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Serengeti Balloon Safari in Tanzania


You’ve been imagining your Tanzanian safari for so long, and the day when it starts has actually lastly shown up. How about exploring this amazing nation from a special viewpoint on a Serengeti balloon safari?

Discover why many safari visitors fall for the Serengeti. Watch out for huge felines, even larger elephants, and nearly every sort of safari wildlife you can think of. You may likewise see giraffe, impala, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, numerous types of birds, which might all simply be before breakfast.

You’ll always remember enjoying these animals communicate from above, whether you see a hunt, a large herd or a mom securing her cub or calf. Plus, there’s the Serengeti’s memorable landscapes: observe Africa’s renowned acacia trees, the park’s golden meadows and excellent stacks of stones called “kopjes”.

After your Serengeti balloon safari, invest a long time in this hectic northern Tanzanian town called Arusha, and you’ll experience energetic streets filled with life and color.

Here’s whatever you require to learn about experiencing the Serengeti from a hot air balloon!

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Here’s a fast breakdown:

How to Experience a Serengeti Balloon Safari

Serengeti National Park provides a thrilling and special experience with its Balloon Safari.

From the viewpoint of a hot air balloon, you can appreciate the large charm of the Serengeti meadows and get an entire brand-new viewpoint on the park’s plentiful wildlife.

This is a genuinely impressive experience.

Begin your day at dawn with a one-hour flight (weather condition allowing), where you will see wildlife and migration from above and listed below as you skyrocket over the large savannah. Upon landing, delight in a warm welcome with champagne and a charming breakfast in the wilderness. Head back to your hotel for an interesting video game drive.

The hot air balloons are generally offered in the Ndutu location in between December 20 and March 31, while they run in the North Serengeti from July 1 to October 31.

You’ll usually remove at around 6:30 am and go back to camp by 9:30 am to continue your safari experience. This activity appropriates for people aged 7 years or older who are fairly mobile, fit enough to have a sense and fly of experience. Please note that weight constraints might use.

Serengeti Balloon Safari going over hippos in Tanzania
Hot Air Balloon over a hippo pod in the Serengeti.

Where to Have a Balloon Safari in the Serengeti

Going on a balloon safari in Africa can be rather pricey, however let me inform you, it is definitely worth every cent invested in this amazing experience in the sky!

There are a number of designated areas in the Serengeti where you can take your balloon safari The very best area for this unique air-borne wildlife seeing experience depends upon aspects such as the abundance of animals in a specific location of the Serengeti National Park, the distance of your lodge or hotel, and your option of balloon operator.

The main part of the Serengeti provides an outstanding range of wildlife, consisting of wildebeest, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and boasts among the greatest concentrations of huge felines in the park.

Kogatende is frequently compared to Switzerland due to its attractive landscape, which looks like the rolling hills of that nation.

It’s not surprising that it’s called “the Serengeti,” as its surface carefully looks like that renowned African national forest, with its large plains and the awesome Mara River going through it. This area likewise occurs to be among among the couple of locations where you can witness firsthand the amazing phenomenon of the Great Migration from July to November.

However, if you prepare your go to in between May and July, Togoro ends up being an exceptional location to observe this impressive occasion called the Great Migration.

Each year in East Africa’s Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, a sensational natural phenomenon called the “Great Migration” takes place. Countless wildebeest, zebras, and other hoofed animals move through these lands. And think what? Togoro is frequently described as the “Golden Plains of the Serengeti” due to its attractive landscape of acacia and sausage trees.

Once you’ve reserved your Serengeti balloon safari, among our staff member will offer you with essential information about your morning pick-up, what to use, and what to anticipate throughout this amazing experience. This helpful rundown generally occurs at your lodge the eve your Serengeti Balloon Safari.

Hot Air Balloon Safari over the majestic Serengeti.
Hot Air Balloon over the stunning Serengeti.

What to Expect from a Balloon Safari in the Serengeti

You will need to get up early, as often it’s a 30-60-minute drive to get to the beginning point. When you get here at the beginning point, the personnel will warmly welcome you.

Although it’s still dark outside, the sky is turning a sensational shade of purple. While the group prepares the balloon for flight, you can delight in a soothing cup of tea or coffee and a tasty biscuit. The hot air balloon is warmed to offer the required lift for flight, while ropes hold the basket in location.

Just before departure, there is a quick security rundown and harness presentation. The team will advise you on placing yourself in the basket and what to anticipate throughout the trip. When whatever is established and all set to go, you are totally free to get in the basket and “secure your seat belt”.

Good to understand: Since the balloon moves with the wind instead of rocking by itself, movement illness is not a problem.

Usually, the hot air balloons have sufficient area and are divided into 4 compartments for an overall of 12 to 16 visitors, making sure increased security and a lot of space for everybody, in addition to awesome views!

Once all guests are settled within, the skilled pilot is all set for departure!

He’ll carefully heat up the balloon till it increases with dignity into the air, where you’ll quickly witness an extraordinary daybreak that completely lights up the Serengeti plains.

It is really a thrilling yet peaceful experience! As you drift over the large Serengeti landscapes in this hovering vessel, there is no turbulence or loud engine sound to interrupt this environment; simply you (and a lots other visitors) enjoying this bird’s eye view of the animals listed below, together with the fascinating daybreak ahead.

During a balloon safari in the Serengeti, there is an abundance of wildlife to observe. With a little luck, you might see a pride of lions, elegant giraffes, a marvelous procession of elephants crossing the large plains, varied hyenas, dynamic birds and various types of plains video game, consisting of wildebeest, topi, zebra and other antelopes.

The elevation throughout the flight differs from managed heights of about 300 meters above ground level to skimming the treetops for breathtaking views of the Serengeti surface. Typically, flights last around one hour, however depending upon climate condition and discovering ideal landing websites, flights might be somewhat longer or much shorter than 60 minutes. It’s worth keeping in mind that any flights over 40 minutes will be charged at complete cost.

The chance to see the Serengeti from above is really memorable and will leave you with a long lasting impression.

Serengeti Balloon Safari skimming the Acacia trees.
Hot Air Balloon skimming the Acacia trees in the Serengeti.

What to Bring on a Hot Air Balloon Safari

What products should you consist of on your packaging list for a Serengeti balloon safari experience? It is extremely advised that you dress properly for the safari experience. This consists of comfy shoes and a light-weight windproof coat or sweatshirt for the cooler early mornings.

Don’t forget to load a hat and sun block to safeguard yourself from the sun’s rays. While using a hat might not be perfect throughout the balloon trip itself, it will be available in useful throughout the scrumptious bush breakfasts.

Speaking of which, bush breakfasts are an outright should on an African safari They use an extraordinary chance to delight in scrumptious food in the middle of the awesome landscapes of the large Serengeti plains.

Also, make certain to bring field glasses so you can get up individual and close with wildlife and capture remarkable minutes with your mobile phone or video camera The Serengeti provides many chances for video and photography from high above in a hot air balloon! Possibly you wish to take a little video camera bag with individual valuables with you, which you can protect to the bottom of the basket. Keep in mind, that there isn’t much space on board to save bags on the flooring throughout the flight, so pick carefully what you bring.

You may anticipate the early morning to be cold as you drift high in the sky, however you’ll be happily amazed to discover it’s not cold! The hot air balloon slides easily with the wind, removing the possibility of a cold breeze. In addition, the balloon itself is “warmed,” which ensures a soothing heat that covers you.

As you increase above the splendid Serengeti plains, the surrounding air likewise slowly warms. There’s no requirement to bundle up.

When Should you Book your Serengeti Balloon Flight?

When is the very best time to schedule your hot air balloon experience in the Serengeti? It’s extremely advised that you protect your area in the Serengeti skies as quickly as you validate your go to. Ballooning is extremely popular, and accessibility is restricted. We advise scheduling early to make sure a smooth experience.

Hot Air Balloon ride in the Serengeti. Photo by David Berkowitz via flickr.
Hot Air Balloon trip in the Serengeti. Picture by David Berkowitz by means of flickr.

Continue the Safari Afterwards

Continue your early morning with another game-viewing session. You might have lunch in nature and return in the late night to delight in a leisurely African supper.

The following day, after breakfast, you continue with a Game drive in Ndutu plains– well-known around the world as it hosts among the biggest mammal migrations. Experiencing over 400,000 calves being born throughout peak season is amazing!

You will have wonderful early morning and afternoon video game drives throughout limitless Serengeti plains, which are home to an amazing concentration of wildlife, consisting of wildebeest herds, zebras, gazelles, lions relaxing in acacia trees … the list goes on! The Serengeti plains boast all members of Africa’s Big Five and countless zebras, birds, and other predators.

Serengeti National Park is well-known for its large herds of plains animals such as zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles. It stays the only location in Africa where massive land-animal migrations still take place. This park has actually ended up being a global traveler destination and was acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage website in 1981. When it comes to the absence of trees in the Serengeti, it’s primarily limitless plains; nevertheless, there are some “sausage trees” that giraffes and elephants feed upon.

Note that the park deals with a number of management issues, consisting of poaching, tourist effect, wildfires, and insufficient resource tracking capability. Water deficiency is another considerable difficulty due to having just one seasonal river (Mara) covering borders.

Various aspects threaten the environment of Serengeti National Park, such as industrialization, human population development, farming, and poaching– threatening both wildlife types and regional neighborhoods living near the park limits. Human-wildlife disputes, population boost, hardship, and unsustainable advancement tasks likewise add to these obstacles.

Lions in the Serengeti, Tanzania



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