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Discover the Magic of Yacht Getaways – Greece Ionian Explorer


Greece, with its azure waters, ancient history, and tasty food, has actually long been a dream location for tourists worldwide. And what much better method to explore this Mediterranean paradise than on a luxury yacht? Yacht Getaways in Greece provides an unrivaled experience of flexibility and high-end, all set versus the background of the spectacular Ionian Sea. In this short article, we’ll take you on a journey through a few of the most charming ports, using a look into the expense, culture, and cooking thrills that await you on this picturesque experience.

Yacht Getaways– Explore the Greek Islands

Yacht Getaways Ionian Explorer Boat

The Cost of Yacht Getaways in Greece

Embarking on a luxury yacht trip in Greec e is a dream become a reality for numerous, and it’s remarkably available. Rates for luxury yacht charters can begin at around 1450 euros per week, depending upon the size and kind of luxury yacht, the time of year, and the particular path you select. When you think about the expense of hotels on the Greek dishes this is an extremely affordable holiday,

. The expense consists of not just the luxury yacht itself however likewise the services of a skipper and hostess/chef using a hearty breakfast and lunch (consisting of beer and red wine) every day plus the high-end of a personal cruise through the Ionian Islands. Our team Ana and Clara looked after every information from navigation, security, and preparing tasty

on board.

Yacht Getaways Greece Ionian Explorer A Day

We cruised right into the charming towns on the Ionian Islands remaining in the heart of all the action. For the majority of our ports, we might stroll straight off the boat and were totally free to trek to concealed beaches, remarkable lookouts, or just delight in a waterside taverna to see the sundown.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Breakfast

A Day in the Life on a Yacht CruiseIonian Islands Each day we left port at about 8 am to beat the rush of trip boats to our swimming areas in the middle of the sea. As our Skipper Ana travelled to our very first stop, we delighted in a breakfast of fruit and bread with hot coffee or tea while Clara prepared our hot meals. Breakfasts were constantly something various and were a tasty start to the day to keep our energy up for the experiences ahead.

Once breakfast was done, we picked an area on deck to take in the remarkable views of the

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Lunch

We had actually options of cushioned lounges above, the trampoline listed below, lounges at the front, and seats and beds at the back.

We ‘d pick up a swim and relaxation and while we were frocking in the water, Clara prepared our lunches. Lunches included fresh seafood, Greek Food, pasta, and salads. All were served with our option of beer, red wine, water, or carbonated water. It genuinely was a dream.

yacht getaways greek islands cruise

It was then on to our port of call where we got here every day early in the afternoon. Showing up after lunch provided us the best quantity of time to check out the town, do some shopping, and go to a beach or picturesque lookout. Whenever we were docked or anchored, we had access to snorkeling equipment, paddle tubes, floaties, and boards to delight in the day in the crystal-clear waters.Greek dishes Watch our Video– Yacht Getaways, the very best Way to See the Greek Islands

There were 2 group meals, one at the start of the cruise and one at the end of our journey where we went to a regional taverna to bond over tasty

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Corfu

The Ionian Explorer trip and the rest of the nights were invested doing as we pleased.Old Town Exploring the Ionian IslandsSantorini with Yacht Getaways starts by setting sail from the attractive island of Corfu. We invested 3 days in Corfu prior to our journey which enabled us to see all of the leading tourist attractions of the Venice that goes back to the 8th century BC! Corfu boasts an abundant history, with Venetian, French, and British impacts obvious in its architecture and culture. Unlike the Cyclades Islands of

or Mykonos, Corfu with its blue domes and whitewashed structures, Corfu will advise you more of Things to do in Cofu Old Town.

with pastel structures and clay roofing systems. It is a sensational city.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Marina Start

Before you start your trip, ensure to spend some time to check out the old town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and relish some conventional Greek food in among its captivating tavernas. Enjoy our complete videos of

Embarkation of Yacht Getaways

We captured a taxi to the Gouvia Marina in Corfu that cost EUR35 from Mon Repos Palace simply beyond the Old Town. Rates are most likely less expensive from downtown. We fulfilled our skipper and host on the pier and they led us to our 42-foot Catamaran where we unloaded and delighted in a welcome beverage and treats.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Yacht

The minute you get in the boat, you understand you remain in for something unique.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Bathroom

About the Yacht

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explore Front Cabin

Our Yacht became part of the Superior Class which has 4 cabins for visitors that sleep 8 individuals. The back cabins are bigger with more storage area, and a bigger bed, and the shower is different from the toilet. book it today! The front cabins (where we remained) are smaller sized with the shower belonging of the sink so we needed to shower over the toilet and sink. It’s not so bad as we showered outside after swimming a lot.

Prices are the exact same for all cabins and are picked on a very first preceded serve basis. The earlier you reserve the much better cabin you get. If you are thinking about a Yacht Getaway,

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer packing

And make sure to ask if you will be getting the bigger cabin.

We didn’t mind our smaller sized cabin at all, and it was quieter being at the front as visitors relax the table in the back so you are early to bed, you might hear individuals.

Packing for Yacht Getaways

  • Make sure to load light for yacht in the Greek Islands. You do not require a great deal of clothing for a Yacht Getaways journey. There is not a great deal of storage area and closet area is restricted. There isn’t a location to put your bags, so either pack in little carry-on travel suitcases or a duffle bag that you can pack in the drawer listed below your bed.
    • For days on the boat, you just require swimsuit, shorts or a sarong. Pack long-sleeved rash guard t-shirts that are utilized in browsing if you desire to secure yourself from the sun. You can swim in these and it will keep you from getting a sunburn.
    • Nights are casual, so a sundress for females and wise shorts with a collared t-shirt for guys are all you require for nights.
    • Some vital packaging products for Yacht Getaways we suggest are:
    • Water Shoes
    • Travel Towel
    • Running Shoes (for treking to beaches)
    • Flip Flops
    • A sun hat
    • Sunglasses


Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer First night

A Dry Bag

Waterproof holder for your phone

Sailing the Ionian Sea

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Lakka

Our opening night on the boat was invested in Corfu. We left the marina and anchored in front of the Old Fort for spectacular views of the harbor. We consumed on board and viewed a splendid sundown as we delighted in a glass of Greek red wine.

The journey typically heads north to Kalami Bay where visitors have the choice to go ashore and consume at a dining establishment, nevertheless, the weather condition was serious throughout our opening night, and our skipper chose to begin towards Paxos and look for shelter on the other side of the island. Since we viewed a phenomenon of lighting firing up the skies as we sat securely protected on our boat, it was a great option.

Lakka Paxos: Tranquility and Turquoise Waters

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Secret Beach Lakka

The next early morning was calm and bright and we set sail from Corfu for a two-hour trip throughout the deep blue seas. It was paradise as we appreciated being on our personal sailboat seeing the surroundings of the stunning islands.

Our very first port of call was Lakka on the island of Paxos. This little, relaxing town is nestled within a horseshoe-shaped bay with crystal-clear blue-green waters. I believed that we ‘d be anchoring in the middle of the bay like the other boats, however Ana pulled right as much as the dock. I was overwhelmed with feeling. This location was so stunning, and we had the whole day to invest paddle boarding, treking, and swimming. Plus, we were remaining the night right in the heart of the town. I do not believe I might be better.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Lakka Secret Beach

We right away got on the paddle boards to have a look at the beaches and after that strapped on our hiking shoes looking for the secret beach.

The secret beach has to do with a 30-minute walk from downtown Lakka. It is uphill on a paved roadway prior to striking a single-track rocky path to the beach. Use excellent running or hiking shoes, and bring water, sun block, water shoes, and your swimwear. It deserves the walk.

The views from above deserve the walking alone as we looked down over the harbor filled with luxury yachts. The blue waters versus the vibrant structures of the waterside produced a picture-perfect postcard view.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Logos

Surrounded by rich plant and captivating olive groves, Lakka is the best location to unwind, swim, and absorb the tranquil environment. You can delight in a walk along the waterside and dine in among the seaside tavernas using fresh seafood meals.

We had a group supper in Lakka to learn more about our luxury yacht mates and team and kipped down for an early night after all that enjoyable in the sun.

Logos Paxos: A Hidden Gem

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Gaios

As you continue your journey, you’ll reach the captivating town of Logos on the island of Paxos. This attractive harbor is a surprise gem understood for its tranquil atmosphere and easygoing beauty. Check out the town’s narrow streets, check out regional stores offering artisanal items, and consume a seafood supper at a taverna while seeing the sundown over the harbor.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Tripitos Arch

At this stop, you can opt for a walking, do some paddleboarding and swimming or strike the beach. There is a terrific beach with a beach bar simply outdoors town, however there is likewise a little beach near the dock. And there are lots of waterside coffee shops to delight in an Aperol Spritz or 2.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Arch Gaia

Gaios Paxos: Bustling Port and Greek Delights

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Gaios

Gaios, the capital of Paxos, is your next location and this was our favorite. This busy port town has a great deal of energy with the celebration entering into the wee hours of the early morning along its waterside boardwalk. , if you desire to remain in town it is simple to check out the town’s cafes stores boutiquesCoffee shopsCoffee shops

We recommend leasing an e-bike or quad bike to go out to explore its most outstanding view, the Tripitos Arch. This unbelievable arch lies about 3 km out of the city which can quickly be cycled on an e-bike. It is hot and uneven, so we recommend leasing a an e-Bike to make the climbs up simpler. You then trek 500 meters along a historical path to come out to a seaside path holding on to the side of huge sea cliffs.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Anti Paxos

You can trek down to the substantial arch that stands more than 20 meters high (65 feet) and stroll over it. This is not for the faint of heart. You’ll be feeling it if you have a worry of heights. I had a little an anxiety attack out there as we snapped images from the side of a cliff. I am so thankful that Dave assisted me breathe through it and we kept on strolling over the arch to see it from various vantage points. It was stunning.

There are lots of beaches on the island to check out and by having an e-bike or quad bike you can navigate rapidly to see a few of them. The long port filled with huge luxury yachts deserves opting for a walk and you can take a brief walking to find the ancient windmill near Paxos arch. Make sure to enjoy some seafood at one of the regional tavernas, or you can relish flavorsome moussaka, grilled octopus, and baklava.

Anti-Paxos: Pristine Beaches and Azure Waters

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Parga

Just a brief sail from Gaios, you’ll discover the paradisiacal island of Anti Paxos. This small gem is well-known for its sea caverns, and spectacular beaches with grainy white sand. mainland in Epirus The journey usually anchors in a remote bay to, swim, snorkel, and delight in the pristine appeal of this piece of paradise. A big swell was coming in and we could not go to the typical stop. It offers us a reason to come back one day quickly due to the fact that it is amazing here.

best places to visit in greece parga

Parga: Mainland Greece’s Coastal Beauty

Leaving the Paxos islands behind, we cruised to Parga on the

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Olive factory Parga

Nestled versus a background of rich hills and cliffs, Parga is a vibrant seaside town with a Venetian castle neglecting the bay. We enjoyed this town. It was our 2nd time going to Parga and we were amazed to discover that we enjoyed it a lot more the 2nd time. Normally, when we return to a location we are dissatisfied, not here. We had more solve to purchase a home here one day!

In Parga, there are stunning beaches and lots of water sports consisting of parasailing, boogie boarding and water snowboarding. You can’t miss out on strolling up the castle for views of the waterside and town. Greece It remained in Parga that we participated in a white wine and olive oil tasting.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer wine tasting Parga

At the Old Olive Oil factory we tasted various olive oils from the area and learnt more about the procedure and history of olive oil production. We likewise discovered that you need to never ever purchase olive oil in clear containers. Metal or dark glass are the very best options. After checking our pallets on oil, we carried on to red wines.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Sivota Paddleboarding

We tasted 6 red wines from

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Sivota Harbor

and each was much better than the! For EUR40 per individual, the glasses were 6 generous puts for a tasting followed by a complete glass of our preferred option and some bruschetta bread.

After our tasting, it was off to the waterside to sign up with the dynamic environment where crowds were dining at the regional tavernas. We brought up a seat and delighted in fresh seafood and grilled lamb prior to capturing the water taxi back to our boat. (the water taxi is consisted of in the Yacht Getaways journey)

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Blue Lagoon

Sivota: A Hidden Harbor

No journey through the Ionian Sea would be total without a check out to the concealed harbor of Sivota. This fishing town is surrounded by green hills and has an extraordinary swimming location right in the middle of a bay. Individuals were out in the Ionian Sea, paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking with a location entirely roped off from boats that linked the 2 sides. There is a beach and resort, and you can lease kayaks and boards. We invested the afternoon swimming in the calm waters and enjoying our meal of Greek mezes and regional red wines on the boat.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Sailing

We then transported up anchor to a quieter cove on the other side of the bay where we docked for the night. We had our own beach and there was a dining establishment simply seconds from our boat.

We strolled into town which is a 15-minute walk over a high hill from our marina, however it deserved seeing. There are lots of dining establishments and stores along the waterside.

Back to Corfu

The next day was a complete day on the water as we stopped at heaven Lagoon for some snorkeling, paddle boarding, and checking out the cavern.

We left Sivota early in the early morning to beat the trip boats from Paxos and Corfu and when the others got here more than an hour after we did, we were grateful for the early rising. We had the cavern, beach, and clear waters all to ourselves. When the substantial trip boats filled with day trippers got here, we set sail for the high seas.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Experience

The waters were blue and calm as we cruised towards Corfu. We took turns at the helm as Ana revealed us how to cruise a boat. As we enjoyed our last day on the luxury yacht delighting in the bright breeze, Clara prepared our lunch which we consumed in the waters straight listed below the Old Fort of Corfu.

Yacht Getaways Greece ionian Explorer Our Captain

It was then one last dip in the sea prior to heading back to the marina.

Our last night was invested in board however we walked to the town of Gouvia which was a simple 10-minute walk to delight in a meal exterior. book a cruise to the Ionian Islands,

Our Yacht Getaway had actually concerned an end and we went to sleep as the mild waves of the marina rocked us to a serene rest.

Sailing the Ionian Sea: A Blissful Experience(*) Sailing through the Ionian Sea is an euphoric experience. The sea’s mild waves, beneficial winds, and various protected bays make it a perfect location for an unwinded cruising vacation. Whether you’re a newbie traveler or a skilled sailor, the Ionian Islands provide a series of cruising conditions ideal for all ability levels.(*) Yacht vacations in Greece, especially through the captivating Ionian Islands, provide a special mix of experience, relaxation, and cultural expedition. With costs beginning at simply 1460 euros, this dream holiday has actually ended up being an achievable truth. (*) See Yacht Getaways to (*) Explore historical ports, cruise the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, and enjoy the splendid tastes of Greek food. Whether you’re a newbie tourist or a skilled sailor, this Mediterranean odyssey assures extraordinary memories and the magic of Greece at every turn of the bow.(*)



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