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Measure these 9 top KPIs for travel management success


As a travel supervisor, you have access to swathes of staff member travel information. Each time a worker takes a trip for service, a substantial quantity of information is produced– from just how much the journey expense and how it was reserved, to which suppliers were utilized, and how carefully the journey abides by your business travel policy.

All of this information offers you with the insight you require to track crucial efficiency indications (KPIs) for travel management. Typically, companies will choose which KPIs for travel management to concentrate on by making sure that they line up with their travel budgets, total service travel objectives, and travel market criteria.

It’s your task to not just develop and keep an eye on the ideal travel management KPIs for your company however likewise to utilize the outcomes and turn them into actionable insights to assist enhance your travel management program. 

So, which KPIs for travel management are essential to determine? Listed below, we’ll cover 9 travel management KPIs that are important for the majority of companies.

What kinds of KPIs for travel management should you be determining?

Many companies see determining travel KPIs mostly as a method to lower expenses or enhance the method they utilize their travel spending plan. Although expense savings are crucial, there are likewise other crucial aspects to think about. 

Here are 4 broad kinds of business travel metrics that all companies ought to determine: 

Financial metrics

These metrics belong to how companies can conserve cash and secure their bottom line. This classification covers KPIs that step

, spend too much exterior of

, overall invest, and expense savings. Cancellation expenses and typical invest per vertical (flight expenses, hotel expenses, and so on) would likewise fall under this classification. 

How TravelPerk makes tracking travel invest easy

The only method to genuinely remain on top of your service travel spending plan, is with access to real-time reporting. With TravelPerk’s advanced reporting tools you can break expenses down by staff member, group, travel type, typical journey expense, recoverable VAT, and more.

Quality metrics

Quality metrics cover KPIs that connect to staff member fulfillment. KPIs of this type step tourist fulfillment, tourist engagement with authorized reservation platforms, and SLA arrangement fulfillment by suppliers. 

Business metrics

Finally, service metrics cover roi (ROI) and performance KPIs. Companies can determine journey success rate, performance rate, and the effect on travel within departments to determine how effective their travel program is.the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the European Union Sustainability metrics

Measuring sustainability metrics is important for business to satisfy their business social obligation objectives. Lots of areas are often launching brand-new ecological legislation, such as

, and companies ought to be tracking sustainability KPIs to remain certified.

Some examples of sustainability metrics are the quantity of CO2 being produced by service travel, just how much of this CO2 is balanced out, which transportation types are being utilized (train travel, flight, and so on), and whether there are chances to make travel more environmentally friendly.corporate business travel policy

9 Top KPIs for travel management.

Now that we’ve covered the most crucial travel management KPI classifications, listed below, we’ll go through 9 KPIs that your company ought to determine to examine the efficiency of its company travel policy for employees

If your business does not have a travel policy, do not hesitate to describe our totally free

to produce yours.travel management platform

1. Reserving tool adoption.

making savings on corporate travel.

If your business has bought a reservation tool or a full-service how effective the online booking tool, you likely did so with the objective of improving procedures, making sure compliance, and, notably,

Even though you’re on board with the travel scheduling option, the number of of your taking a trip staff members are utilizing other reservation channels to make travel plans? Determining the portion of staff members who have actually completely embraced the tool as their main technique of making travel plans will assist you examine


is, and the level of ROI you’re leaving it.

Plus, your reservation tool will just reveal staff members authorized providers that have actually been consisted of in your business travel policy, and are most likely to supply you with business discount rates. To get much better reservation exposure, divide the reserved and ticketed invest by your overall travel invest to find how well your company has actually embraced your reservation tool.forms of payment

2. Usage of authorized approaches of payment.

Much like your reservation tool, it’s crucial to get a deal with on how certified your staff members are with the business travel expenses they’re utilizing.travel and expense policy For example, companies that supply their staff members with a business charge card to cover

require to understand the levels of non-compliance with their payment policy. A

is indicated to assist companies keep occupational scams at bay, improve the compensation procedure, and abide by tax workplace policies. Plus, having actually authorized payment approaches makes it simpler to keep an eye on travel invest and recognize locations for optimization.

You can determine how well your staff members are sticking to your payment policy by dividing your travel-related invest in a business charge card by your overall travel invest.top 5 travel analytics solutions Need to determine the ideal metrics for your service travel program?

Check out our list of the

for your businesscorporate travel policy

3. Portion of reservations made within policy.

Does your business have a

in location? Travel policies are crucial for remaining on top of costs, increasing scheduling performance, and keeping tourists safe.

It’s important to comprehend the number of individuals are scheduling within policy in time. You’ll likewise would like to know the factors for any policy infractions: are supervisors taking too long to authorize service journeys, triggering them to increase in cost? Is the policy too stringent? Or are tourists scheduling their journeys too last-minute? By observing patterns in the information, you’ll have the ability to discover possible defects in your business’s travel management program.benefits of flexible travel policies

Create a travel policy that works for your business

Check out our short article on thecorporate travel discounts

4. Cost savings from business travel discount rates.

hotel rooms Securing

is a fantastic method for companies to keep expenses low. While numerous business hang out separately working out discount rates with various suppliers, there is a much better and simpler method to do this. Travel management platforms like TravelPerk typically have their own handle suppliers, and deal unique discount rates on travel services (like airline company ticket rates,

, and cars and truck leasings) to all their consumers, so they can make the most of business discount rates without needing to negotiate their own rates. 

To determine the portion your business has actually conserved by protecting business rates and discount rates through your travel management platform, take the typical market rate and deduct the affordable rate, then divide by the typical market rate and increase by 100.how travel management tech saves you money

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5. Tourist fulfillment.

Knowing how delighted your taking a trip staff members are is crucial to service success. Their distress is most likely associated with your business travel program and policy if they aren’t delighted with their travel experiences. Just like other locations of service, when staff members are dissatisfied, retention rates are most likely to plunge.

Requiring tourists to take routine fulfillment studies about their travel experiences will offer you insight into how well your travel policies are working. Ask about their transport, accommodations, expenditure, and scheduling experiences to recognize locations for enhancement. 

6. Portion of cancellations, modifications, and rebookings.

rebookings, changes, and cancellations Where possible, you wish to prevent making any modifications to reservations given that they generally sustain high charges and extra invest.

Take an appearance at the portion of FlexiPerk throughout a particular duration. This will offer you a concept of whether there are specific times of the month or year when modifications to reservations happen, whether they can be credited to particular departments, and what factors were provided for the modifications. From there, you can think about how finest to lower the overall quantity of modifications made to initial reservations. 

CTA blog FlexiPerk 2

If tourists are making a great deal of last-minute modifications, think about utilizing a versatile travel scheduling choice like

FlexiPerk enables TravelPerk consumers to reserve any flight, hotel, cars and truck, or train at any rate, and after that cancel at any time and get an 80% refund as credit on the platform. This leads to a 40% typical cost savings compared to standard versatile fares.

7. Portion of advance reservations.

Booking ahead conserves companies cash, and normally uses more versatility and option with travel plans. In basic, your staff members ought to be scheduling travel as far ahead of time as possible.

Of course, situations that require last-minute reservations can constantly occur. If you take an appearance at how numerous days in advance travel plans are made on average, you’ll get an image of whether you require to change your travel scheduling policies and/or procedures.duty of care

8. Variety of travel event reports.

When they take a trip,

You have a legal commitment to keep your staff members safe. This is calledsafety during any future business trip To meet your responsibility of care responsibilities, you’ll require to have travel

policies in location that resolve dangers like political discontent, disease, local security issues, and entry requirements. When they take a trip,

Take an excellent appearance at the overall number of event reports over a particular timeframe to determine simply how safe your staff members are. Plus, be proactive about any additional steps you can put in location to guarantee their GreenPerk program.

9. Carbon footprint.

Measure these 9 top KPIs for travel management success Finally, to satisfy your sustainability objectives, you’ll require a method of determining your company’s carbon footprint. This includes understanding just how much CO2 is being launched into the environment throughout service travel.TravelPerk Once you have exposure over your carbon footprint, you can recognize chances for more sustainable travel. Tourists might take trains rather of flying whenever possible, and might likewise choose for public transport over personal taxis once they’ve shown up at their location. TravelPerk’s

enables services to instantly compute the carbon footprint of their service travel program, and reach net no emissions by buying carbon offsets. (*) The post (*) appeared initially on (*).(*)



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