25 Best Things To Do in Cappadocia in 2023


There are many things to do in Cappadocia, which frequently surprises individuals. Having actually invested years residing in and checking out Turkey, it’s the one location that constantly blows me away. From the remarkable landscapes to the jaw-dropping sundowns, this is among my preferred locations of perpetuity.

Sightseeing in Cappadocia constantly reveals you something brand-new, no matter the number of times you’ve been. What I like most about this location is that it’s up until now far from the stress of the city; it’s like remaining in another world completely.

Located in the center of Turkey, the spectacular landscapes of Cappadocia have actually been formed through ancient volcanic eruptions and weather condition disintegration. Naturally, there’s likewise an enormous quantity of history to include into the mix too, and when you include all the various locations to check out in Cappadocia, this is one area that I can really state differs from any other I’ve ever seen.

Best Things To Do in Cappadocia

I’ve checked out Cappadocia a couple of times, and having actually resided in Turkey for a while, I understand it’s a location that even residents wish to experience. There are many special things to do in Cappadocia, however if you do not understand about them, you may presume it’s practically strolling and hot air balloon trips.

But, Cappadocia is a lot more than that. It’s one of the most lovely and romantic areas in the world, and it’s likewise a terrific location to check out with kids, who will like running around and checking out the fairy chimneys. To assist you work out where to go initially, I’ve put together this list of leading things to do– which will you attempt?

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Beautiful vibrant colorful balloons in sunrise in Cappadocia.

One of the very best things to do in Cappadocia, and most likely the most well-known, is to take a hot air balloon ride. It’s one of those things that the majority of people have on their pail list and with excellent factor. It’s astonishing, and even if you’re scared of heights, I ‘d actually prompt you to feel the worry and attempt and do it terrified anyhow.

If you actually can’t deal with leaving the ground, viewing the balloons remove at daybreak is wonderful in itself. The very best season to do this activity is spring and fall; in winter season it’s remarkable to see the snow-covered landscape, however you’re most likely to have your journey canceled due to bad weather condition. Click here for details and to book.

Address: 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

2. Sundown Quad Safari

ATV Quad bike in front of mountains landscape sunset inTurkey.

Whether you’re taking a trip with kids, as a couple, and even solo, among one of the most enjoyable things to do in Cappadocia is to take a sunset quad safari tour. I’ve done this in the past, and I actually enjoyed it– the views were merely spectacular and it was a lot enjoyable.

The trip itself takes simply 2 hours so you can quickly opt for a meal later. The path takes you around Sword Valley and Love Valley, and the fairy chimneys curtained in the altering light are something I’ll always remember. Click here to learn more.

Address: JRXR+QQ, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

3. Remain in a Cave Hotel

Cappadocia hotels carved from stone rock, cave style.

I believe among the coolest things to do in Cappadocia isn’t always an activity, however a lodging. Yes, I’m discussing cavern hotels. There’s something particularly astonishing about awakening understanding you’re in a space sculpted into a rock instead of a freestanding structure.

The cavern hotels lie right in the heart of Cappadocia, and while they do cost a bit more than the hotels beyond the park, it’s an experience I ‘d certainly suggest. I remained at the Cappadocia Cave Suites and delighted in whatever about it.

Address: Gafferli Mahallesi, Ünlü Sk. No:19, 50180 Göreme/Merkez/Nevşehir

4. See Underground Cities

The Derinkuyu underground city is an ancient multi-level cave city in Cappadocia, Turkey. Stone used as a door in the old underground city.

While Cappadocia is certainly lovely from above, there are more than 200 underground cities below your feet. The majority of are unattainable, however 2 are actually popular and are certainly must-visits– Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. Derinkuyu was my preferred, and I was stunned at how huge, yet complex it was.

These underground cities are certainly a few of the very best locations to check out in Cappadocia and go back to Byzantine times. In the past, individuals utilized to keep their animals down there with them too, so you can envision simply how big these areas are.

I ‘d suggest you reserve half a day to check out both underground cities and actually take your time immersing yourself in the below ground world.

Address: Ağcaşar/Derinkuyu/Nevşehir

5. Walking Pigeon Valley

Pigeon valley in Cappadocia, stone structure cave.

If you like nature, among the very best things to do in Cappadocia is to trek in Pigeon Valley. You can likewise take a trip which includes the underground cities if you’re a little brief on time.

The valley is understood for its ancient homes, and it’s likewise part of a big treking path in the location. It’s one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Cappadocia, and it’s a great concept to prepare half a day, or a complete day here if you actually wish to check out the natural environments as much as possible. Click here for tour information.

Address: Pigeon Valley/Güvercinlik Vadisi

6. Paragliding

Paragliding, on sunset at above of the mountain.

You may not imagine paragliding as one of the leading things to do in Cappadocia however I can ensure you, the view from this point of view is merely awesome.

You’ll be strapped to a trainer the entire time who will take pictures for you as you skyrocket high above Goreme National Park. Naturally, this is one for individuals who have a head for heights, however if you attempt, I ‘d state go all out.

I’m not the greatest fan of heights, however I went paragliding in Ölüdeniz, and it’s something I’m so delighted I was brave enough to attempt– it was really unique. Click here for information and to book.

Address: 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

7. Kızılçukur Valley

A mountain rock formation.

You’ll require your treking boots for this one, once you succeed, I ensure you’ll be not able to compare the sights to anything you’ve ever seen before. This is likewise among the very best locations to see the sundown in the location, and the area supplies a scenic view of how remarkable Cappadocia actually is.

This is among the most intriguing things to do around Cappadocia for a sense of how huge the location is. I could not think the landscapes, and there actually isn’t anywhere else that looks rather like it. I discovered it to be an actually tranquil area too, although it’s popular; I felt completely at one with nature.

Address: Yukarı Kızılçukur Vadisi, 50500 Ürgüp/Nevşehir

8. Turkish Breakfast with a View

Turkish Village breakfast table served in a restaurant. Top view.

One of my preferred things to do in Cappadocia, in truth, among my preferred things to do anywhere in Turkey is to have a full-on breakfast, understood in your area as kahvalti. Believe me, you will not be starving up until supper, and you’ll certainly wish to take pictures to catch the banquet in front of you.

The terrific feature of breakfast in Cappadocia is that you get the remarkable background together with a great meal. I delighted in every bite at Wish Terrace and the views were simply as scrumptious as the food.

Address: Aşağı, Trafo Çıkmazı Sok No:3, 50240 Uçhisar/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

9. Take a Pottery Workshop

Potter makes pottery handmade

Taking a pottery workshop is a terrific method to invest a couple of hours in Cappadocia, and you’ll discover a lot about the standard crafts of the area. Not just will you discover plenty however you’ll get to make your own piece of pottery to take home, along with take pleasure in some scrumptious beverages.

Out of all the things to do in Cappadocia, this is among the most special, and even kids will like producing something handmade to take home and keep as a memory of their time. Click here for tour details.

Address: Cumhuriyet, 525. Sk. No:12, 50500 Avanos/Nevşehir

10. Go on a Yoga Retreat

A woman doing yoga under the sunset

If you’re choosing what to do in Cappadocia and you’re searching for something a little various, a yoga class or retreat is a terrific option. You’ll discover a couple of various choices, however the magic of daybreak is the very best time to enjoy this spiritual practice, ignoring Goreme National Park.

When finding out what to do in Cappadocia, it’s simple to adhere to sightseeing, however there are more activities to take pleasure in than you may believe; I marvelled myself. I liked my yoga experience in Cappadocia and remaining in such a natural and lovely environment certainly assisted me to link to my breath and relax. Click here for details.

Address: 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

11. Check Out the Fairy Chimneys

The background of the rock mountain is a five-tower rock formation.

The fairy chimneys are the most well-known traveler destinations in Cappadocia, and the very best thing is that they’re not off-bounds. This is the perfect time to let them run around and check out if you’re taking a trip with kids. I checked out Cappadocia with household, and my nieces liked to play look for and conceal behind these substantial rock developments and climb as far as we ‘d enable them to.

Visiting seems like you’ve taken a trip to another world, and you’ll discover these rock developments in all valleys, nevertheless, Pasabag Valley is home to a few of the biggest. When the sun sets and increases, the rocks appear to alter color, offering you a various view each time.

Address: 50502 Aktepe/Avanos/Nevşehir, Türkiye

12. Selime Monastery

Cave formations. Selime Monastery in Cappadocia, Turkey.

One of my preferred things to do in Cappadocia is to check out the spectacular Selime Monastery, part of the Green Tour that reveals you numerous areas in one journey. This abbey goes back to the Byzantine period, and it’s definitely substantial. In spite of its age, it’s likewise very well maintained.

You can actually feel the history all around you, and it’s a terrific area to go to on a warm day since the cavern makes it feel a lot cooler. Invest a long time deeply exploring this abbey since you do not wish to miss out on the information, such as the kitchen area and the various corridors. Click here for Green Tour information.

Address: 68500 Yaprakhisar/Güzelyurt/Aksaray

13. Goreme Open Air Museum

A cave made in a rock formation.

Without a doubt, among the very best and most well-known locations to check out in Cappadocia is the Goreme Open Air Museum. This is a widely known area that reveals you the absolute best of the location; walking seems like you’re in the middle of history. Out of all the Cappadocia tourist attractions, certainly visit this one.

One of the very best methods to see the location is to walk trip, where your guide will have the ability to inform you the history of all you’re seeing. Take your time and soak up the tranquil environment of this location. Click here for tour details.

Address: 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

14. White Wine Tasting

Wine tasting. Several glasses on the table with different kinds of wine.

A visit to a local winery is among the very best things to do in Cappadocia for couples. The trip takes 4 hours, so there’s lots of time to discover how white wine is made in this part of the world and take pleasure in a couple of glasses yourself.

Turasan Winery is well-known in the location, and they grow their own grapes. Seeing the harvest is actually lovely, and I delighted in the tranquil probe the location. I likewise delighted in the white wine, and I’m sure you will too! It’s the biggest winery in the location, so there is plenty to do and see. Click here for tour details.

Address: Temenni, Tevfik Fikret Cd. No:44, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir

15. Check Out Ihlara Valley

A two beautiful rock mountain and green trees.

Ihlara Valley is among the very best areas in Cappadocia for treking, and the canyons use such a fantastic contrast of colors, from rock to green and back once again. This location is quite simple to walk; you simply require comfy shoes and lots of time to check out. Whether you’re a novice or a passionate hiker, this location appropriates for all levels of experience.

Taking a directed trip permits you to understand more about what you’re seeing and suggests you will not miss out on the covert areas that may otherwise pass you by. I actually enjoyed my see to Ihlara Valley, and it’s someplace I certainly wish to return to. Do not miss this off your schedule. Click here for tour details.

Address: 68500 Ihlara/Güzelyurt/Aksaray.

16. See Love Valley

Love valley in Goreme national park surrounded by rock mountain. Cappadocia, Turkey

You can check out Love Valley as part of Cappadocia’s Red Tour, and it’s a must-visit. You may question why the valley has its name, and it’s down to the rock developments, (which are phallic-shaped), however you can ignore that and simply love the charm of the landscape. Since kids can climb up and run to their heart’s material, Click here for Red Tour details.

Love Valley is one of the finest things to do in Cappadocia for households. Similar to the majority of other valleys in the location, it’s especially excellent at sundown, however even if you check out in the middle of the day, you’ll be delighted you went. 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir


Rolls and Stacks of Vibrant Woven Carpets in a Store

17. If you’ve looked at locations to check out in Cappadocia online you’ll most likely have actually seen a photo of a carpet store, Visit Carpet Galerie İkmanClick here for more details.

This location is a certain must-visit and is someplace that will likely fill your electronic camera reel, quick. I liked taking a look at all the various colored carpets, although I didn’t succumb to the temptation to purchase one. Müze Cd. No:2, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

If you’re major about taking care of your Instagram feed, the Cappadocia Instagram Tour will take you around numerous remarkable areas consisting of a various carpet shop with similarly lovely screens.

A rock formation mountain and the style is like a tip of ice cream.

Address: full day of hiking 18. Walking in Sword Valley

A Click here for tour details and to book.

in Sword Valley and beyond is a terrific method to invest your day, and you’ll certainly sleep well at the end of it. There are many things to see in Cappadocia, and I discovered a day treking revealed me a lot of them in one go. I ‘d certainly suggest this type of trip if you’re going to for simply a couple of days. JRXR+QQ, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

Sword Valley itself is actually lovely, and the fairy chimneys here are distinctively sword-shaped, (thus its name). This area is likewise larger than a few of the other valleys, which permits you lots of space to check out and stroll.

A view of rock mountain in the sunset view.


19. Delight In the Sunset

One of the very best totally free things to do in Cappadocia is to merely kick back and take pleasure in the sundown. You do not require to go anywhere to do this– simply stand outdoors in wonder. I would go as far as to state that the sundowns in Cappadocia are some of the finest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been to a lot of locations. 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

One of my preferred things to do is to rest on the hotel balcony with a warm glass of çay (tea) and end up being totally soaked up in appreciating the sky. It actually brings home simply how little we remain in the world and how remarkable Mother Nature is.

A tower-like rock formation with a triangle tip shape on top.

Address: a tour around Devrent Valley 20. Discover Devrent Valley

Taking Click here for tour information.

will reveal you much more of Cappadocia’s spectacular landscapes, and this is another valley that’s both simple and big to roam around. When I desire to invest some time with my ideas, it’s one of my preferred things to do near Cappadocia. Devrent mevkii no:1, 50500 Aktepe/Avanos/Nevşehir

You’ll hear this valley likewise called ‘Imagination Valley’, since a great deal of the rock developments appear like animals and other figures. You can see various shapes depending on the light if you utilize your creativity. I might sit here and take a look at them for hours.

turkish bath best things to do

Address: visit to a hammam 21. Unwind in a Traditional Hammam

A Click here for details and to book.

, likewise called a Turkish bath, is a peaceful thing to do, not to discuss how terrific it is for your skin and wellness. Unwinding in a conventional hammam is among the very best things to do in Cappadocia after you’ve weakened your legs checking out.Aydınlı Mah, Güngör Sk. No:18, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

After you’ve invested 10 minutes in a sauna, sweating out all the pollutants, you’ll enter into the primary space and have your skin cleaned and scrubbed. In the end, you’ll feel cleaner than you ever have in the past and a little like you’re drifting on air– it’s divine.

A rock formation and has a tip big rock surrounded by green trees.

Address: Pasabag Valley 22. Stroll in Pasabag Valley

I’ve pointed out

in passing however investing a long time here and treking the location is constantly a terrific concept. I actually liked this valley in specific; it’s big, and this is where the greatest fairy chimneys can be discovered. There are likewise lots of green areas, which I was actually shocked to see. 50502 Aktepe/Avanos/Nevşehir

For me, it’s one of the locations to see in Cappadocia that ought to make it onto your must-see list, and if you prepare to invest a minimum of half a day there, you’ll have the ability to get some remarkable pictures. You might hear this location called ‘Monks Valley’ too, however they’re one and the very same.

A classic Turkish dish being cooked is a triangle-shaped dough.

Address: a cookery class 23. Take a Cookery Class

The last time I checked out Cappadocia, I took Click here for tour details and to book.

and I enjoyed it a lot I plan to go once again. Standard Turkish food is actually scrumptious, and even the street food will make your mouth water. Cappadocia is well-known for mantı, (a kind of dough with filling), frequently called Turkish ravioli, and you’ll discover how to make other scrumptious treats, such as Gözleme (a conventional Turkish packed turnover).15 temmuz mahallesi, Urgup Nevşehir TR, 50400

This trip takes 4 hours, so it’s a perfect method to invest half a day, integrated with another activity. Ensure you get here starving as there are great deals of treats to attempt along the method.

A group of man wearing  white skirt and top and doing whirling dervish show.


24. Enjoy Entertainment at a Turkish Night Click here for details.

You may be shocked to discover that there are lots of things to do in Cappadocia during the night. Among my preferred things to do at night is to take pleasure in a Turkish night, loaded with standard home entertainment and food. The majority of hotels use a Turkish night around as soon as each week, where you’ll have the ability to witness stomach dancing, whirling dervishes, and standard music efficiencies. Başoğlu Cd. No:47, Yukarı, Başoğlu Cd. No:47, 50240 Uçhisar/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

This is a family-friendly program, and kids will like taking and viewing the home entertainment part along the method. I went to a program that consisted of food and beverages, and it ended up being such an enjoyable night.

Ancient town and a castle of Uchisar dug from a mountains after sunrise, Cappadocia, Turkey.

Address: 25. Uchisar Castle If you do not mind strolling up

a lotit’s not a regular castle at all of actions, Uchisar Castle is among the very best locations to check out near Cappadocia with the most remarkable views. From the top, you’ll have the ability to check out the castle itself and acquire a scenic view over the whole location. As you can envision, sundown is a remarkably wonderful time to check out.

The paradoxical feature of this “castle” is that Tekelli, 50240 Uçhisar/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

; it simply appears like one. Rather, it’s a rock development that has actually deteriorated to look especially fortress-like. It’s believed to go back to around the 14th century, and it’s still as marvelous even today.


Quick Travel Itineraries For Cappadocia

sunrise hot air balloon turkey

Now you understand what to see in Cappadocia, how can you connect them together and make certain you view as much as possible throughout your check out? The good idea about Cappadocia is that although it’s a big location, a great deal of the primary sights are fairly close together, implying you can actually load a lot into a couple of days.

1 Day in Cappadocia Itinerary

One day in Cappadocia isn’t a big quantity of time, however you can suit a couple of things if you get up early enough. If you’re eager to take a hot air balloon trip, you’ll require to book that ahead of your journey and element that into your check out– ideally book a dawn slot to provide you additional time.

turkey food

Goreme Open Air Museum is a must-see and you need to likewise check out Derinkuyu underground city as a bare minimum. That will provide you a complete day, however one which will enable you to see an introduction of Cappadocia.

2-3 Days in Cappadocia Itinerary

Two to 3 days in Cappadocia will enable you to see the primary parts and a number of valleys. Once again, if you wish to do the hot air balloon trip, it’s finest to arrange it at daybreak so you still have a complete day ahead of you.

On the first day, check out the Goreme Open Air Museum, which need to take you half a day. From there, go to Derinkuyu underground city and check out the large below ground area. At night, schedule a Turkish night and take pleasure in a scrumptious meal and some standard home entertainment.

pottery class turkey

On day 2, awaken early and opt for a complete Turkish breakfast with a view. With your hunger satiated, it’s time to wear your strolling boots and avoid to Love Valley and Ihlara Valley. These are both workable within one day however anticipate to have aching feet at the end.

1 Week in Cappadocia Itinerary

A week in Cappadocia permits you to see a great deal of the area. On your very first day, awaken early and take pleasure in a complete breakfast with a view. This will set you up for the day ahead before you check out Goreme Open Air Museum and Derinkuyu underground city. Since they stream well and they’re within close distance, I like to connect these 2 activities together. safari On day 2, schedule a hot air balloon trip and take in the fascinating views. Head to another underground city– Kaymakli. After a number of hours there, get your comfy shoes and head to Pasabag Valley to see the substantial fairy chimneys.

Take a full-day hiking journey on your next day to provide you a complete introduction of the location. At night, participate in a Turkish night and take pleasure in the home entertainment. Day 4 might consist of a journey to Uchisar Castle and Devrent Valley. On day 5, avoid on a quad

journey, and take a pottery class in the afternoon.

You might be feeling tired by day 6, so take pleasure in a relaxing hammam and take a culinary class in the afternoon to fill you up. On your last day, head to Sword Valley and take a look at the remarkable rock developments, before heading back to your hotel and enjoying your last night with some scrumptious Turkish food and tastes.

Things To Do in Cappadocia: FAQs

Here are some responses to typically asked concerns about going to Cappadocia: UNESCO World Heritage-listed What is Cappadocia understood for?

Cappadocia is a

location well-known for its history, varied landscapes, hot air balloon trips, and cavern hotels.

When is the very best time to check out Cappadocia?

You can check out Cappadocia at any time of year however the spring and fall months use perfect conditions.

Is Cappadocia worth going to?

Cappadocia is certainly worth going to. It’s one of those locations that need to be on everybody’s pail lists.

How lots of days should I invest in Cappadocia?

Three days suffices to see the essentials of Cappadocia, however I suggest investing a week here if you wish to actually look into the location. very safe Is Cappadocia safe?

Cappadocia is a

location to check out.

What is the most popular thing to do in Cappadocia?

Hot air ballooning is most likely the most popular thing to do in Cappadocia however checking out the underground cities is a close second.

What foods should I attempt in Cappadocia?

Mantı, frequently called Turkish ravioli, is a well-known meal from the Cappadocia location.

Is 3 days enough in Cappadocia?

Three days in Cappadocia will reveal you the charm of the location, however you might not have the ability to see whatever.

Is Cappadocia costly?

Some cavern hotels are rather costly, at around 2500 Turkish lira/$ 90 per night, nevertheless, rates do change throughout the year. Food and beverage are on par with the rest of Turkey and are not any more costly.

Is the Cappadocia balloon trip worth it?

If you do not mind heights, a hot air balloon trip over Cappadocia is an unique experience.

In Closing

I understand you’re itching to reserve your trip and avoid to Cappadocia now. If you weren’t, I ‘d be shocked. There are many locations to check out in Cappadocia that it’s like going to another world and checking out an absolutely brand-new world for the very first time. I likewise understand you’ll most likely wish to return. (*) For me, Cappadocia is a wonderful world that, although not a surprise trick, actually does feel remote. It’s practically like remaining in a bubble from the modern-day world, where whatever decreases, and you’re laser-focused on the charm of nature. When you’re going to go, all you require to do now is work out. (*).


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