hazardous to swim. A red flag will be revealed at the beach when this is the case.

Playa de Jardin is certainly worth a see. You can sunbathe however it is likewise a really good beach to view the sundown at night.

3. Take Pleasure In a Day Swimming at El Lago Martianez

El Lago Martianez is an outdoors pool complex and it actually looks wonderful! There are 4 huge swimming pools and 3 kids’s swimming pools. The swimming pools are filled with filtered sea water.

Attractions consist of a big manufactured body of water surrounded by emerald green swimming pools, manicured balconies and gardens, and dining establishments. Awesome views of the sea and the magnificent Mount Teide finish this special center.

The park was created in the 1970s by Lanzarote’s popular artist, César Manrique. He incorporated components of conventional Canary Island architecture and native plants to develop a distinct style.

As a historic garden, Lago Martiánez is thought about a crucial cultural heritage website. Individuals of any ages will discover home entertainment to fit their tastes.

There are 4 swimming pools for grownups and 3 more for kids, all surrounded by yards with sunbeds and umbrellas for relaxing.

The complex likewise uses a number of balconies, kiosks, dining establishments and, given that 2006, a gambling establishment– the best enhance to a day of sun and sea views.

Facts about El Lago Martianez

  • El Lago Martiánez was granted by Trip Advisor as the 2nd finest water park in Europe in 2014.
  • The entryway cost is around EUR5.50 for grownups and EUR 2.50 for kids approximately 10 years.
  • El Lago Martiánez is open from 10AM to 5PM from Monday to Sunday.
Fountain in Lago Martianez at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Spain.
Fountain in Lago Martianez at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Spain.

4. See the Skyline of Puerto de La Cruz

On top of the Martianez cliffs, you can see a magnificent view of Puerto de La Cruz.

The perspective lags hotel ‘Puerto de la Cruz’. You need to stroll some stairs, however the view is fantastic.

Puerto skyline
Puerto horizon

5. Check out La Plaza del Charco During the Day or Night

Plaza del Charco is a huge square in the centre of Puerto de la Cruz.

Plaza del Charco has actually long been among the most popular locations in the town. This unique status is not just for travelers, however likewise for residents and homeowners of the Canary Islands. In Spain and the Canary Islands, life is lived outdoors, therefore is Plaza del Charco.

Countless travelers come here to delight in the idyll and appreciate the lovely palm trees and other subtropical plants. The residents like to walk along the boardwalk or consume their cortado (espresso) and view the vibrant pressure. Some couples being in love on the benches around the water fountain with the lovely water plant in the middle of the plaza.

Right in the middle of the plaza, beside the water fountain, there is likewise a kids’s play ground and the Cafe Dinamico– for several years an expert’s meeting point in Puerto de La Cruz.

Around the Plaza del Charco are many coffee shops, bars, dining establishments, ice cream parlors, fragrance stores, style stores and far more. Here you can consume, consume, walk, store– simply unwind.

In the nights there is a lot going on: night owls amongst the young travelers or residents satisfy in the Hannen Pub or in the relaxing Color Cafe for a mixed drink or a beer.

The name “Plaza del Charco” originates from a seawater swimming pool that utilized to be in the middle of the square. The plaza has actually been revamped in current years, the water fountain swimming pool with a taro plant, the birch figs and some excellent palm trees have actually been maintained.

Plaza del Charco
Plaza del Charco

6. Commemorate Carnival like You Have Never Done Before

It’s fantastic to commemorate Carnival in Tenerife.

Usually the carnival is around February and the very best location to commemorate carnival remains in Santa Cruz. The event of carnival in Santa Cruz is 2nd just to carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on the world celebration phase. Beside Santa Cruz, you can likewise commemorate carnival effectively in Puerto de la Cruz.

The parades are wonderful to see and there are numerous street celebrations. When you check out the center at night, you will discover live music and individuals dancing all over.

The environment is wonderful. Beside the dressing up, the carnival in Tenerife have some unique customs like:

  1. The guys need to dress up like a woman. Yes, you read it properly. The majority of the guys will dress up like a woman. They will obtain the clothing and shoes of their female partners.
  2. During the day there are amusing occasions like heel running
  3. On Ash Wednesday, the ‘burial of the sardine’ will happen. On the beach at the old harbor of Puerto de la Cruz is a huge papier maché sardine. Throughout the night, this will be scorched and the occasion ends with fireworks.
  4. The ‘ gran cosa apoteosis’ (the Carnival closing parade) is uproarious to go to. Throughout the parade, huevos tacos (which are eggshell and fabric balls held together by paste) are tossed onto the passing parade from verandas and windows.

7. Check Out the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico)

Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens) lies in Puerto de La Cruz.

It is a huge garden with special plants and trees from all around the world. Practically every plant and tree is identified with the name of the plant or tree in various languages.

From the Canary Islands to New Caledonia, you will discover native plants and animals, however the emphasize is certainly the many palm trees. Each of these enforcing palms is put amongst a range of native plants.

Particularly excellent are the Caribbean plants that define the arboretum in their variety. A see would not be total without a take a look at the blooming baobabs.

Moreover, there is a serene and charming pond at the back of the gardens. This garden is a great location to invest and unwind a couple of hours of the day.

There is no dining establishment in the garden, so bring some water and food with you. Throughout the garden, are a number of dining establishments where you can have a scrumptious lunch or supper.

Facts about the Botanical Gardens

Or you might take an expedition “Los Guanches Coast“. There will be 2 stops: Botanical Gardens (Admission consisted of) and Playa El Bollullo.

8. Playa de Martianez

This beach is in between the Martiánez cliffs and the Costa Martiánez complex.

Like the majority of the beaches in the north of Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz, Playa Martiánez has black sand with pebbles.

The beach is synthetically produced and safeguarded by breakwaters at a 90 degree angle to the Atlantic. Internet users value this plan due to the fact that, depending upon the swell, there are perfect conditions for newbies and advanced internet users.

Compared to the lovely Playa Jardin, the primary beach of the city, Playa Martiánez is without a doubt not as relaxing and huge. The real stretch of beach is fairly narrow, however uses a lot of area for sunbathing.

Sometimes it can be tough to go into the water without worry, as the waves at Playa Martiánez can be rather high. This is the best location to delight in the sea and take incredible pictures.

Nevertheless, the beach uses all the features you would anticipate in a city like Puerto de la Cruz. You can delight in cooking thrills right on the boardwalk, simply a stone’s get rid of from the beach life.

The view of the evergreen northern coast is awesome.

Part of the little black sand beach is open to the sea, while another part is partly safeguarded by breakwaters. This offers optimum conditions for bodyboarders and internet users.

No marvel that there is a browse school here that caters for both experts and newbies.

Especially bodyboarders like to come to this beach to make the most of the continuous waves.

Playa Martiánez is not constantly secured and can be challenging due to some rocks in the water and unforeseeable currents.

For this factor, there is typically a warning on this beach forbiding swimming. Due to the fact that it is one of my preferred beaches, this is an embarassment.

Here are some activities close by:

Playa de Martianez
Playa de Martianez

9. Check Out the Old Castillo de San Felipe

Castillo de San Felipe is a really little old castle (remains of castle) situated beside Playa de Jardin.

You can take a look inside and check out the history of the castle. It is not extremely intriguing to check out, however if you check out Playa de Jardin, it deserves to have glimpse inside this castle. You will cross it anyhow.

The Castillo de San Felipe, integrated in the mid-17th century, lies west of the town hall and when functioned as a defense versus pirates.

Today it hosts exhibits and cultural occasions that perk up the bold structure.

The Castillo de San Felipe was developed in between 1641 and 1655 in the shape of an irregular pentagon. It was initially made up of 2 parts: The inland part was a two-story structure with storage rooms and a leader’s apartment or condo, while the seaward part was a one-story structure created as an open cannon yard. Throughout a remediation in the 20th century, these structures were customized so that San Felipe now looks like a constant two-story structure. The fortress is now utilized for exhibits and numerous occasions.

From the Castillo there is a stunning view of Playa Jardín (Garden Beach) and you can start a six-kilometer seaside walking to Mirador San Pedro.

San Felipe Castle in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerifa, Spain.
San Felipe Castle in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerifa, Spain.

10. Check Out the Old Harbor

If you have actually done the 9 things above and you still have energy delegated check out the city, you might likewise check out the old harbor of Puerto de la Cruz. It lies beside the ‘Plaze del Charco’.

The harbor is extremely little and is nowadays utilized to swim and fish.

The port of Puerto is a location that everybody must check out. Here you can satisfy travelers, anglers, scuba divers, residents and sportspersons, all delighting in the special environment of the port and the pier.

Early in the early morning, the port comes alive. The anglers tackle their conventional activities and the idyllically moored fishing boats offer the pebble beach a really unique, nearly dreamy environment.

For residents and travelers alike, the port of Puerto de La Cruz is a genuine tourist attraction. Particularly at night you can delight in the romantic environment and appreciate the sundown. In the early morning you can delight in an awesome view over the Orotava Valley, best for dreaming.

Puerto de la Cruz is a really good city to check out throughout your remain on Tenerife. There are a lot of things to do and the weather condition is constantly extremely good. If you like to celebration and would like to check out an incredible night club I advise Limbo to you,

things to do in Puerto de la Cruz - Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz in the Canary Islands

. This location is wonderful. Blanco is likewise a great bar to have some beverages.roads in Tenerife We likewise advise working with a cars and truck and checking out the


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