27 Best Things to Do in Switzerland In 2024


We’ve come a long method because our very first check out to Switzerland. Back in 2003, we never ever left the ski hill when snowboarding at Chateau d’Oex and Gstaad, however ever since, we’ve gone to Switzerland 3 more times and have had an opportunity to experience almost all of the very best things to do in Switzerland.

From the cities of Zurich, Basel, and Lucerne to the mountain areas of Zermatt Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch, and St. Moritz we’ve crisscrossed the nation experiencing whatever we ever had on our Switzerland container list. Our newest journeys lastly took us to the Italian area of Ticino. Select Switzerland for your next getaway if you desire to be blown away by the ideal travel location. And here’s why!

The Very Best Things to do in Switzerland

From its middle ages old towns to advanced cities, there issomething for everyone in Switzerland The Swiss love checking out the outdoors and you will see a few of the very best landscapes in the whole world. If you are strolling through a painting, numerous locations feel as. Without more farewell, let’s check out all the finest things to do in Switzerland from our 4 various journeys around the nation.

1. Gornergrat

Places to Visit in Switzerland Gornergrat

I do not believe I have actually ever been anywhere as spectacular as Gornergrat. Standing at 3089 meters above water level, Gornergrat is our number 1 choice for the very best location to go to in Switzerland. We didn’t understand what to anticipate as we rode the cogwheel train up from Valley Station in Zermatt, however with each turn, we understood we remained in for something unique.

The views of the Matterhorn in all its splendor is something, however it is the sea of glaciers runs out this world. The trek below Gornergrat deals with hikers to the most spectacular views in the world. You are surrounded by 29 mountains reaching more than 4000 meters and 7 enormous glaciers. With every turn, it is one amazing view after another. Check out everything about it at The 12 Best Hikes in Switzerland

2. Jungfraujoch– Top of Europe

About Jungfraujoch top of Europe

One of ur preferred things to do in Switzerland was to go to Jungfraujoch– Top of Europe in the Swiss Alps. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the greatest train station in Europe, the biggest glacier in the Alps, and unbelievable mountain views.

Located in the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland, Jungfraujoch– Top of Europe is an expedition that is not to be missed out on. It is really among the most gorgeous locations to go to in Switzerland. When the weather condition is clear, Jungfraujoch– Top of Europe is magnificent. See why here. Spectacular Switzerland, a Visit to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

3. Go Mountain Biking in Zermatt

Downhill Mountain Biking in Zermatt Switzerland

Seeing the Matterhorn is on numerous an individual’s container list and no journey to Switzerland is total till you go to Zermatt. Believe me, we understand. It took us 3 check outs to Switzerland before seeing the Matterhorn with our own eyes, and not just is this mountain striking, however the area is among the most gorgeous locations in Switzerland, (if not in the world). There are plenty of treking tracks around the Matterhorn area if you do not desire to go mountain cycling. Treking the 5 Lakes Hike lets you delight in the most spectacular surroundings in Switzerland at a leisurely rate all downhill. Read more: 5 Lakes Hike Zermatt – Incredible Matterhorn Views

4. Grindelwald-First

Places to visit in Switzerland Bachalpsee

Going to the top of Grindelwald-First is among our preferred locations in Switzerland. Not just does it have a walking to Bachalpsee to see the mountain peaks of Schreckhorn and Finsteraarhorn showing in Lake Bachalp, however there are lots of experiences. From the First Cliffwalk hanging from the mountain the the First experiences of the First Flyer, First Glider, First Mountain Bike, and our individual favorite, the Trotti Bike. Read all about it here.

5. Harder Kulm Lookout– Interlaken

Places to visit in Switzerland Harder Kulm Interlaken

Visiting the Harder Kulm in Interlaken is a must. As the town’s regional mountain, it stands at 1,321 meters above water level and is quickly available by means of a funicular train that goes back to 1908.

The journey up the Harder Kulm is an experience in itself, supplying a exciting and high climb. When you arrive, you are welcomed by the magnificent Harder Kulm Panorama Restaurant, looking like a castle, and a watching platform that boasts a spectacular scenic outlook.

From this viewpoint, you can feast your eyes on the spectacular vistas of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains– the renowned trio in the Swiss Alps. The sweeping views likewise consist of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, sparkling listed below with their deep azure shades. Learn more: Things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland – Complete 4 Day Itinerary

6. Admire the Matterhorn at Lake Stellisee

Sunrise at Lake Stellisee

When going to Zermatt, the very best view of the Matterhorn is from Stellisee. The renowned mountain peak showing in the waters of Lake Stellisee is wonderful. It takes a little bit of work to experience this with a morning wakeup call to capture pre-sunrise funicular at Sunnegga Valley Station to move to a gondola approximately Blauherd Mountain Station. It’s then a 20 minute walking to the lake to wait on views. Learn more: 23 Incredible Things to Do in Zermatt, Switzerland

7. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Places to Visit in Switzerland Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

We’re investing a great deal of time in the mountains and Zermatt in specific. The factor is that the mountains around Zermatt are simply too darn gorgeous. From the top of Glacier Paradise, you are dealt with to views of 38 four-thousand-meter peaks (13,000 feet) and 14 glaciers!

At the top of Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, you can go snowboarding at the greatest ski resort on the planet, there is an underground tunnel system under the glacier and you can even trek to Breithorn Mountain, the most convenient of all the 4000-meter peaks in the Alps. Learn more: Incredible Zermatt, Switzerland – 23 Exciting Things to See and Do

8. Take a Weidling Tour in Basel

basel switzerland weildling

One of the most special things to do in Switzerland is to get on the Rhine River and do some standard paddling. Weidling is a standard wood boat that goes back to the Middle Ages in Basel. They were utilized to paddle upriver utilizing a strategy called increasing. 20 Reasons to Fall in Love with Basel, Switzerland

Basel is an amazing city in Switzerland that is worthy of a minimum of 3 days to go to. Wielding on the Rhine, you can swim in the Rhine. It is among the most popular things to do in the city. Wish to know more about Basel? Read on: 24 Fantastic Things to do in Basel, Switzerland

9. Trip The Lindt Chocolate Factory in Zurich

Things to do Zurich Lindt Chocolate fountain

Zurich is frequently at the top of any Switzerland schedule. As the monetary capital of the nation, Switzerland’s biggest city and an attractive setting on Lake Zurich. There are a lot of things to do in Zurich that you ought to invest 3 to 4 days there, however among the most renowned locations to go to is The Lindt Home of Chocolate. No journey to Switzerland would be total without delighting in Swiss chocolate and this is the location to do it.

This isn’t your regular factory trip. Upon going into visitors come face to face with a huge chocolate water fountain standing high in the enormous hall. It is then onto a trip to learn more about the history of chocolate and to consume a great deal of chocolate: Read more at The 17 Best Things to Do in Zurich, Switzerland

10. Indulge in the Sun in Lake Lugano

things to do in switzerland lugano

Nestled in between Lake Como in Italy and Lake Maggiore in Switzerland, Lake Lugano has prominence as one of the very best things to do in the Ticino area of Switzerland. Walking along the Lugano waterside lets you take in all its appeal. While strolling along the lake, it will advise you of Rio de Janeiro  as Monte San Salvatore and Mount Bre frame the city. Learn more about Ticino at: Things to do in Lugano and the Ticino Region of Switzerland.

11. Walking in Lavertezzo– the Verzasca Valley

Places to Visit in Switzerland Verzasca Valley

The Verzasca Valley lies in the gorgeous area of Ticino. Understood for its lively blue-green waters, Valle Verzasca boasts a dynamic blue-green river of hurrying waters streaming through a series of cliffs, rocks, and historical bridges. It’s a popular swimming and treking area.

12. Go to the Spa in Bad Ragaz

Places to visit in Switzerland Bad Ragaz Spa

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the granddaddy of health spas in Switzerland. Found simply 1 hour from Zurich, this is the supreme high-end health spa retreat. The warm springs were found in the People and 1200s have actually been seeking their recovery homes for centuries. The hotel opened in 1869 and in 1872 it housed the very first thermal water indoor swimming pool in Europe. Today it is a first-class hotel that beings in the Rhine Valley. See Tamina Therme  for additional information on going to the health spa.

13. Take a Spa Day in Leukerbad

beautiful places in switzerland leurkerbad

Switzerland is understood for its health spa experiences and among the most gorgeous health spa retreats remains in Leukerbad. The thermal baths go back to Roman times. This health retreat draws in travelers to its 65 natural springs consisting of 3.9 million liters of warm water to unwind in the recovery swimming pools of Valais valley. It is among the biggest and most popular health spa resorts in Switzerland. For more details on taking a trip to Leukerbad, visit the tourism website.

14. Enjoy St. Moritz

Views hiking down to Alp Languard in St. Moritz

If there is one location to contribute to your Swiss container list, make it St. Moritz. St. Moritz was the birth place of winter season travel and for great factor. This fairy tale town in the Swiss Alps is the play area of the well-known and abundant. The Muottas Muragle to Alp Languard walking is certainly among the very best things to do in St. Moritz and has the common unbelievable views that all walkings in Switzerland have.

The walking starts at the Punt Muragl train station where we took the funicular train approximately Muottas Muagl for a sensational walking with views of St. Moritz, the St. Moritz Lake, and the scenic views of Upper Engadin from 2,456 m (8,057 feet). Wow! Check out everything about it Stunning St. Moritz – Summer Fun in Switzerland

15. Walking The Eiger Trail

Hikes in Switzerland Eiger Trail

If you take place to make your method to the top of our number 2 choice for the very best things to do in Switzerland (Jungfraoujoch). Rather of taking the train pull back, trek the Eiger Trail rather. It is all downhill with a close-up view of the spectacular north wall of the Eiger, in addition to jaw-dropping vistas of the valley listed below, the Eiger Trail is among the most gratifying walkings in Switzerland. Learn more: Things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland – Complete 4 Day Itinerary

16. See the Castles of Bellinzona

Places to Visit in Switzerland Bellinzona Castles

The Bellinzona Castles become part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in the capital of Ticino, Bellinzona. Castle Grande lies near the primary square and from there you can trek to all the castles. They are linked by tracks that weave through vineyards and rolling hills. The return journey is just a number of hours’ walk. Learn more: Things to do in Lugano and the Ticino Region of Switzerland

16. Commemorate Freddie Mercury– Montreux

beautiful cities in switzerland montreux

Freddie Mercury invested his last days in Montreux and this gorgeous town on the coasts of Lake Geneva is a must-visit in Switzerland. With Queen having a re-emergence because Bohemian Rhapsody individuals are ending up being more thinking about the rock band’s frontman. If you are a rock and roll fan, Montreux and its Musical Legacy

There is a renowned statue standing on the waterside which you should inspect out. Montreux has actually constantly been a musical town hosting the yearly music celebration, the Montreux Jazz Festival on the coasts of Lake Geneva. Learn more:

switzerland pictures lake chateau chillon montreux

17. Château de Chillon

While in Montreux, ensure to go to Chillon Castle. Found straight on the coasts of Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps in the background, this middle ages castle is among the most gorgeous locations to go to in Switzerland.

This middle ages fortress, which goes back to the 11th century, stands as a testimony to the tactical value of its place on a rocky inlet versus a background of mountains, traditionally managing the passage in between southern and northern Europe.

The castle includes 25 different structures with 3 yards that were slowly linked and now form a single system. Its design is created to follow the natural shape of the rocky island it was developed on, making it both a protective and gorgeous structure.

Visiting Chillon Castle resembles going back in time, using an immersive experience into middle ages history, architecture, and the appeal of the Swiss Riviera. It stays among Switzerland’s a lot of gone to historical websites and is a must-see for anybody thinking about the middle ages age or looking for the love of a fairy-tale castle set versus among Switzerland’s a lot of gorgeous landscapes.

switzerland bucket list lucerne bridge

18. Stroll the Bridge of Lucerne15 Beautiful Cities in Switzerland from our First-Hand Visits

Lucerne was the very first city we went to in Switzerland where we really invested a long time. It is a charming town with its primary most renowned landmark, the Chapel Bridge on Lake Lucerne. It is the earliest covered wood bridge in Europe, having actually been integrated in the 14th century. Today, it houses a little museum that shows artifacts from Lucerne’s history. Learn more:

When going to Lucern, ensure to get on Lake Lucerne. Among the very best methods to see it is by paddle cleaner. Lake Lucerne is home to the world’s biggest fleet of paddle cleaners in routine service. The Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees (SGV) runs these historical boats, using different paths that enable you to check out the picturesque heart of Switzerland, with views of attractive towns and the Swiss Alps.

19. Mount Pilatus

While in Lucerne, take a field trip approximately Mount Pilatus. Mount Pilatus is a mountain situated near Lucerne that provides scenic views of the surrounding location. You can travel to the top of the mountain by means of a series of cable television cars and trucks that consists of a trip on the cogwheel train which is among the steepest trains on the planet.

beautiful cities in switzerland bern

20. Drop in the Capital of Bern

Visiting Bern, the capital city of Switzerland is frequently noted as one of the leading things to do in the nation. The Old Town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage website, identified by its unspoiled middle ages cityscape, with structures going back to the 12th century. Emphasizes consist of cobblestone streets, water fountains, and the well-known Zytglogge clock tower are a few of the historic treasures that carry visitors back in time.

The city’s architecture is a mix of Baroque and gothic designs, exemplified in landmarks such as the Bern Cathedral (Bern Münster) and the Federal Palace (Bundeshaus)

As the de facto capital of Switzerland (formally referred to as the federal city), Bern houses the Swiss Parliament and Federal Assembly, using visitors an opportunity to witness the heart of Swiss democracy.

beautiful cities in europe lausanne

21. Get Sporty in LausanneLake Geneva Lausanne, enhancing the coasts of

, is home to the International Olympic Committee head office and is happily referred to as the Olympic Capital. The city hosts the Olympic Museum, which is among the most gone to websites in Switzerland, supplying an interactive journey through the history of the Games.

With an abundant cultural tapestry, Lausanne is busy with art museums, theaters, and galleries, consisting of the Collection de l’Art Brut and the Lausanne Opera. The city likewise often hosts celebrations, music performances and global occasions.

Being on the doorstep of among Europe’s biggest lakes, Lausanne grants access to a range of water sports, cruises, and relaxation on the beaches along Lake Geneva’s coast. Plus, the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces (a UNESCO World Heritage website) stretch for about 30 km along the lake from Lausanne to Montreux, using gorgeous strolling tracks and wine-tasting experiences.

things to do in switzerland rhine falls

22. Rhine Falls

A check out to the Rhine Falls is a journey to among Europe’s most enchanting and effective natural marvels. Positioned near the town of Schaffhausen, these falls are the biggest waterfalls in Europe.

From the numerous seeing platforms, you can witness the large volume of water that topples over the rocks every 2nd, a breathtaking sight, particularly throughout the peak circulation in summer season.

Taking a boat journey offers an up-close encounter with the falls, permitting the opportunity to touch the frothy waters and even reach the rock in the middle of the falls.

things to do in switzerland swiss grand canyon

23. See the Swiss Grand Canyon

Rhine Gorge, which is frequently described as the Swiss Grand Canyon lies in the southeast of the nation, in the canton of Graubünden. Formed by the river Rhine cutting through the high limestone cliffs over countless years, it is well-known for its spectacular landscapes and special geological developments. On the other hand, the Rhine Falls is an effective waterfall developed by the river Rhine as it puts over a rocky ledge near Schaffhausen.

Both are impressive natural destinations in Switzerland, each offering special experiences: the Rhine Falls for experiencing the power of Europe’s biggest waterfall, and the Rhine Gorge for its spectacular panoramas that can be delighted in while treking, cycling, or perhaps taking a leisurely train trip through the area.

Swiss foods Gruyere Cheese

24. Consume Fondue in Gruyere

Eating genuine Swiss fondue in Switzerland was at the top of my Switzerland container list. We’ve had it whenever we went to the nation, however absolutely nothing rather compared to our very first time attempting it in the winter season in Gruyere.

Renowned for providing the world the scrumptious Gruyère cheese, the town welcomes you to enjoy cooking thrills, from cheese tasting to beautiful chocolate at the close-by Maison Cailler in Broc. The middle ages town, crowned by the marvelous Château de Gruyères, provides a journey through history where cobblestone streets cause art galleries, standard stores, and the HR Giger Museum, showcasing the surreal work of the artist behind the renowned “Alien” animal.

Surrounded by rolling green hills and the pre-Alpine landscapes, Gruyères mesmerizes with a mix of gastronomic heritage, cultural richness, and old Swiss Charm, making it a must-visit and special place on any Swiss schedule. in Switzerland or at Home

Gruyere cheese is the favored cheese for a cheese fondue and to have this scrumptious Swiss meal in the real middle ages town of Gruyére was a dream become a reality. Learn more: 15 Swiss Foods to Try

places to visit in switzerland

25. Interlaken

When you discover yourself in Switzerland going to locations like the Eiger Trail, Jungfraujoch, or Grindelwad First, possibilities are you will be investing a long time in Interlaken. Interlaken is the biggest town in the Bernese Oberland area and among our preferred things to do is to take the cogwheel train approximately Harder Klum. Found at 1322 m above water level, Harder Kulm is the imposing mountain over Interlaken. The 100-year-old funicular train is a reward to ride up the mountain.

Glacier Gorge view in Grindelwald

26. Glacier Canyon Grindelwald

Glacier Canyon or Gletscherschlucht is among the coolest destinations in Grindelwald and you do not wish to miss out on seeing it. Walk through a series of tunnels, pathways, and rocky outcrops as the Lütschine River roars through the 250 million-year-old canyon. This 870-meter-long course is an amazing walk through high cliffs extending up from the canyon flooring. It lies simply 5 minutes from downtown Grindelwald.

things to do in switzerland swiss national park

27. Go To Swiss National Park

As Switzerland’s only national forest and the very first in the Alps, Including a stop at the Swiss National Park in your Switzerland schedule is extremely suggested. It provides a sanctuary of biodiversity. Incorporating over 170 square kilometers of forests and mountains it has actually been a national forest because 1914.

There are over 80 kilometers of treking tracks, which are well-marked and deal with different physical fitness levels. These tracks deal spectacular views and the opportunity to observe the park’s plants and animals. Swiss National Park is the biggest nature reserve in Switzerland. You can see red deer, lynx, eagles, and some 300 ibex that live in the park.

It’s a prime area for nature lovers year-round showcasing each season in the park in a various face of nature, from the flowering edelweiss of spring to the snow-covered silence of winter season.

best things to do in switzerland dave and deb
  • What are 3 Popular Things in Switzerland?
  • Exploring the Swiss Alps, for activities like snowboarding, snowboarding, and mountaineering.
  • Visiting archaeological sites such as Chillon Castle, the Zytglogge in Bern, or the Abbey of Saint Gall.

Enjoying Swiss lakes and picturesque train trips like the Glacier Express or boat cruises on Lake Geneva.

What is the # 1 Thing Switzerland is Known For?

Switzerland is understood for the Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps are associated with the nation’s identity and are home to prominent peaks like the Matterhorn and Jungfrau.

  • What You Should Do in Switzerland?
  • Engage in outside sports, consisting of treking in the summer season and snowboarding in the winter season.
  • Taste Swiss chocolates and cheeses, potentially with a regional cooking trip.

Discover multiculturalism by going to the unique areas with various languages and customs.

Is It Cheap to Travel in Switzerland?

No, Switzerland is usually thought about a costly nation to take a trip in, with greater expenses for dining, lodging, and transport compared to numerous other nations. Learn more: Is Switzerland Expensive?

  • What are 3 Things Switzerland is Famous For?
  • High-quality watchmaking, with brand names like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega.
  • Financial services, being an international banking center with a credibility for security and personal privacy.

Scenic landscapes and natural appeal, from the snow-capped Alps to the attractive lakes and unspoiled forests.

Switzerland is a little nation and it’s simple to navigate. The Swiss rail system is effective and simple or you can lease a vehicle to have the liberty of being on your own schedule. You can discover all these things to do throughout the nation, so begin preparing your Switzerland experience today!

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