7 Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe


The digital wanderer scene has actually blown up worldwide because remote work ended up being necessary for lots of throughout the pandemic. You’re in the ideal area if you’re looking for the finest digital wanderer cities in Europe.

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The Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe:

Today we have nations providing digital nomad visas, coworking spaces turning up like filling station, yearly occasions tailored towards remote employees, and cities chewing at the bit to be the next huge digital wanderer location.

We’ve resided in Europe on and off for a couple of years now, and over that time we’ve resided in lots of digital nomad cities around the continent.

But I didn’t desire this to be based upon simply a couple of individuals’s viewpoints, so we got in touch with the know-how of our group here at Goats On The Road to develop this list. When integrated, there are over

here at Goats On The Road who have actually lived and taken a trip around Europe as digital wanderers for lots of life times.


How We Chose The Cities

coworking spaces in lisbon

We’ve limited this list from numerous prospective cities that we and our group have actually resided in around Europe. We utilized quite rigorous requirements.

For the city to have actually made the list, it needs to have fantastic web, a good digital wanderer scene (coworking areas, conferences, a general entrepreneurial ambiance), have a simple long stay or digital wanderer visa program, be well gotten in touch with flights (us wanderers like to take a trip), have great weather condition, a strong mix of nature and features, and great lodging choices.

You’ll keep in mind that I didn’t point out that it needs to be low-cost. great affordable cities While there are some

on this list, I do not like the concept that digital wanderers are constantly searching for the most affordable possible locations; much of us delight in some convenience and features, and do not mind paying a bit additional for it.

Not all digital wanderers are bad.

So, this list isn’t everything about the most affordable locations to live! If you desire that, there’s a link to a blog site post about low-cost cities in the description listed below and we’ll have a video for it.

7 Best Cities in Europe For Digital Nomads

Let’s enter the list. After much consideration, here’s our list of the leading 7 finest digital wanderer cities in Europe:

  • 1. Lisbon, Portugal
  • Population: 550,000
  • Internet Speed: 100mbps ⬇/ 74mbps ⬆
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR1,200/ mo
  • Entry: Schengen 90/180 days

Lisbon is one of our favorite cities Digital Nomad Visa: Yes

us in lisbon
on the continent and there’s a factor it appears on basically every list of the very best digital wanderer cities in Europe.

Dariece & & Nick delighting in a beverage at sundown in LisbonWe lived in Lisbon as digital nomads for 7 months Lisbon is enjoyable, dynamic, cultured, interesting, and definitely spectacular.

and enjoyed it for lots of factors.

Like the San Fransico of Europe, with trollies climbing its high hills and vibrant tiled structures lining its narrow patched streets, this is quickly among the most visually enticing cities in Europe.co-working spaces This is no longer a low-cost location for digital wanderers, however there are still some good 1 bed room apartment or condos for lease for under EUR1,200 each month, and there are a lot of digital wanderer coffee shops,

, and occasions going on here every year. digital nomad city The web is incredibly quickly. While the typical speed test in the nation is 100mbps down and 73 up, there are service providers in the city that have WiFi at over 2000 Mbps.

Pair this with exceptional dining establishments, fantastic availability to the rest of Europe and worldwide, and a quite strong digital wanderer visa program and you have what is most likely the very best

  • in Europe in general.
  • 2. Bansko, Bulgaria
  • Population: 12,774
  • Internet Speed: 100mbps ⬇/ 36mbps ⬆
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR300/mo

Entry: 90/180 daysgreat destination for Digital Nomads Digital Nomad Visa: Yes (D-Visa to Extended Residency)

bansko bulgaria for remote workers

As present locals of this eastern European nation, we can truthfully state that this is a

Bulgaria who desire the historical appeal of Europe without the crowds and high expenses.

Bansko is certainly the nation’s digital wanderer location. It holds lots of yearly occasions for digital wanderers, has more coworking areas per capita than any other city in the nation, and incredibly low-cost lodging beginning at less than EUR300 each month for a good 1 bed room apartment or condo.

uses a 90-day remain in any 180-day duration, it’s beyond the Schengen Zone, and there are likewise some appealing visa and residency programs for digital wanderers here.

People flock to this little mountain town for the ski slopes, however Bansko has a lot to provide year-round.

  • We frequently go here in the summertime to meet our digital wanderer good friends throughout occasions and conferences, and while we’re there we direct to the mountains for exceptional hiking and frequently complete the day of rests at one of the town’s lots of fantastic dining establishments, that include global food and regional “Mahanas” or pubs.
  • 3. Barcelona, Spain
  • Population: 1.6 Million
  • Internet Speed: 200mbps ⬇/ 165mbps ⬆
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR750/mo

Entry: 90/180 daysBarcelona Digital Nomad Visa: Yes

things to do in barcelona

Ah …

That location your good friends begin pronouncing in a different way right away after they go to. It’s Bar-the-lona by the method.Barcelona There are couple of cities in Europe that we wish to go back to as frequently as Barcelona. Edgy, cool, stylish, budget friendly, and enjoyable are simply a couple of adjectives I ‘d utilize to explain Barcelona.

A sensational old town, a long beach, a lot of locations for strolling, and neighboring mountains for treking and outdoors …

is difficult to beat when it pertains to the very best locations to reside in Europe.

Internet here can be incredibly quick with 5G practically all over in the city and a typical WiFi speed of around 200 Mbps down and 165 up.

There are a lot of fantastic lodging choices with 1 bed room apartment or condos near to the center beginning at around EUR750 each month, and there are more white wine bars and dining establishments here than you might go to in a life time.

  • There’s likewise an entrepreneurial ambiance and a flourishing digital wanderer scene with a lot of coworking areas, yearly digital wanderer occasions, and a fantastic neighborhood of remote employees.
  • 4. Budapest, Hungary
  • Population: 1.7 Million
  • Internet Speed: 200mbps ⬇/ 40mbps ⬆
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR400/mo

Entry: 90/180 days

things to do in budapest
Digital Nomad Visa: Yes (White Visa For Remote Workers)

Another significant digital wanderer location in Europe, Budapest has whatever a digital wanderer might desire.

Budapest The lovely city of Budapest is a leading option for digital wanderers

Fast WiFi averaging at 200 down and 40 up, exceptional dining establishments, budget friendly lodging with 1 bed room apartment or condos beginning at around EUR400 each month (a little beyond the center), an extremely engaged expat neighborhood, and a good visa program for remote employees, along with the common 90-day in 180 Schengen Visa entryway allowance.

is well linked to the rest of Europe and worldwide, making travel a breeze.

But aside from all of this, it’s simply among those cities that individuals fall for.

  • The lifestyle is fantastic here, the facilities remains in that Goldilocks duration where it’s not too industrialized and not too hectic, and you can live and work here as a digital wanderer and be active in the growing expat neighborhood.
  • 5. Tiblisi, Georgia
  • Population: 1.2 Million
  • Internet Speed: 100mbps ⬇/ 50mbps ⬆
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR250/mo

Entry: 1 Year Visa-FreeTbilisi Digital Nomad Visa: Yes

Cheap Countries in Europe - Georgia

We initially checked out Tiblisi over 10 years earlier and even then, we understood that this mid-sized eastern European city had something unique. Ever since, the city has actually grown to be among the very best digital wanderer cities in Europe with individuals gathering from all around the world to work and live in

.Georgia Aside from an ever-growing and successful digital wanderer neighborhood, Tbilisi take advantage of an extremely lax traveler visa program where residents of over 90 nations do not require a visa to remain for a complete year.

  • On top of that,
  • has an extremely helpful tax system for digital wanderers and reasonably simple digital wanderer visa choices. When explaining Tbilisi,
  • Affordable would be an understatement. In spite of being a quite recognized city with a gorgeous old town and a lot of features, a 1 bed room in Tiblisi will cost as low as $250 each month if you’re beyond the old town.
  • 6. Split, Croatia

Population: 178,000

countries with cheap living croatia

Internet Speed: 50mbps ⬇/ 20mbps ⬆

1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR700/mo

Entry: 90/180 days

Digital Nomad Visa: YesCroatia Finally, a Mediterranean beach makes it to our list. Dariece and I resided in Split for a little while as Digital wanderers and I believe that this is among the most underrated digital wanderer cities in all of Europe.

Beautiful beaches, neighboring islands, the spectacular Diocletian’s Palace in the center, a lot of fantastic dining establishments and white wine bars, fantastic pedestrian-only walking locations, and neighboring treking paths are all reasons Split is a leading option for sure.

  • There are loads of lodging choices and they are considerably less expensive if you look beyond the primary center and old town, however even then there are some one bed rooms readily available for under EUR700 each month.
  • The typical WiFi speed is a bit lower here with 50 down and 20 up, however there’s 5G information signal in much of the city.
  • As
  • just recently signed up with the Schengen Zone, you’ll have 90 days out of 180 duration to remain in Croatia as a traveler, however Croatia likewise has a good digital wanderer visa program, as long as you can show that you work for a business that’s beyond Croatia and your wage is greater than EUR2,300 each month.
  • 7. Sarandë, Albania

Population: 30,000Albania Internet Speed: 50mbps ⬇/ 20mbps ⬆

Beach in Sarandë albania

1 Bedroom Apartment: EUR700/moAlbania Entry: 30-90 days (1 Year for Americans)

Digital Nomad Visa: Yes (D-Visa)

Another spectacular Mediterranean location, and one that’s just just recently started acquiring traction in the digital wanderer neighborhood,

took off as a remote work location throughout COVID and continues to grow.

One significant draw of

is that Americans get a whole year here visa-free.

They likewise have habitable web at around 50 megabytes down and 20 up, incredibly low-cost lodging choices with one-bedrooms beginning at EUR400 each month, and a lot of beach dining establishments, coffee shops, bars, and coworking areas to work from.

To Summarize

Not every digital wanderer is the lots of and exact same people have various concepts when it pertains to what makes the ideal digital wanderer city.

Below, I’ve broken our list of the very best digital wanderer cities in Europe down by a few of the primary requirements that digital wanderers try to find in an excellent base.

Cheap Digital Nomad Cities in Europe

If you’re searching for low-cost locations to reside in Europe as a digital wanderer, then Saranda, Tbilisi, and Bansko are your finest choices.

Best Beachside Cities in Europe For Digital Nomads

For beach fans, it’s Lisbon, Barcelona, Split, and Saranda.

Best for Nature & & Outdoors

For nature and outdoors you must think about Bansko, Barcelona, Split, and Tiblisi.

Best Amenities

If you’re simply searching for the very best bars, dining establishments, and activities then Lisbon, Budapest, and Barcelona must top your list.

Best Digital Nomad Communities in Europe(*) If you desire the very best digital wanderer neighborhoods with regular occasions and conferences, then you must opt for Bansko, Lisbon, Sarande, or Tbilisi.(*) The Verdict(*) For digital wanderers who are searching for more than simply the most affordable locations to live, Europe has a lot of fantastic cities. (*) If you desire security, convenience, fantastic features, and good worldwide flight connections, then Europe is difficult to beat when it pertains to locations to live for remote employees.(*)


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