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Best Time Of Year to go Whale Watching in Sydney


Humpback Whale Southern Migration

If you’re preparing a journey to Sydney from October to December, then you need to absolutely put whale enjoying in Sydney on the top of your schedule.

This is perhaps the very best time to go whale enjoying in Sydney.

That’s due to the fact that humpback calves are accompanied by their moms, in some cases with another woman, to the southern feeding premises of Antarctica. This is a migration path that is simply off Australia’s east coast. If you’re fortunate) plan in town, it’s the finest 2 for one (or 3 for one.

Humpback calves resemble the majority of kids– curious about brand-new things. A calf will frequently begin mugging, or technique boats to get a more detailed look. This is remarkable for those on a whale enjoying cruise, due to the fact that the calves get rather near the boats. There are policies on how close the boats can get to the whales. Naturally, there are no policies for the whales! Or at least, no one has actually stated anything to the whales.

Whale watchers frequently get an additional program from a calf due to the attention the calf is getting. Calves likewise have a strong requirement to launch bottled-up energy. Humpback calves can be rather frisky and if you’re fortunate you’ll see a tail slap, or a breach, or perhaps a spyhop (when a whale increases out of the water partly and holds that position).

But let’s not ignore Mom. Being an excellent chaperone she will put herself in between her calf and the boat loaded with excited observers. This is frequently a terrific picture choose those camera-ready whale watchers.

Whale watching in Sydney, Australia
Whale enjoying in A.

Whale enjoying trip in Sydney

Join the team of Sea Monkey Sailing and experience a life time of the ocean’s most marvelous and amazing animals.

The purpose-built whale enjoying vessel leaves daily from Crown Towers Wharf in Barangaroo, passing Sydney’s popular landmarks before going out to sea to see the yearly migration of humpback whales.

Whale Tales is a specifically developed whale enjoying boat that enables you to get up individual and close with the whales!

Unlike other boats, their boat has actually specifically made platforms on both sides so you are at eye level and close sufficient to see the whales. Thanks to the effective engines, you can be out and about in less than 3 hours.

With just 25 travelers, they use a tailored experience. Unlike the normal trip boats with 100 or more travelers, here just a little group goes along to offer you a individual and distinct experience.

Knowledgeable personnel supply info about the harbor and the history of whaling.

This family-friendly activity ensures a whale sighting on every journey.

During the trip, you’ll get an exceptional commentary on the life process of these interesting animals. You might even see the whales leap out of the water if you are fortunate.

It deserves discussing that the captain constantly makes certain to keep a considerate range from the whales.

Price: AUD 109
Duration: 2.5 hours

Book your whale watching experience directly with the tour operator here

Whale jumping out of the water during a Sea Monkey Sailing whale tour in Sidney, Australia.
Whale leaping out of the water throughout a Sea Monkey Sailing whale trip in Sidney, Australia.

And if you’re searching for something a bit more unique, choose a personal Whales Sails and tales charter.

This consists of:

  • Pick-up from a pier near you
  • Sailing on a high-end catamaran, consisting of cruising lessons
  • Opportunity to view whales from your own personal sailboat
  • Anchoring in a remote bay for lunch
  • Maximum of 12 visitors on board
  • Great intro to cruising
  • Family friendly safeguard supplied
  • A tailored experience that normally lasts roughly 6 hours

Price: AUD 1,950

Whale splashing during a Sea Monkey Sailing whale tour in Sidney, Australia.
Whale splashing throughout a Sea Monkey Sailing whale trip in Sidney, Australia.

Albino Humpback Calf Sighting

In mid-October I was fortunate sufficient to be on a whale enjoying cruise and saw an albino humpback calf and mom moving south. As you might have thought, albino whales are extremely unusual. There is one albino humpback whale that is rather popular in Australia, even has a couple sites devoted to him.

Whale enjoying cruises in Sydney are likewise a terrific concept. The whale enjoying cruise I was on was among the very first to find the whales, however it wasn’t long before numerous other boats appeared to get a more detailed take a look at the albino calf.

There was even a helicopter from the regional news station on the scene. All the attention did not stop the calf from a tail slap or more, plus some mugging for the picture- starving travelers on board!

Other Whale Watching Options

Don’t have the time or the funds for a whale enjoying cruise in Sydney?

Don’t fret, due to the fact that throughout the duration from October to December’s southern migration, the calves and moms tend to swim extremely near the coastline and can frequently be seen straight from land. They frequently drop in secured locations along the shoreline and beaches to feed and rest.

The South Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee is an exceptional location for finding whales.

If your preparation on taking the ferryboat to Watson’s Bay to attempt a few of Doyle’s popular fish and chips, as advised by the majority of the guide books, then think about the seaside walk around the Inner South Head of the Sydney Harbour with a stop at Gap Park for some seaside whale enjoying.

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