6 House Sitting Disasters and How to Avoid Them


House sitting is a great method to take a trip without the large lodging cost. Naturally, there’s constantly the possibility that something might fail. I’ve had lots of fantastic experiences house sitting however in this post, I’m going to inform you about my 6 greatest home sitting catastrophes to assist you prevent them throughout your own experiences.

6 House Sitting Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Taking on the duty of somebody’s home and family pets is a major dedication, and it features fantastic duty. A fantastic characteristic for any house sitter is to be able to believe on their feet so they can handle difficulties, little or huge. Keep in mind, home sitting catastrophes can be gotten rid of! Here are some examples and ideas on how you can prevent experiencing them yourself.

1. Your Home is Disgusting– Tennessee, USA 2022

cleaning products

Photos on a host’s listing profile are among the couple of insights you’ll enter the home or animals you’re going to be looking after. I need to have trusted my gut on one listing I requested in late 2023. The images revealed just a few space angles in beneficial and suspiciously well-positioned lights, and it looked a little unpleasant. I felt something wasn’t rather ideal, however requested it anyhow.

I’m not very OCD, however I’ll confess to liking things neat and tidy. On coming to your home being in Tennessee I understood within a 2nd that I ‘d screwed up. The small home, that featured 2 big pets was a genuine mess, with inch-thick dust and hair all over. There was scrap on top of scrap, week-old meals in the sink, and rotten food in the refrigerator.

Despite having simply left a flight I could not unload a thing up until I had actually dealt with the cleansing. I assaulted the cooking area, restroom, and bed room with every cleansing item I might discover. The hosts, whom I never ever fulfilled, appeared truly content with their home so what could I state? My guidance? If you have issues before using, Trust your gut and ask concerns.

2. A Very Sick Dog– Texas, USA 2022

Trix the Giant Schnauzer feeling all much better

One of the greatest worries when pet sitting is that something will take place to an animal in your care. Animals get ill, it takes place, however hosts generally leave comprehensive guidelines of what to do in this case. Handling various home sits increases the probability of ultimately experiencing an unanticipated animal disease.

I cared for a stunning home and a charming Giant Schnauzer called Trix in the Autumn of 2023. She was an excellent pet, friendly, relaxed, and caring. Whilst lying next to me on the couch one night she puked up the whole of her stomach contents– on my lap, (this isn’t totally uncommon and can occur with pets from time to time).

I got tidied up and went to sleep, however got up at 1 am to inspect she was fine. Poor Trix had actually continued to be ill a lots times around your home– beds, carpets, carpets– she actually was not feeling well! I settled her down and talked to the owners who guaranteed me she need to be great. I then invested the next 2 hours scrubbing your home like it was a criminal activity scene. Trix made a complete healing after a day approximately after a rigorous diet plan of plain rice and chicken.

It was fantastic to have the owner’s contact information to hand– regardless of them being on a cruise on the other side of the world– so we might discuss what was finest for Trix throughout her disease.

3. Chicken Madness– Montenegro, 2022 Montenegro Chickens are one of the simpler animals to care for, or so you ‘d believe? Let them out, inspect their food and water, close them up, and get some tasty complimentary eggs. Simple. Upon coming to a

home sit with 12 chickens to look after, my impressions were quickly shattered.“the pecking order”. Chickens will assault other chickens in the cage if they pick up weak point– enjoyable reality– this is where we get the expression

The day before I got here a roaming pet had actually assaulted the chickens and one called Silky was seriously hurt. I needed to build a seclusion cubicle, administer daily oral prescription antibiotics, and dress her injuries based on the host’s guidelines.

My entire stay was invested looking after one chicken and making sure the others didn’t eliminate her. Silky has actually considering that handed down, however she lived when I completed your home sit! The guidance here is do not take the ease of any home sit for approved. Constantly be prepared to exceed and beyond to assist prevent home sitting catastrophes.

no connection

4. Bad WiFi– France, 2023

It’s undoubtedly among lots of people’s leading home sitting catastrophes. Accepting a rural home sit around the world ways being prepared for WiFi that disappoints city requirements. As a digital wanderer who works online, WiFi is quite essential.

I constantly inquire about the web scenario, however more than as soon as I have not been offered the reality about the WiFi speed. Shakey connections, speeds too sluggish for calls or downloading accessories, and even a 2-day web blackout are all things I’ve experienced just recently.

Often you’ll discover coffee shops, co-working areas, and so on someplace nearby, however my guidance is to constantly get a regional information SIM as a backup. Working is something however having no connection to the outdoors world in a rural place is challenging. I wound up going traditional and viewing DVDs for a week at one home sit, due to the fact that no web suggests no Netflix! How to Become a House Sitter in France (Free Accommodation!)


plan b

5. Host Cancels– Nashville, 2022Christmas I ‘d never ever had any concerns with hosts canceling, and it had never ever even entered my mind up until Nashville, TN. 2022. A couple of days after Christmas, and straight after leaving the unclean Tennesee home from point no. 1, I was because of begin a month-long home sit simply outdoors

The hosts appeared charming and I was delighted. Airbnb The day before I was because of begin the sit, I got a text from the hosts stating merely– ‘Pipe broken, do not understand what’s going to take place’. My mind entered into panic mode,

expenses were through the roofing, and no other home sitting listings were readily available at brief notification. Trusted Housesitters I contacted Nashville, my go-to home sitting website, and due to the fact that I have their superior subscription I was entirely covered for the scenario. They would cover my lodging expenditures as much as $1500 a month, I was so relieved. Fortunately the pipeline was great, the hosts were going on getaway no matter what, and I had an excellent month in

, however unanticipated scenarios can develop, and you need to constantly be gotten ready for a last-minute modification of strategy.

Lizard costa rica
6. Snakes, Spiders, and Other Wild Beasts– Costa Rica, 2022Costa Rica This huge guy lived under my patio in

for a weekUK Having lived my entire life in the

, home relaxing the world has actually been rather of an eye-opener for me. I’ve discovered hosts aren’t so fast to discuss in their listings a few of the animals and weird crawlies you might need to compete with.Costa Rica From huge cockroaches and iguanas the size of surf boards in Arizona to tarantulas and a pack of swines in Tucson, I’ve seen a lot in the last couple of years. When I saw rattlesnakes in the backyard, on showing up in I was informed by the hosts to call bug control. That’s when, not Texas.


! Beware of toxic toads, I was later on informed by another host in

Some other gems added after accepting a sit have actually been– do not leave the pet ignored exterior, there are huge owls in this location, and if you’re assaulted by a mountain lion, do not run, resist! Fortunately I’ve never ever had an encounter in which I’ve felt from another location threatened and it’s all part of checking out the world by means of home sitting.

In Conclusion

I would not alter an aspect of my experiences home sitting. There have actually been some bumpy rides, and a couple of hairy minutes for sure. Even home sitting catastrophes are part of the experience that comes with immersing yourself in various nations and brand-new cultures.(*) I, in no other way, wish to hinder anybody from home sitting with this short article, however rather provide you a direct on the couple of bumps and difficulties that might occur the method. Home sitting has actually been a video game changer in my life and enables me to take a trip completely. I review even my least beneficial sits as being an experience I will always remember– or alter!(*)


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