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Key takeaways from TravelPerk’s Business Travel Chaos survey


Many business have actually seen disturbances to their operations in 2023, consisting of organization travel. Tourists have actually needed to believe on their feet, modification strategies rapidly, and handle increasing rates. How much of an effect has this had on experts around the world? Have numerous areas been impacted in a different way, and how are tourists handling the turmoil?

We carried out an online study of 4000 organization tourists from a series of markets and ages, throughout 4 nations: the UK, the United States, Spain, and Germany  

Below, we’ve collected a couple of essential findings from our organization travel study to bring you brand-new insights on the present state of worker travel.

Secret takeaways from TravelPerk’s Business Travel Chaos study.

  • 79% of international organization tourists have actually experienced a travel disturbance in 2023
  • UK organization tourists report that they’ve been the most affected by transport strikes ( 28%), while weather-related disturbances like natural catastrophes and floods have actually primarily impacted American tourists ( 33%). United States tourists are likewise the most impacted by visa problems compared to Europeans, with 17% being impacted by rejected entry or postponed visa processing. 
  • In all nations surveyed, 40% of all organization tourists reported being affected by hold-ups, and 1 in 4 organization tourists have actually dealt with cancellations in 2023
  • An average of 40% of tourists state they’re looking for travel updates more regularly since of the hold-ups, while 35% state they now choose to book choices with versatile cancellation policies
  • When things fail, 33% of international tourists would choose to speak with a human customer care agent

According to tourists, the leading advantages of organization travel are checking out brand-new locations ( 44%) and establishing brand-new abilities ( 43%)

Tourists are having a hard time to discover choices within their budget plan.

When asked what they discover the most tough about scheduling a company journey, the greatest portion of tourists (34%) stated they had a hard time to discover travel choices that weren’t too pricey or were within their budget plan. An extra 30% stated it was hard to discover travel choices to fit their schedule.


With inflation affecting organization travel rates, it’s not a surprise that an increasing variety of experts are worried about expenses. Air travels and hotel rates started to support in the 2nd quarter (Q2) of 2023,


40% of tourists have actually been impacted by hold-ups of more than one hour in 2023, while nearly a quarter have actually been impacted by cancellations.

the US PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) Travel hold-ups have actually been a severe issue in 2023. Airports in the United States are experiencing record-high numbers of guests and flights with no boost in capability to accommodate them, according to

. Flight hold-ups were likewise a problem in Europe, with 106.7 million air tourists impacted in the summertime alone, . These travel patterns were substantiated in our information, which revealed that


40% of tourists

throughout all nations experienced hold-ups of more than an hour in 2023. 24% of tourists dealt with cancellations. These were especially a problem in the UK, where 30% of tourists were impacted by cancellations.


Tourists are looking for updates more regularly and scheduling choices with versatile cancellation policies.


Travel disturbances are altering the method individuals take a trip for work, as experts do their finest to prevent being hindered by modifications to their journey. 39% of all tourists surveyed report that they are looking for travel updates more regularly, while 35% are now scheduling choices with versatile cancellation policies, and 34% are permitting more travel time to get to their location.

In the United States, tourists were especially most likely to enable more travel time to get to their location, with 43% reporting that they would do this. This makes good sense, thinking about the high variety of travel hold-ups impacting the United States– 84% of United States tourists experienced some type of travel disturbance in 2023.

In Spain, the biggest portion of tourists stated they were looking for travel updates more regularly (41%), while the biggest portion of tourists in Germany (37%) stated they were scheduling choices with versatile cancellation policies.

Many tourists choose to speak to a human customer care agent.

how-business-travlers-prefer-to-make-changes-to -their-bookig

Across all 4 nations surveyed, tourists concur: The human touch is a crucial issue for them when scheduling organization travel. They ‘d choose to have a real-life individual to talk to when emergency situations take place and tourists require to cancel or alter their reservation.

33% of participants stated talking with a human customer care agent by phone was their chosen choice for making adjustments. They stated they ‘d rather do this than make modifications online, through SMS, utilizing a chatbot, or by talking with somebody at the airport.

Tourists are worried about their health and work plans.

a survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute Across all nations surveyed, organization tourists discovered it hard to capture up with in-person conferences, virtual conferences, and e-mails after a company journey. In general, 35% stated they discovered this to be an issue, while an even greater portion in the United States (39%) believed this was an issue.

Travelers were likewise worried about jet lag and physical tiredness, with 20% throughout all nations stating they were interested in this. As health and wellness end up being an increasing focus in the office, this is not a surprise– one in 3 United States employees report being extremely interested in their office wellness in basic, according to


Compiling, sending, and getting expenditures authorized for a journey can likewise provide a difficulty. 19% of tourists had a problem with this throughout all nations. 

Business tourists discover it challenging to stay up to date with work and be far from liked ones

36% of tourists reported that it was hard to be far from liked ones while on a journey, while 27% stated it was tough to keep updated on continuous jobs or work. When required was a considerable obstacle for them, 29% likewise stated that being able to make modifications to their journey.

These numbers were relatively comparable throughout the 4 nations surveyed. United States tourists were primarily interested in staying up to date with jobs and work (33%), while in Spain, Germany, and the UK, being far from liked ones was thought about the best trouble. 

What organization tourists can do to alleviate travel disturbances.

With all this turmoil going on, it’s easy to understand that experts may feel worried about their approaching organization itinerary. There’s a lot that can be done to handle travel disturbances and restrict their damage.strikes in Europe and how to plan ahead

Wondering how to handle travel disturbances?

Check out our guide to

Here are some suggestions tourists can follow to get ready for their approaching journeys:

  • Build in buffer time
  • Considering the current travel hold-ups, it’s an excellent concept to integrate in additional buffer time for your organization journeys. This may imply:
  • Leaving more time to get to the airport or train station in case of a hold-up

Planning to remain an additional night in your location to make the speed of travel more unwinded

Planning stopovers that are long enough to move conveniently from one mode of transport to the next

Pack wise

  • 24% of United States organization tourists were affected by lost or postponed travel luggage in 2023, so it’s crucial to be gotten ready for unforeseen situations. If your travel luggage is postponed or if you get stuck someplace overnight, you’ll require to have the best products with you. When you get here at your location, this will avoid you from feeling worried out if you have crucial conferences to participate in.
  • Be sure to bring vital products in your hand travel luggage, consisting of:
  • Medications
  • Identity and travel files
  • A modification of clothing
  • Toiletries (hair shampoo, soap, razors, and so on)

Phone battery chargers

Laptop and battery charger, in case you require to get work done on the go

Know your rights EU’s air passenger rules Did you understand that you might be entitled to payment if your flight or train is postponed? Various nations have various laws about cancellations and hold-ups. Acquaint yourself with these before you take a trip, so you’ll understand how to get your cash back if something fails with your itinerary.

For example, the

EU rail passengers state that guests are entitled to compensation, rerouting, or return, in addition to support at the airport, if their flight gets canceled. They likewise have the right to payment if the traveler is notified of the cancellation less than 14 days prior to the set up departure time.

If a flight is postponed, EU guests likewise deserve to compensation, support, and a return flight. In addition, guests are entitled to payment if the flight reaches the last location with a hold-up of more than 3 hours.according to the US Department of Transportation deserve to a rerouting or refund under particular situations, in case of cancellation or hold-ups.

United States air guests are entitled to a refund when it comes to hold-ups or cancellations,

The United States does not have laws on rail travel payment.business travel software solution

How TravelPerk assists tourists get rid of the difficulties of travel disturbances.

offset their carbon footprint TravelPerk provides a best-in-class

to assist tourists quickly book, handle, and conserve cash on organization journeys. With TravelPerk, organization tourists can discover hotel, rail, and flight reservations at the very best rates, send cost reports, handle business travel policies, recuperate VAT,

to satisfy sustainability objectives, and more.6 best business travel management companies

Need aid reservation and arranging organization travel?

Have an appearance at our list of the Saving you cash One of the primary travel difficulties reported by organization tourists ismanages expenses and invoices putting together, sending, and getting expenditures authorized for a journeyexpense management automations This obstacle impacted 19% of tourists throughout all nations. TravelPerk can assist with this– the platform

in one location, while likewise incorporating with the world’s leading cost platforms. Users can establish and accelerate the procedure for everybody on the group. As international organization travel rates and airlines tickets increase, lots of tourists are worried about budget plan. With TravelPerk’s extensive inventory 34% of tourists having a hard time to discover choices within budget plan, and another 30% finding it challenging to book choices that fit their schedule

, it’s clear that conserving cash is a leading concern.

of lodging and travel services can assist users discover the very best choice to fit their requirements. And TravelPerk provides business travel customers the very best worked out rates, permitting them to take full advantage of cost savings when scheduling.TravelCare Keeping you notified

Since 39% of TravelPerk study participants look for info more regularly as an outcome of travel disturbances, these people might take advantage of utilizing

TravelCare users (organization tourists and admins) will get alerts of any disturbances or modifications to their travel prepares through the app. If they require support, they will likewise have instant access to the consumer care group. This will assist take a trip supervisors satisfy their responsibility of care and health and wellness commitments.

In addition, when making reservations on the TravelPerk platform, tourists will have access to clear, confirmed, real-time danger and guideline info– so they can schedule with self-confidence. When you require it

The greatest portion of tourists (33%) choose speaking to a human consumer service agent by phone, Help. They’ll enjoy FlexiPerk solution TravelPerk’s , which is readily available 24/7. 

Travel hold-ups and modifications produce a higher requirement for versatile cancellation policies. With 35% of tourists actively searching for versatile offerings, TravelPerk’s is the best fit Utilizing FlexiPerk, tourists can cancel a reserving as much as 2 hours before departure and get 80% of the expense back as credit on the TravelPerk platform. This leads to a typical 40% conserving compared to standard versatile fares. In 2023, TravelPerk has actually seen a

35% boost in the variety of business picking versatile choices

to recuperate their expenses when journeys do not go to strategy. Usually,

10% of TravelPerk journeys are canceled by organization tourists

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Key takeaways from TravelPerk’s Business Travel Chaos survey Overall, 2023 has actually been a year of significant modifications, consisting of some disturbances in travel. These have actually left tourists worried and searching for various services to guarantee their journeys go as prepared. Fortunately is, with innovative preparation and the right tools, there’s no requirement to stress– tourists can take safety measures to guarantee they have an excellent journey, with the best resources to handle the scenario if things fail. Ideally, travel market suppliers will see a resolution of these problems for next year and beyond.TravelPerk Methodology

OnePoll carried out an online study on behalf of TravelPerk from 27 October to 07 November 2023, with 4000 utilized grownups from the UK, United States, Germany and Spain who take a trip for work. Participants originated from companies within sectors such as accountancy, banking & & financing, health care, and retail.(*) The post (*) appeared initially on (*).(*)



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