19 Best Things to Do in Antarctica In 2024


It’s the very best time of the year to go to Antarctica and what much better Christmas present for the tourist in your life than a journey to the 7th continent? The southernmost continent in the world will shock you. It is a lot more than snow and ice. From seeing the marvelous appeal of towering icebergs and large glaciers to experiencing varied wildlife such as whales, penguins, and seals, this guide reveals the very best things to do in Antarctica, guaranteeing your exploration is not simply a journey, however a transformative experience. Make sure to include these activities to your Antarctic Cruise schedule when you go to Antarctica.

Best Things to do in Antarctica

Top things to do in Antarctica

We took a trip to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions, the leader in polar experiences. Given that our Antarctic cruise, the white continent has actually opened to take a trip with a cruise liner to match every kind of tourist. We cruised on an all-suites cruise liner, however there are huge high-end cruise lines, experience cruises, and little ships that are cruising throughout the Drake Passage nowadays.

When we checked out Antarctica, we followed our journey with a cruise to theGalapagos Islands As we get ready for another journey to the Galapagos with Hurtigruten (another polar exploration leader), we wished to influence tourists to go out and begin checking out completion of the world.

Best Things to din Antarctica Penguin Viewing

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography lover, or merely looking for the adventure of the unidentified while including the last frontier to your travel list, an Antarctic exploration uses the supreme in boasting rights. Individuals do a double take Whenever anybody asks us what our preferred location is and Dave responses Antarctica. What? You’ve been to Antarctica?

So, if you wish to boast to your buddies too, begin conserving up your money for an Antarctic Cruise.

1. Kayaking

Things to do in Antarctica Kayaking Deb

When we saw that kayaking was an Antarctic activity provided on our ship, we weren’t sure if we wished to hop in cold water kayaks. I fidgeted about kayaking in such cold water and feared toppling. We scheduled a couple of lessons in the regional swimming pool to discover how to do a damp exit and self-rescue. Because that time, we’ve found out to whitewater kayak, however having that fundamental understanding assisted our self-confidence in the water. I am thankful we did it.

Things to do in Antarctica Kayaking

The expense of including kayaking to a cruise exploration is high, and we questioned if the cost would deserve it. As soon as or two times throughout the cruise, we believed we may get out on the water. We ended up kayaking 8 times nd it was splendid.

We drifted silently previous leopard and Wedell seals sunning themselves on ice circulations, circumnavigated icebergs drifting in the middle of the sea, and paddled with penguins leaping through the air at the front of our boats.

It was a remarkable method to see marine life up close while we silently checked out the Antarctic Peninsula. It was the experience of a life time as we paddled through sea ice while minke whales appeared to state hey there along the wild Antarctic coast. Read more about Kayaking in Antarctica– our favorite thing to do in Antarctica

2. Polar Plunge

antarctica activities polar plunge dave

If you asked me what I considered the polar plunge while I was participating in this zany experience where we jumped into the freezing Antarctic waters, I would have informed you not to do it. It was horrified of striking the cold water. Now that I am home and in the conveniences of a relaxing and warm home, I state is one of the finest things to do in Antarctica.

Why? How typically do you get to inform individuals that you delved into sub-zero waters in the South Pole and lived to inform the tale? It’s tough to top this experience. If somebody states “I did the polar bear plunge in the regional lake? You state, oh yeah, I did it in the Antarctic Circle! It’s quite tough to top that!

antarctica polar plunge deb

With warm bathrobes and hot chocolate waiting on us, we conjectured of vodka and as soon as my teeth stopped chattering, we commemorated in the jacuzzi on the primary deck. All the worry dissolved and I was prepared to do it once again! Wondering what an Antarctica journey resembles? Have a look at our Antarctic Expedition Explained

Camping on the Sub-Antarctic Islands

Best things to do in Antarctica Camping

In the grand plan of things, extremely couple of individuals have actually taken a trip to Antarctica and even less have in fact remained over night on the continent. Camping on Antarctica is an amazing experience. Generally individuals sleep on exploration ships or fly to Antarctica to be able to step on the land. Not lots of individuals have actually camped in a bivy sack in the middle of the snow next to snoring leopard seals.

Camping in Antarctica is a must. Yes, it’s cold, it’s uneasy, and you can’t consume, consume, or pee when outdoor camping in Antarctica, once you are back on board your ship after enduring a night as the early explorers did, you’ll be filled with pride and thankfulness that you never ever need to do that once again. Camping on the Continent is among the very best things to do in Antarctica, read more about it here. 

Camping on Antarctica

A little group people got on zodiacs to the coast where we were dropped off right before sundown. Equipped with our sleeping bags and bivy sacs, we strolled to our selected areas where we settled in for the night. We needed to mark out our camping location to flatten the snow around us and after that we went inside zipping whatever in the small bag. Before going to the continent, we hardly at and consumed as low as possible. There was an emergency situation toilet ought to we require to go, however we were motivated to hold it up until the next early morning when we returned on the ship.

We advise bringing booties and hand and feet warmers for the night. Make certain to have a balaclava to keep your face warm in addition to all your layers. It gets cold in the wee hours of the early morning. Find out more: 5 Winter Layering Tips to Dress for Extreme Cold Weather

4. Zodiac Cruises

things to do in Antartica zodiac tours

Most explorations to Antarctica will use zodiac trips of icebergs and bays. Seeing humpback whales surface area ideal next to a small zodiac will take your breath away. Whales, seals, and calving glaciers from a zodiac are minutes you will not quickly forget.

We generally headed out two times a day on zodiacs to go wildlife viewing. There is an unexpected quantity of wildlife on the white continent. We saw killer whales and humpback whales, leopard and Weddell seals drifting on ice developments, and a lot of penguin nests along the coast.

Best things to do in Antarctica Zodiac Whales

Zodiac cruises weren’t almost wildlife either. There are a lot of intriguing things to check out in the Antarctic waters. We enjoyed running around icebergs and puttering through thick bold ice searching for amazing ice developments. We stopped to enjoy calving glaciers and circle huge icebergs as our specialist exploration group dealt with the zodiacs with ease.

Getting off the ship to see things in this intimate way is a must. We had whales surface area next to our boats and after that dive beneath for a closer view. We took a look at these excellent mammals in the eye as they appeared to offer us a friendly hey there. See more of what it’s like on a Zodiac Tour in Antarctica

5. Penguin Post Office at Port Lockroy

Penguin Post office in Antarctica

There are no irreversible homeowners in Antarctica, just a little settlement of scientists that invest a couple of months a year on a research study base. There are lots of research study stations in Antarctica that you can go to however among the leading Antarctica tourist attractions is a real post workplace on the British base Porto Lockroy. Yes, you heard me: stopping at Port Lockroy research study station is an enjoyable stop on an Antarctica schedule. It’s an area where you’ll encounter other Antarctic explorations and get the opportunity to talk with the personnel of the English research study base.

A penguin nest lives in the coasts of the research study station and you’ll see a lot of them hanging out in the location, thus its label Penguin Post Office.

In Port Lockery, you can search the museum, have fun with the penguins, and purchase some mementos. The leading antarctic activity here is to by a postcard and mail it to somebody you like from the bottom of the world to your enjoyed ones at home. Read everything about it at– A Post Office in Antarctica?

6. Go To Penguin Colonies

Things to do in Antarctica Penguin colonies

Speaking of penguins. An emphasize of any Antarctica go to is to communicate with penguins. The Antarctic Circle and Weddell Sea have lots of Penguin nests, and seeing penguins up close is at the top of all Antarctica tourist attractions.

We could not get enough of checking out penguin nests all around the Antarctic peninsula. Penguins are genuinely the prettiest animals on earth and viewing them set about their every day lives will bring delight to anybody’s heart.

They waddle through their penguin routes making their method to the sea in frenzied style. It’s cute to see the energy of penguins hurrying about doing their service.

Things to do in antarctica Penguins

Mothers safeguard their penguins and chicks call out to one another. They stroll in arranged lines along routes to the sea from one penguin nest to another. You are going to see a lot of penguins when you go to Antarctica. Be prepared, they smell awful. They are so darn charming, you forget the odor and merely delight in

The most unforgettable of all penguin encounters are when you sit silently and let the curious animals approach so close that they stroll on your legs or select at your coat. You are not permitted to technique or go within 5 meters of penguins, however if you sit still, in some cases they will stroll right approximately you and state hey there. They are so curious. It’s a memory of a life time.

Things to do in Antarctica Deception Island
7. Go To Deception Island

Oil barrels of Deception Island

Things to do in Antarctica Deception Island Ruins

One of the most threatening things to do in Antarctica is to go to Deception Island. Deceptiveness Island is among the best harbors in Antarctica which so occurs to be an active volcano. In the early 20th century, it was an old whaling station and trips will take you to see the residues of that dark time.

Visiting Deception Island is a plain tip of the evils of humanity. At one time whales were hunted to near termination in Antarctica and when checking out Deception Island, you will see old oil drums, boilers, and whale bones from a darker time. It’s as terrible as it is lovely. The active volcano warmed the waters off the beach and at one time, individuals dug holes in the sand to delight in the warm sand. Thanks to the Antarctic treaty that is no longer permitted. This would be overrun with the variety of individuals taking a trip to Antarctica today. The Ominous Deception Island

For more read

Things to do in Antarctica Lemaire Channel
8. Cruise the Lemar Channel

Sunset over the Lemaire Channel

Nicknamed the Fuji Funnel, Kodak Canal, and Agfa Alley the Lemaire Channel is among the leading things to do in Antarctica for professional photographers.

The Lemaire Channel in Antarctica

If you took pictures pre-digital world, you will recognize with Fuji, Kodak, and Agfa; all popular brand names of movie.

During our travelling through the narrow channel, we invested hours standing outside on deck taking pictures of the most amazing surroundings on earth.

Antarctica is genuinely the last frontier of natural appeal and the Lemaire Channel is the most lovely of the leading location. Now that’s stating a lot.

things to do in Antartica photography tours
9. Photography Tour

Antarctica is a gorgeous location to take pictures

One of the leading things to do in Antarctica is to sign up with a photography exploration. Numerous expert photographers lead image trips to Antarctica and if you wish to take home incredible memories, you can schedule a photography trip on many ships.

Best things to do in antarctica Photography

On our Antarctic Cruise, there was a different group of individuals on the trip concentrating on photography. They had their own different trips where the expert photographers headed out together, focusing more on catching images than the experience. Both methods of taking a trip are a remarkable experience, you can pick whichever method you desire. Mentioning photography, among the best things to see in the world is real icebergs.

Your guide will reveal you how to record the textures of the ice developments, how to get extraordinary pictures of wildlife and maximize your landscape images catching Antarctica’s snow-capped mountains and glaciers. If you are a professional photographer, this is the method to take a trip.

Things to do in Antarctica icebergs

10. Antarctica Ice

In Antarctica, the icebergs are huge. They have lots of layers of vibrant shades of blue developing a few of the most intriguing developments. Sometimes, the icebergs overshadowed our ship and we were grateful for the knowledge of our captain who kept a safe range from the developments that were bigger than apartment. Two-thirds more were above if that much was revealing above the water. And icebergs relocation and roll. You can not take a trip to this location without individuals and guides who understand the waters. At one point, we took a cruise through an iceberg graveyard where icebergs have actually grounded on the bottom of the sea and this is the area where they will invest the last days disintegrating in the water up until they liquify into absolutely nothing. As soon as, it’s lovely and spooky all at. 23 Epic Photos of Antarctica Ice

Check out our pictures of Icebergs in

Things to do in Antarctica Whale Watching

11. Whale Watching

I do not believe there is a much better location in the world to enjoy whales than in Antarctica. We discussed whale viewing from zodiacs, however a few of our finest whale viewing occurred right from the ship. There are a lot of types of whales residing in the Antarctic waters from Antarctic Minke Whales, Southern Right Whales, Orcas, Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, and Pilot Whales, you will have a lot to select from.

Whale Watching in Antarctica

In Antarctica, whales have no worry of male. They have not been searched for more than a century and they are at the top of the food cycle. Whales have no factor to conceal. The whales of Antarctica are extremely curious since of that.

When we were kayaking, on a zodiac or on the ship, they constantly appeared neighboring for a more detailed look. Seeing a whale in the wild is a wonderful experience and when taking a trip to Antarctica, you can get so near them, you can nearly connect and touch them.

During among our days at sea, we had 2 killer whales flaunt for us breaching regularly. It’s like they were delighted to see us! Another day, we had a mom and calf follow our ship, and the calf continued to breach for 45 minutes, placing on a spectacular program for the viewers on board. This experience was among the coolest things we have actually ever experienced in our journeys.

Thing sot od in Antarctica Drake Passage
12. Cross the Drake Passage

These ships were made to cross the Drake Passage

Okay, so it’s not in Antarctica however the Drake Passage takes you to Antarctica. A lot of individuals are taking other paths to Antarctica to prevent the Drak Passage, however we feel that crossing the Drake Passage is genuinely a badge of honor.

The Drake is among the most treacherous bodies of water on earth.

If the weather condition is calm, it’s simple and uneventful, if the seas are rough, the Drake Passage will set you on a rumble and topple two-day journey that will turn even the most experienced sailor into a ball of mush.

We had a smooth erasing, however returning to civilization was another story and our team informed us it was among the worst of the season.

How do we understand it was bad? Just 2 other travelers joined him in the dining space when Dave went down for supper one night. Throughout a really rough day, lectures were canceled due to travelers and team alike being stuck in bed with a bad case of seasickness. It’s a rough trip, however it produces a terrific travel tale.

what to do in antarctica penguin

Other Antarctica Activities

Antarctica is a location that is continuously developing and brand-new activities are being contributed to travel plans. From ski visiting to stand-up paddle boarding, there are a lot of brand-new things to do and see. To offer you a concept of other things to do in Antarctica, keep reading.

13 Scuba Diving

We didn’t scuba dive in Antarctica, however Antarctic explorations are contributing to their experience travel list each year. A diving exploration in Antarctica is genuinely an unique chance for passionate scuba divers.

This distinct experience lets you check out the enchanting undersea world of the Southern Ocean, where strongly colored marine life, remarkable ice developments, and the heavenly appeal of the polar seascape wait for. You’ll dive from zodiacs with knowledgeable guides.

This is not an activity for novices, diving in Antarctic needs experience in dry match diving and cold water diving. You’ll have the chance to see distinct marinelife and if you have actually gone diving worldwide, this is another location to contribute to the pail list.

14. Ice Climbing

During our exploration we did some glacier walking and we believed that was the supreme experience for polar tourists, however you can now include Ice Climbing to your Antarctica experiences. We didn’t do it throughout our journey, however we have actually taken on ice climbing up in other parts of the world. We extremely advise it if your exploration uses this activity. Can you picture informing individuals that yo

Antarctica Itineraries

Antarctic Itineraries to Consider

Our schedule took us through the South Shetland Islands, which is among the leading paths to take through Antarctica, however there are other travel plans you might wish to include or think about to your impressive experience.

The primary locations to cruise in the Antarctic consist of the Antarctic Peninsula which typically consists of the South Shetland Islands. (which we did) and the sub-Antarctic islands that are regularly consisted of in a few of these explorations are the Falklands and South Georgia

Lesser took a trip locations consist of the Weddell Sea, and Ross Sea which is the least-visited tourist area. Strategy on longer explorations up to 30 days if you are including these to your schedule.

Facts About South America European Colonization and Independence Movements Falklands

15. Falkland Islands

An extraordinary include on for a journey to the South Pole is checking out the Falkland Islands. This British Colony has a lot of things to do and see. The Falkland Islanders, called “Kelpers,” are understood for their warm hospitality and intriguing stories about island life.

The capital of the Falkland Islands, Port Stanley, is typically an emphasize. This little, vibrant town has a clearly British character, with charming homes, English-style clubs, and a historical cathedral.

The Falklands are likewise abundant in history, with numerous websites associated to the Falklands War of 1982. When we were kids, this was such huge news. You can go to battlegrounds, memorials, and museums that supply insights into this considerable occasion in the islands’ history.

You’ll likewise see an abundance of abundance of bird types, consisting of King Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, and Rockhopper penguins, in addition to other seabirds like albatrosses. The islands are likewise home to elephant seals and sea lions, using amazing wildlife seeing chances.

what to do in antarctica penguins

16. South Georgia

Many of our buddies have actually checked out South Georgia and we are green with envy. It is here that you’ll see the world’s biggest king penguin nests. Frequently hailed as the ‘Serengeti of the Southern Ocean you’ll likewise see huge elephant seals and spirited fur seals.

It’s notoriously called the last resting location of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous Antarctic explorer. You can visit his tomb in Grytviken, a previous whaling station, and learn more about the island’s history in its museum.

South Georgia uses a few of the most remarkable surroundings in the Southern Hemisphere, with rugged snowcapped mountains, large glaciers, and fjords. These landscapes supply a sensational background for photography and expedition. It is high up on our list to go to.

17. Snow Hill Island

You can likewise see Emperor Penguins in South Georgia, however if it is your objective to actually see this penguin types, the very best location to see them is the Emperor Penguin Colony at Snow Hill Island. Found in the Weddell Sea, this island is off the beaten course and can be reached by helicopter. If you have the cash and the methods, book a helicopter flight to see the Emperor Penguin Colony of Snow Hill and make history as being among the couple of individuals in the world to witness them. Container list anybody?

18. King George Island

One of the very first stops as you leave from Ushuaia in South America is King George Island. Found off the coast of Antarctica in the South Shetland Islands, King George is significant for hosting a number of research study stations run by numerous nations. These stations play a vital function in cutting edge research study in the area. A few of the popular research study stations on King George Island are. Eduardo Frei Base from Chile, Great Wall Station from China, King Sejong Station from South Korea and Bellingshausen Station from Russia, simply among others.

ushuaia sign

19. Ushuaia

Nestled at the southern idea of South America in Argentina, Ushuaia is not simply a departure point however a location overflowing with distinct tourist attractions.

Before setting sail to the icy continent, immerse yourself in Ushuaia’s must-do activities. Eplore Tierra del Fuego National Park, using a mix of glaciers, forests, and wildlife. Or ride the historical End of the World Train for a journey through stunning landscapes. We invested 2 days taking pleasure in Ushuaia before setting sail and are thankful that we did.

You need to go to the Museo del Fin del Mundo to explore the area’s abundant history. You’ll be leaving Ushuaia through The Beagle Channel where you’ll see the rugged appeal of the location from your ship.

So there you have it. These are the leading things to do in Antarctica. This is a location that is altering each year. Even if you go to in 2024, it will have most likely altered once again by 2025. Let us understand what’s altered in the remarks listed below.

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