Sky Lagoon vs. Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Today, we’re diving headfirst into the geothermal marvels of Iceland, comparing 2 of the most popular (actually) areas on the map: Sky Lagoon and Blue Lagoon

It’s an obstacle to compare these 2 masterfully developed health retreats since they’re both extraordinary experiences, particularly in a location like Iceland, where whatever feels and look wonderful.

Keep reading as we supply a rundown of Sky Lagoon and Blue Lagoon, highlighting their offerings and environment. We’ll compare each location, offering you the cons and pros to assist you pick the finest area for you.

Here is an introduction:

Sky Lagoon, An Urban Escape

Just a 15-minute drive from the captivating city of Reykjavik, is Sky Lagoon, “the newcomer” in the Icelandic wellness-sphere. It’s like entering a geothermal wonderland without leaving the benefit of civilization.

Sky Lagoon Infinity Pool
Sky Lagoon Infinity Pool

The Atmosphere

Sky Lagoon is a diligently created sanctuary that easily combines with its natural environments with a hand-made waterfall, enforcing gray rocks, mild grassy slopes and a grass home.

But, the emphasize of this location is an elegant infinity swimming pool, with sweeping views of the North Atlantic Ocean, blurring the line in between the lagoon and the sea in a really enchanting method.

As day turns to sunset, the environment at Sky Lagoon is set versus the background of a beautiful sundown.


You’ll see the captivating Kársnes Harbour and Bessastaðir, the house of the President of Iceland. If you keep an eye out a bit more, you’ll even see the striking shape of Mount Keilir, a cone-shaped volcano with an abundant seafaring history. If you’re brief on time,

Sky Lagoon Tickets

An ideal fast city vacation. Access to the lagoon, no frills.

Check out the different tickets available on Tiqets Access to the lagoon with “Seven Step Ritual”. Public lockers and altering location.

This premium plan consists of access to the lagoon with “Seven Step Ritual” and personal altering centers.

Sky Lagoon Packages

Relaxing in the Sky Lagoon in Iceland.
You can acquire “Sky Lagoon for Two”, that includes 2 Sky passes, one beverage per individual and a Sky plate from the Smakk Bar for 36,400 ISK. “Pure for Two” consists of 2 Pure passes, one beverage per individual and a Sky plate for 30,400 ISK.

You can likewise acquire several passes for as much as 6 check outs for a single person.

Relaxing in the Sky Lagoon in Iceland.

Sky Lagoon Amenities & & Offerings

There are a great deal of features used at Sky Lagoon. Your access to them depends upon whether you got the Pure Lite, Pure or Sky pass.

Available to Everyone

The piece de resistance, providing calming and warm waters with sensational views of the Icelandic landscape.

A hand-made waterfall created to supply a rejuvenating and distinct experience, enabling visitors to take pleasure in a natural hydrotherapy session.

For those looking for a contrast experience, a cold plunge is frequently readily available to rejuvenate the body and awaken the senses.

A designated location within the lagoon where visitors can take pleasure in a minute and drift of relaxation while taking in the surrounding appeal.

Scan your wristband at Sky Lagoon’s in water bar to buy beverages like white wine, beer, or mixed drinks.

A retail area where visitors can acquire souvenirs and keepsakes to keep in mind their Sky Lagoon experience.

Amenities Available to Pure and Sky Ticket Holders

If you got the Pure or Sky ticket, you can access Sky Lagoon’s extra features in the Turf House for one round.

The Seven-Step Ritual Sky Lagoon’s popular routine is as follows … Step 1— Lagoon, Step 2— Cold Plunge, Next– Enter Turf House, Step 3— Sauna, Step 4— Cold Mist, Step 5— Sky Body Scrub, Step 6— Steam Room,

Step 7

Sauna in the Sky Lagoon, Iceland.
— Shower

Then you’re totally free to take pleasure in the lagoon or cold plunge once again as you please.

Sauna in the Sky Lagoon, Iceland.

Sky Lagoon Dining OptionsIcelandic delicacies After you’ve delighted in the centers, head inside your home near the store. You’ll discover a comfortable dining and lounge location with 2 dining choices- Smakk Bar and Sky Cafe, which are both more unwinded dining choices and you seat yourself and order at the counter, instead of Blue Lagoon’s dining establishments.

Tasting plates of different

from around the nation. It’s like Iceland’s variation of the popular charcuterie and cheese board.

More casual sandwich counter setup where you can buy bagels, soup, sandwiches, baked items and skyr (Icelandic yogurt).

  • Pros of Sky Lagoon
    Now that we’ve offered you the rundown on Sky Lagoon, it’s time to share its cons and pros.
  • Infinity Views
    The scenic views are merely awesome. The edgeless style of the lagoon perfectly combines with the horizon, developing a surreal experience that makes you seem like you’re drifting amongst the clouds.
  • Conveniently Located From the City
    Sky Lagoon is an even more practical choice than Blue Lagoon and just 15 minutes away, whereas Blue Lagoon is 50 minutes to/from Reykjavik.
  • Luxury Vibes
    You’ll discover smooth architecture and high-end features throughout Sky Lagoon with a raw, natural appeal outdoors at the lagoon. They truly created it to seem like you were at a natural warm spring around Iceland with the wood hut and mossy rocks all around at the lagoon. It’s the ideal area for those aiming to integrate relaxation with a touch of elegance.
  • Reasonably Priced
    For comparable health routines including several actions, Sky Lagoon is substantially less expensive when comparing Sky Lagoon’s Seven Step Ritual for 9,790 ISK ($ 70 USD) to Blue Lagoon Ritual for 79,000 ISK ($ 557 USD). Given, Blue Lagoon likewise offers you access to a semi-private lagoon with less individuals as part of the rate.
  • Ease of Entry
    Whereas Blue Lagoon was puzzling to browse, Sky Lagoon’s setup seemed like a breeze. Every action was plainly identified from the minute you strolled into the locker space, resulting in the lagoon. You were likewise informed by personnel at check-in where to go.
  • Easy Purchasing
    You’re offered a wristband that is connected to your charge card for simple, touchless payment!
  • Showers, Locker spaces, and altering locations
    This location was well kept, tidy with showers that had conditioner, hair shampoo and body wash.


  • With its smaller sized size and lower capability, Sky Lagoon seems like a more intimate area.
    Cons of Sky Lagoon
  • Crowd Control
    While not as crowded as Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon can get a bit congested, particularly throughout peak hours. Often they reserve out weeks beforehand. Scheduling beforehand is a should if you wish to protect your area.
  • Drinks Not Included
    Unless you acquire a Sky Lagoon for Two plan.
  • Dining Options Are Casual
    Unlike Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon has less dining choices to pick from and does not provide a premium dining establishment experience like Blue Lagoon.
  • No Additional Offerings
    Unlike Blue Lagoon, there isn’t a medical spa to book extra treatments.

Day Visits Only

Unlike Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon does not provide lodging. Your check out is simply for the day.

Blue Lagoon: The OG Geothermal Wonder

Now, let’s discuss the OG– Blue Lagoon. Nestled in a lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, this renowned location has actually been drawing tourists from around the world for years.

The Atmosphere

Hot pool at the Silica Hotel at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
Blue Lagoon is a geological work of art, standing as a testimony to the amazing appeal of nature’s marvels. While the surrounding lava fields include a rugged beauty, the milky blue waters produce a heavenly environment. It’s a testimony to its natural appeal.

You’ve most likely never ever skilled anything like this before! As you enter this geothermal sanctuary, you’ll discover that it’s absolutely nothing except captivating. If you’re fortunate, you might even see the Northern Lights, as we did!

Hot swimming pool at the Silica Hotel at heaven Lagoon in Iceland.

  • Blue Lagoon Tickets Entrance to heaven Lagoon, silica mud mask, usage of towel, 1st beverage of your option

Premium pass

( 11,490 ISK)ritual Everything in Comfort + 2 extra masks of your option, usage of bathrobe, one glass of champagne if dining at Lava dining establishment

Check out the tickets available from Tiqets Everything in Premium + 5 hours of unrestricted access to the underground Retreat Spa, the Retreat Lagoon (personal), heaven Lagoon

at The Retreat Lagoon, a personal altering space, skin care features, access to the Spa Restaurant and 8 below ground areas. Find out more listed below.

The Blue Lagoon Amenities & & Offerings

The Blue Lagoon provides a variety of features available to all visitors. If you’re pertaining to Blue Lagoon for a day check out, you’ll get to take pleasure in these offerings …

Silica Mud Mask Bar

The journey starts with a see to the Silica Lagoon, a remote corner of Blue Lagoon, where visitors are offered with a mineral-rich Silica Mask, sourced straight from the lagoon, offering a special and revitalizing spa-like experience.

If you get Comfort admission, you’ll get to pick one mask, while Premium admission will get you 3 of the 4 used masks (silica, algae, mineral). If you desire, you can acquire extra masks.

After using the Silica Mask, visitors immerse themselves in the warm waters of the Silica Lagoon before cleaning the mask off after a couple of minutes. Your skin will be incredibly silky smooth later!

Enjoy the Rest of Blue Lagoon

Following the Silica Lagoon soak, visitors can shift to the primary Blue Lagoon where you can take pleasure in the other features like their steam bath, sauna, hand-made waterfall, relaxation cavern, and an indoor relaxation location with views of the lagoon.

In Water Bar

Order a beverage to take pleasure in at the lagoon without leaving the water! Pick from water, juices, shakes, sodas, beer, and white wine.

Additional Offerings Spa Treatments At their underground health spa,

The Retreat Spa,

Blue Lagoon provides treatments created to raise the general sense of wellness, such as in-water massages and floatation treatment.

Silica Mask at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
Skin Care Products for Home

Blue Lagoon has a skin care line based upon your experience at the lagoon. You can buy the exact same items influenced by the lagoon’s mineral-rich components. They likewise offer them at the airport or you go shopping online.

Silica Mask at heaven Lagoon in Iceland.

  • Blue Lagoon Dining Options
    Blue Lagoon provides numerous dining choices showcasing the very best of Icelandic food in advanced areas.
  • Lava Restaurant
    Nestled versus lava fields, Lava Restaurant offers a classy dining experience with a menu of in your area sourced active ingredients that puts a modern-day twist on Icelandic cooking customs.
  • Moss Restaurant
    Overlooking heaven Lagoon, Moss Restaurant has Michelin-starred food and provides a more casual dining experience than Lava Restaurant. Motivated by Nordic and icelandic food, the menu highlights an unwinded environment without jeopardizing on cooking quality.
  • Spa Restaurant
    Gourmet specials with a view in a more intimate and unwinded environment for health spa visitors. Dine in your bathrobe or totally outfitted.

Blue Cafe

Snacks and beverages

Alternative to Blue Lagoon on Property: The Retreat Lagoon

If you desire something more remote and unique, select The Retreat Lagoon, a personal lagoon at Blue Lagoon, which provides more personal privacy and you can prevent the turmoil of the overcrowded Blue Lagoon. You likewise will not have actually unwanted pictures taken of you as visitors are not enabled to bring their phones or take pictures in the lagoon.

Another method to take pleasure in a personal lagoon is by reserving among heaven Lagoon hotels.The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon Stay Overnight at Blue Lagoon If you’re trying to find a longer relaxation experience, you can remain at or

Silica Hotel

, a 10-minute walk from Blue Lagoon. Both Blue Lagoon hotels consist of Premium entry and concern access to Blue Lagoon throughout your hotel stay, along with access to your hotel’s own personal lagoon, which each hotel has.

  • Pros of Blue Lagoon
    Now that we’ve offered you the rundown on Blue Lagoon, it’s time to share its cons and pros. Conveniently Located If you’re capturing Blue Lagoon on your method to/from the KEF airport, it’s just a 20 minute drive, which is excellent for a quickie
  • Icelandair stopover
    and even stopover, depending upon just how much time you have.
  • Natural Beauty
    The milky blue waters, surrounded by rugged lava fields, produce an extraordinary environment. It’s a geological marvel that has stood the test of time.
  • Silica Mud Masks
    Blue Lagoon is popular for a factor. Their multi-step silica mud mask program, consisted of in your ticket, produces the very best indulging. Smearing on this mineral-rich mud resembles offering your skin a medical spa day, leaving you feeling invigorated and radiant.
  • Health Benefits
    Blue Lagoon was initially developed by a medical physician for his clients to treat their conditions. The water is stated to have recovery homes.
  • More Dining Options
    Blue Lagoon provides much more dining choices than Sky Lagoon
  • Easy Purchasing
    You’re offered a wristband that is connected to your charge card for simple, touchless payment!
  • Showers, Locker spaces, and altering locations
    This location was well kept, tidy with showers that had conditioner, hair shampoo and body wash. There were likewise more makeup tables and hair drying stations readily available than Sky Lagoon.
  • Bigger and More Spread Out
    Being larger offers visitors more area to expand.

More Additional Offerings

  • Blue Lagoon has actually progressed beyond an easy warm spring. The addition of a high-end hotel, health spa, and great dining choices make it a location in itself. It’s the ideal area for those looking for a comprehensive experience.
    Cons of Blue Lagoon
    Tourist Magnet
  • Blue Lagoon’s appeal implies it’ll be extremely, extremely crowded. You can discover a personal enclave to take pleasure in a personal minute at Sky Lagoon, however this was never ever possible at Blue Lagoon. It is extremely touristy. nearly like Disneyland.
    If you desire a more serene and personal experience far from the turmoil, think about reserving The Retreat Lagoon, which has the exact same streaming geothermal water as Blue Lagoon, simply in a remote area for Retreat Lagoon visitors and Retreat Hotel visitors just.
  • Confusing Layout
    Whereas Sky Lagoon’s setup was more straight-forward and directed you with visual instructions, action by action, browsing Blue Lagoon from the locker space to the lagoon was a bit complicated. It wasn’t apparent understanding where to get in the locker and the lagoon space seemed like a labyrinth if you didn’t dedicate your numbered area to memory.
Relaxing in the hot pool at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
Pricey Pampering

Quality comes at an expense. Blue Lagoon isn’t the most economical choice, and the costs can build up, particularly if you delight in the different health spa treatments and features. This isn’t a bad thing if you were looking for a more substantial health spa experience.

Relaxing in the hot swimming pool at heaven Lagoon in Iceland.

Sky Lagoon vs. Blue Lagoon: Which is Right for You?

  • Now that we’ve dipped our toes into both Sky Lagoon and Blue Lagoon, it’s time to choose which is the ideal suitable for you.
    Sky Lagoon is your area if …
  • You Want to Be Close to Reykjavik
    Embrace the modern-day, smooth setting with the city simply a stone’s discard. You can take pleasure in the benefit of being close to the action while taking in the heavenly waters.
  • You Seek Luxury and Innovation
    Sky Lagoon brings a touch of high-end to the geothermal scene. With its infinity views and modern-day features, it’s ideal for those who wish to integrate relaxation with a dash of elegance. Budget is a Concern While it provides a first-rate experience, Blue Lagoon features a price. On the other hand,

Sky Lagoon

  • may be a more economical choice, particularly if you’re mindful about extra costs. If … You Crave Natural Beauty

Blue Lagoon is a timeless for a factor,

Blue Lagoon is your area. The unblemished lava fields and milky blue waters supply an unrivaled connection to nature. It’s an Icelandic vital that has actually made its area on lots of pail lists.what else is Iceland known for?

You’re a Spa Enthusiast Blue Lagoon takes the crown with its prominent silica mud masks and a variety of health spa treatments. Enjoy a holistic health spa experience with an in-waterIceland ice caves massage surrounded by the sensational Icelandic landscape.

Relaxation and Adventure

You can even integrate relaxation and experience. Picture this:

an Icelandic experience that’s simply the ideal quantity of relaxing and interesting. Start your day with an enjoyable walking through sensational

, surrounded by enthralling blue colors. Relax in a gorgeous geothermal health spa nestled in volcanic landscapes, soaking in calming natural springs.

It’s the supreme balance of excitement and happiness– an extraordinary journey in the land of fire and ice.

There’s no clear winner in the supreme face-off in between Sky Lagoon and Blue Lagoon– (*) it’s everything about individual choice.(*) Whether you’re drawn to the city beauty of Sky Lagoon or the classic appeal of Blue Lagoon, both provide a special Icelandic soak that’s sure to leave you revitalized and invigorated.(*) So, fellow wanderers, the option is yours.(*) Will you go after the infinity views of Sky Lagoon or indulge in the renowned attraction of Blue Lagoon? Whichever you pick, keep in mind to soak all of it in and accept the magic of Iceland’s geothermal marvels.(*) Happy soaking!(*)
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