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Parc Omega Wolf Cabins: A Weekend Sleeping With The Wolves


It was our 2nd check out to Parc Omega Wolf Lodge in Quebec and this time we were remaining in the splendid wolf cabin. This distinct lodging, ingeniously developed with glass walls enables visitors the unusual chance to witness the wolves in their natural environment, all from the convenience and security of a relaxing, well-equipped cabin. As golden falls the parc clears out save for those who scheduled a remain at among the wolf cabins. As silence falls, the haunting tunes of wolf shouts stress the air, producing a symphony that speaks with the soul.

Parc Omega Wolf Lodge, Quebec

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Experience Quebec

Parc Omega is a special wildlife park situated in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, that uses visitors an opportunity to observe a range of North American wildlife in their natural environments. Spread over 2,200 acres, this park is home to numerous types such as deer, bison, bears, and wolves. Among the most distinct experiences that Parc Omega uses is the chance to remain in Parc Omega’s wolf cabin.

Apart from the wolf cabins, there is plenty to do and see at Parc Omega. Visitors can drive through the park and observe the animals from the convenience of their own lorries. Parc Omega is among the very best locations in Canada to see Canadian wildlife.

Self Drive Safari

Parc Omega Wolf Lodge Self Drive

You can check out Parc Omega on a day journey from Ottawa or Montreal. You will start a 12km self-drive loop through the various environments when you go into the park. The path takes about a half and an hour to drive through, however if you resemble us and take a great deal of pictures, it can be a number of hours.

The automobile trip is an incredible method to see wildlife from the security and convenience of your car.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Feeding Deer

Be sure to get a bag of carrots to feed the deer. You are enabled to feed carrots to the animals from your window. We recommend getting a minimum of 2 bags of carrots, the white-tailed deer are adorable, however they are greedy and like eating in restaurants of the palm of your hand.

Habitats of Parc Omega

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Habitats

Something we like about Parc Omega is how it has actually recreated landscapes to simulate the animal’s natural environments. Serge Lussier who concentrates on preservation, assisted to develop a great deal of the environment within the park. If they didn’t have an environment for them, he stated that he would not bring an arctic animal to Parc Omega.

There is the Arctic Tundra for Arctic animals and broad open plains for the bison. The mountain goats were set down atop a high rocky hill and looked right in your home. Considering that mountain goats usually live at high elevations, this is a great option for them to live out their days.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Mountain Goats

Parc Omega Experiences

Parc Omega uses a lot of various experiences. Much so, that you can make a whole weekend out of going to Parc Omega. If you wish to remain over night at one of the wolf pods, cabins or camping tents make sure to book well ahead of time as this is among the most popular destinations in Canada. Let’s break down a few of the experiences you can have at Parc Omega.

Cocktail With Wolves

A brand-new unique experience that is best for groups of friend or family is to reserve a mixed drink supper at the Wolf Observatory. This unique experience consists of a biologist guide who will inform you everything about the life of the wolf. it consists of a feeding of the wolves followed by a mixed drink supper. will enable you to live a memorable in person encounter with this emblematic animal. Accompanied by a biologist guide, let yourself be brought away by his story and decipher the secret of this famous types. A distinct experience in Quebec awaits you!

Indigenous Trail

Parc Omega Indigenous Trail

In addition to the wildlife, Parc Omega likewise has an abundant cultural history. The park lies on land that was when populated by the Algonquin First Nations individuals, and there are a number of displays and setups throughout the park that display their history and culture.

One method to go out and experience the nature and landscapes of Parc Omega is to trek the 1km (.6 mile) forested path that leads previous totems sculpted by Indigenous Algonquin artist Dennish Charette. In the summer season, you can delight in Omega by Night, a brightened walk followed by storytelling. In the winter season it is a snowshoeing path making the experience much more wonderful.

Park House Restaurant and Gift Shop

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Park House

The Park House Restaurant and Gift Shop will be your very first stop on your Parc Omega safari. It is here that you can get your bag of carrots and if you desire a bit to consume there is a dining establishment. It likewise has a great present store to leave some mementos.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabin Accommodations

If you prepare to do any of the additional experiences at Parc Omega, you might wish to remain over night. There are not a great deal of lodgings around the park, so this is a great alternative.You can check prices and availability here Here are a couple of alternatives for you to think about.

Parc Omega Wolf Chalet

Parc Omega Wolf Lodge Chalets

Nestled within the beautiful wilderness of Parc Omega in Quebec, the wolf cabin uses an unrivaled retreat into the heart of nature, supplying an intimate and immersive encounter with among the most mystical and magnificent animals of the forest– the wolf.

The Wolf Lodge at Parc Omega is not your common lodging. The wolf lodges are log cabins made from wood and glass, supplying an intimate and relaxing environment while likewise using breathtaking views of the wolves as they stroll easily in their environment. The cabins are insulated and have heating for the chillier months, along with cooling for the summer season.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Interior

There is a comfy bed, a restroom with a shower, and a little kitchen space for preparing meals total with a table, microwave, fridge, Nespresso coffee maker, meals, and towels. Make sure to load food and red wine. You’ll be nestling in for the night for an unique experience. The emphasize of the cabin, nevertheless, is the big glass window that uses an unblocked view of the wolves.

Parc Omega Wolf Lodge Seating Area

Staying in a wolf cabin is an unique chance to witness the charm and power of these animals up close, all while remaining in a regulated and safe environment. Each lodging alternative (Wolf Chalet, Wolf Lodge, or Wolf Cabin) lies in the very same complex, they are simply various structures that accommodate various groups.

Watching the Interaction of Wolves From Our Chalet

We invested the night in a log cabin in the middle of the wolf sanctuary where a pack of wolves invested the night wailing, running around, sleeping, and playing in front of our personal glass observation space.

During the day, you can choose a walk along the boardwalk to observe the wolves from above. During the night, you can hear the wolves wailing, supplying a memorable and genuine wilderness experience. It was incredible to see the alpha male control the pack. It was really clear to see the subtleties of the wolf pack with the Alpha male and Alpha female looking healthy and strong and the others falling under line to the shabby omega.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabin Platform

My heart broke for the bad Omega wolf who was continuously being bullied or disregarded. Even throughout the wolf groan in the middle of the night, we observed that it wasn’t enabled to participate in. We might inform it wished to so severely, however it understood it could not. It actually measured up to all of the buzz and is an experience we advise you do not miss out on.

Other Accommodation Options

Parc omega tent accommodation

There are other more budget-friendly alternatives from scheduling a night in a camping tent or tipi. Wi-Tents are the supreme glamping experience with beds and seating inside a big cone-shaped camping tent. There is wood heating, an outside fire pit, and solar power for lighting.

There is a natural toilet and water for drinking. The finest thing about this lodging is that you’ll have access to the footbridge to see the wolf and bear enclosures.

Pod Village

Another alternative for lodging is to remain in among the pods in the town. They are not situated in the wolf enclosures so you will not be seeing the wolves in the evening, however you will still hear the noises of the park and you will have the ability to delight in the activities that occur after the sun decreases.

Pods have air, electrical power and heating, a kitchen space, and a restroom. Kids will like oversleeping the mezzanine bed that functions as the supreme bunk bed. They are likewise near the Old Farm which is a fantastic location to check out with kids.

Par Omega Wolf Lodge View

Stilt House

Families will like remaining in the stilt home. If you do not desire to bring your own, it sleeps 7 individuals with complete beds and bed linen to lease. We simply recommend packaging a sleeping bag. Like the camping tents, it has a natural toilet, an outside fireplace, and solar power for lighting.

This likewise admits to the wolves’ and black bears’ footbridges to observe them in their natural environments.

Wolves and Bear Suite

Just brand-new and formally opened in September 2023 is Parc Omega’s brand-new Wolves and Bear suite. This time you get the very best of both worlds. You have your alternative of the one or two-floor suites. These cabins are pure high-end with contemporary design, fireplaces, and even an outside fire pit. They are tactically positioned so you can see both the bears and the wolves up close. The two-floor system even has a terrace for amazing views. It is necessary to keep in mind that the bears are hibernating from November to April so it will simply be the wolves throughout this time.

Regardless of which kind of lodging you pick, you will have a good time. You can take a look at the prices for all the accommodations right here.

Great Canadian Safari– The Wildlife Of Parc Omega

Parc Omega Wolves Arctic

Visiting Parc Omega resembles going on a safari. We have actually been on safari around the globe and this is really comparable. The other animals remain in big enclosures and stroll easily. They can stroll right approximately your automobile so be prepared. Often the deer and caribou can get a bit aggressive when attempting to consume carrots, so make certain to keep moving.

You can walk around the driving path as lot of times as you like to see the various animals. Do not leave your automobile other than for at designated locations.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Arctic Foxes

Arctic Foxes: Our preferred part of Parc Omega was certainly the Arctic enclosures. We took pleasure in seeing the arctic animals in the winter more than our other gos to. When a blanket of snow was on the ground, they appeared totally in their aspect. WE had actually seen arctic foxes in northern Canada however it was good to get a more up and close view of them.

Park Omega Wolf Cabin Experience Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolves: Seeing wolves is something in life, having the opportunity to see lovely Arctic wolves is another. When we stopped to see them, these wolves were really curious. They kept their range, however they presented magnificently for our cam. Did you understand that the Arctic wolf is a sub-species of the Gray wolf? You can likewise find out a lot about the wildlife while you are here.

Parc Omega Elk

Elk: A fun time to check out Parc Omega is throughout the rutting season when male antlers have actually reached their complete development. WE saw a couple of males with their hareem of women. They are such lovely animals that I believe we invested 20 minutes simply viewing them.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabin Caribou

Caribou: Reindeer are called caribou in Canada, however if you are going to Parc Omega with kids, call them reindeer, they’ll like it! What I constantly discovered fascinating about these animals is the size of their hoofs. They are substantial, a nd assist them stroll through the snow in the winter season, which is the very best time to see them in my viewpoint.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabin Coyotes

Coyotes: Until I saw coyotes in the wild, I never ever actually comprehended simply how big they are. They can quickly be puzzled with wolves, however they are a bit smaller sized. One method to inform them apart is to take a look at their ears, they are pointier than a wolf. When the leaves were orange and yellow, we enjoyed seeing the Coyotes in the fall. What a spectacular background for these lovely animals.

We might continue noting the wildlife of Parc Omega as there are likewise strolling tracks that take you through various environments, where you can see animals such as swines, raccoons, and beavers.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabin: FAQ’s

Parc Omega Wolf Cabin Rental Details

How much are the wolf cabins at Parc Omega?

The Wolf Cabins begin at $549 CAD per night for approximately 4 individuals. If you pick the Wolf Chalet it begins at $749 CAD per night for approximately 8 individuals and the Wolf Lodge is $849 CAD per night for approximately 6 individuals. The wolf and bear suites begin at $549 CAD per night.

How much does it cost to go to Parc Omega?

Park Entrance costs $41 CAD per grownup and $31 CAD per kid. It is necessary to keep in mind that there is a household discount rate offered and if you reserve a Wolf Cabin the entry is consisted of.

Is Park Omega worth it?

Parc Omega is certainly worth the cash, particularly if you reserve among the Wolf Cabins. This is a really distinct alternative that is not provided in any other location worldwide.

What is the very best time to check out Parc Omega?

The finest time to check out Parc Omega depends upon what you wish to see. Fall is excellent for the fall colors, Winter is excellent for the arctic animals and Spring is suggested if you wish to see infants.

Why Should You Visit Parc Omega?

Why should you visit Parc Omega Wolf Cabins

Parc Omega is open year-round. We have actually visited it in 3 seasons, fall, winter season, and summer season, and each time was totally various yet simply as wonderful. In the winter season there are different activities from snowshoeing through its forested tracks, to tasting maple syrup at the sugar shack, and even snow tubing and pet dog sledding. There is a heap to do here for the entire household. Parc Omega lies in the province of Quebec, Canada. The address is 399, path 323 North Montebello, Quebec.

Parc Omega is an unbelievable experience that enables you to get in touch with nature and observe the charm of wolves in their natural environment. Whether you are a nature fan, an animal lover, or merely trying to find a special vacation, Parc Omega is the best location. Are you all set for a roadway journey? Ensure to load your cam and prepare yourself for an incredible Canadian safari.

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