18 Best Beaches in Miami to Visit in 2023


Miami is a stunning location when it concerns beaches; image the supreme mix of hectic public beaches with art deco architecture and water sports and peaceful stretches of white sand beaches. You can have high-end hotels and celebration culture or natural charm and wildlife. It is simple to see why having a beach day is among the very best things to do in Miami

And these finest beaches in Miami are likewise a few of the very best areas in Florida and beyond. Since these beaches are well worth venturing out of Downtown Miami for, after going to Miami a number of times we constantly inform individuals to keep their expectations high. Whether you wish to go snorkeling with a manatee or a video game of beach volley ball among brand-new buddies, there’s a Miami beach for you.

In this guide, we will present you to the very best beaches in Miami that we have actually been fortunate enough to go to. It is obvious that Miami’s beach scene is unique; you can venture out to neighboring cities and barrier island vacations to experience a lot more extraordinary areas. These are the most lovely beaches in Miami so, make the most of this.

1. Virginia Key Beach Park

Best Beaches in Miami Virginia Key Beach Park

Virginia Key Beach Park is a stunning barrier island park covering 82.5 acres. The park isn’t simply a beach; it covers a network of strolling and cycling tracks, plus picnic tables where you can sit and delight in drinks while appreciating the surroundings. Historical Virginia Key Beach Park seems like it ought to be among the best weekend breaks from Miami

However, it is simply a 12-minute drive from Downtown Miami or 50 minutes on the bus. Virginia Key Beach Park has this lovely, eliminated appeal, with shallow waters and seaside plants that is perfect to check out by kayak or paddleboard. It is a sanctuary of natural charm with all the benefit of being simply a brief range from Downtown Miami. And for this factor, we simply needed to include it to this guide.

The primary beach in Virginia Key Beach Park is Virginia Beach, a tranquil white sand beach with stunning views over Miami’s horizon and the Atlantic Ocean. Scenic and peaceful, this is quickly among the very best Miami beaches for tourists who wish to leave the so-called beaten track. It likewise has a pet dog park on among its beaches– an enormous hit among residents.

2. Hobie Island Beach Park

Best Beaches in Miami Hobie Island Beach Park Rickenbacker Causeway

Hobie Island Beach Park is successive. Lower understood to travelers, this shallow, watered slither of white sand beach is tucked away next to the Rickenbacker Causeway– stealthily close to Downtown Miami and quickly accessed by cars and truck or bus. You lease a cars and truck and drive to Hobie Island Beach Park in 10 minutes– a dreamily hassle-free plan. For this factor, Hobie Island Beach Park is among the most popular regional beaches in Miami. And with a significant dog-friendly location, it is an enormous hit among regional Miami pet owners.

For travelers, a check out to Hobie Island Beach Park is perfect as it is quieter than the significant beaches in Miami. If you desire to make the many of shallow waters, it likewise has sensational views of the Downtown Miami horizon and water sports devices leasings. The waters at Hobie Island are ideal for attempting stand-up paddle boarding. The mix of horizon views and regional crowds make it an outstanding suggestion as a tranquil area.

3. Cape Florida Beach

Best Beaches in Miami Cape Florida Beach Biscayne Bay

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is a stunning state park at the southern idea of Key Biscayne. The park is surrounded by strolling tracks and plentiful native plants. It is likewise popular for something up your street– peaceful beaches. Its finest beach is Cape Florida Beach, which beings in a protected arc under the shadow of the magnificent bright-white lighthouse.

This picturesque and historical aspect of Cape Florida Beach sets actually perfectly. You can go to the lighthouse on your beach day and absorb the relaxing environment. Cape Florida Beach is another beach that has actually handled to prevent star status and, as such, the obnoxiously loud crowds.

To get to Cape Florida Beach, it is simply a 30-minute drive from Miami’s Downtown. You can capture a bus and reach the beach in around an hour and 20 minutes.

4. Sandy Beach at Oleta River State Park

Best Beaches in Miami Sandy Beach at Oleta River State Park

Sandy Beach at Oleta River State Park is a stunning area of coastline with barely any waves. It is positioned in the borders of Oleta River State Park’s sensational 1043 acres and on the Intracoastal Waterway, protected from waves and winds by the barrier islands off Miami’s shoreline. The beach is popular among households and regional individuals in Miami, and it rapidly gets hectic at peak times and throughout vacations. If you desire a beach that isn’t found on the barrier islands, Sandy Beach is ideal.

Oleta River State Park is the biggest city park in Florida and a fantastic location to integrate and check out with an early morning on the beach. The park has miles of strolling and cycling tracks, plus access to the 1,515-mile Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. The very best method to reach the park is by cars and truck, and you can drive there from Miami’s Downtown in simply over 30 minutes.

5. Surfside Beach

Best Beaches in Miami Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is a quite white sand beach to the north of main Miami in the city’s prosperous area. The community of Surfside is simply a mile long, and it is renowned for its Jewish food and small-town culture and environment– a sharp contrast to South Beach and hectic Downtown Miami. Its beach is similar, with a peaceful, neighborhood ambiance perfect for tourists wishing to experience a less extreme variation of Miami.

There’s lots of neighboring green area, consisting of North Beach Oceanside Park. And there’s the Surfside Walking Path, a stunning walk to value the peaceful surroundings and water views. It is simple to see why Surfside Beach made our list. It is a little neighborhood sanctuary of a beach.

To reach Surfside, it is an approximate 30-minute drive from Miami or simply over an hour on public transportation. It is easier to hug Miami Beach, taking simply 20 minutes by cars and truck or 30 minutes on a single bus.

6. Mid Beach

Best Beaches in Miami Mid Beach

Mid Beach is among the leading beaches in Miami and lies on the popular Miami Beach chain of in-demand beach areas. Likely since of this, it has a lots of high-end apartments and elegant bars and dining establishments. If you desire a beach with a glamorous background, Mid Beach is your one. The soft sand is the ideal location to sunbathe before navigating a good meal or mixed drink. And, naturally, there’s access to the Miami Beach Boardwalk.

Mid Beach is a breeze to reach if you are remaining on the barrier island, and even if you are on the mainland, it is simply a 30-minute drive. Its high-end character made it stick out, and it is an outstanding alternative for anybody selecting high-end Miami apartments.

7. Dr Von D Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Best Beaches in Miami Dr Von D Mizell Eula Johnson State Park

Dr. Von D Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park is technically too north to be thought about among the very best beaches in Miami. It has actually made its area on this list as one of the honorary Miami beaches thanks to its beautiful waters and seaside reserve. It is around a 40-minute drive from main Miami, and it lies simply under Fort Lauderdale.

However, it is among the best neighboring beaches to go to. Dr. Von D Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park is home to sea turtles and even manatees in its surrounding canal. If you desire a beach experience with reserve-style wildlife, it is the location to go from Miami.

8. South Pointe Beach

Best Beaches in Miami South Point Beach

The sandy coasts of South Pointe Beach comprise among the very best beaches in Miami. Positioned considerably at the end of the Miami beach strip, South Pointe Beach has sensational views of the outstretched high-rises. It is a popular area for picturesque daybreak candidates. It likewise has an outstanding security and lifeguard existence, making it a hit among households and solo tourists desiring solitude with some security in numbers.

It is simply a 20-minute drive or 35-minute public transportation journey to reach South Pointe Beach from main Miami. If you remain in the Miami Beach area, you can simply stroll there.

9. Bal Harbour Beach

Best Beaches in Miami Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour Beach is very picturesque. It is a mix of sensational white sand– a traditional function among Miami beaches– and a background of high-rise buildings and palm trees. Bal Harbour Beach extends approximately the Haulover Inlet and Haulover Inlet Bridge, and there’s a stunning fishing pier at the end for anybody wishing to capture a catch. Relatively peaceful and tidy, this more out-the-way beach day area is simply a 45-minute drive from main Miami or 20 minutes from Miami Beach. Bal Harbour Beach stands apart for its peaceful fishing culture and inlet-side area. It is certainly a gratifying area.

10. Hollywood Beach

Best Beaches in Miami Hollywood Beach

Forget fancy LA Hollywood; Florida Hollywood is various. This location is nicknamed ‘Old Florida’ and has a stunning boardwalk, traditional resorts, and a couple of golf course alternatives. It has an old-world appeal, and this action centers around its huge stretch of sandy coastline. Hollywood Beach is where to get in touch with seaside Florida in a different way, making it among the very best Miami beaches.

To reach Hollywood Beach, it is around a 40-minute drive from Miami. It lies in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, making it more of a day trip-style beach considering that you’ll be taking a trip to arrive. If you drive from Miami Beach, it is a spectacular path, however, and you can visit at other beaches like Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles along the method.

11. Matheson Hammock Park

Best Beaches in Miami Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is a stunning beach park that pumps water around a manufactured atoll swimming pool to enable swimmers to delight in fresher ocean water. Technically, it is a city park. It has a spectacular area of remote sandy coastline, making it a perfect location for a sly beach or a fast dip day. There are remote views of the Miami horizon, dubious palm trees, and picturesque plants. Truthfully, what’s not to enjoy? Matheson Hammock Park is someplace you may not at first believe of however need to definitely write down if you desire a peaceful area for a beach day.

It is just 40 minutes from Miami’s Downtown by cars and truck. We ‘d certainly vote that it validates leasing a cars and truck, and you can integrate it with a check out to the neighboring gardens, consisting of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

12. Hallandale Beach

Best Beaches in Miami Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach is an area in northern Miami with a beautiful stretch of white sand and a generally buzzing neighborhood environment. It is among the most traditional ‘property beach’ options and has an easygoing however enjoyable ambiance. You can lease a beach chair and umbrella and quickly settle back on Hallandale Beach for a couple of hours. And it has that essential background of flashy high-rises popular along Miami beaches. When driving,

Hallandale Beach is finest reached from Miami Beach and takes simply under 40 minutes. You’ll take the picturesque stretch of roadway, heading directly the shoreline and previous Miami’s finest beaches, consisting of Bal Harbour Beach and Haulover Beach. This implies you can rapidly turn a check out to Hallandale Beach into a trip or beach hopping experience.

Best Beaches in Miami Crandon Park Beach

13. Crandon Park Beach

Crandon Park Beach is lovely– as in seriously lovely. This white sand beach is among the most peaceful stretches of coastline you can discover in Miami. This quality makes it among the very best beaches in Miami and a simple addition to this guide. The mix of soft sand and a tranquil area on Key Biscayne make Crandon Beach a paradise in the world, not to mentioned simply Florida. It has a popular property appeal and is likewise less recognized among travelers, making it a peaceful alternative that just gets busier in peak seasons.

Crandon Beach is closest to Miami’s Downtown and is simply under 20 minutes away by cars and truck or an hour by bus. You’ll be crossing the William M Powell Bridge and passing lovely perspectives of the Miami horizon and the lovely Virginia Key– so take your time and enable an entire day to delight in Crandon Beach in spite of its hassle-free area.

Best Beaches in Miami Samson Oceanfront Park

14. Samson Oceanfront Park

If you are taking a trip with kids, note Samson Oceanfront Park as one of the very best beaches in Miami. While it is not technically simply a beach in its own right, this 2.1-acre park has a shaded play ground with direct beach gain access to, making it ideal for households going to Miami. Kids can delight in the play ground, a beautiful boardwalk appropriate for experimenting with scooters and balance bikes, and vending makers when it’s time for a fast treat. Samson Oceanfront Park even has charging stations and WiFi for moms and dads.

Samson Oceanfront Park is closest to Miami Beach and lies even more north on the chain of barrier islands. You can reach the park by bus in 40 minutes or drive there in 30 minutes; in either case, you’ll take the picturesque seaside path.

Best Beaches in Miami Haulover Beach

15. Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is a love-or-hate-it addition to our finest beaches in Miami. Formally home to a clothing-optional beach area, Haulover Beach has plainly significant areas where beachgoers can decide in between clothes or no clothes. Haulover Beach is the finest beach in Miami if you desire to welcome the nudist way of life. We ‘d recommend paying close attention to the signposts if you are more conservative. Haulover Beach is a traditional white sand stretch with lots of area to discover a peaceful sunbathing area, even at peak times.

Haulover Beach is closest to Miami Beach and lies on the barrier island chain off main Miami and the mainland. From Miami Beach, it is simply over a 20-minute drive, while it takes around 40 minutes on the bus.

Best Beaches in Miami Sunny Isles Beach

16. Bright Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is a stunning area with a long stretch of beautiful white sand and lots of facilities for beachgoers. It is a reputable option among the very best beaches in Miami and in regards to arriving, simply a 30-minute drive or 50-minute bus journey from Miami Beach. Found on a barrier island simply north of Miami, it is a hassle-free and simple beach day location with all the traditional functions of Miami’s beaches. If you like fishing,

Best Beaches in Miami South Beach

The Newport Fishing Pier along Collins Avenue is something to keep in mind. It is a fantastic area to evaluate your abilities and practice ocean fishing.best beaches in the world 17. South Beach

South Beach is the popular beach in Miami, backed by the lovely Lummus Park and Ocean Drive. It is quickly among the most popular beaches on the planet– not to mention simply in Miami. South Beach is often ranked as one of the

It brings in countless travelers a year, indicating we can with confidence declare it as one of the very best beaches in Miami. The sensational white sand art deco architecture and beach chair centers make it a distinctive area for a beach day, and has a growing beach culture.

Best Beaches in Miami North Miami Beach

If you hug Miami Beach on the barrier island, it is a simple walk to South Beach. South Beach is the center of Miami’s beach scene and an outright must-visit.

18. North Beach

North Beach is simple to enjoy. Much better referred to as mellow than dynamic like South Beach, North Beach is even more up the shoreline of the notorious Miami Beach’s chain of coastline areas. The considerable distinction is that North Beach is more property, with lowkey parks and green areas instead of bursting art deco colors and architecture. It is a meeker alternative while boasting a prime area if you desire South Beach without the strength and crowds.

Best Beaches in Miami FAQs

You can quickly stroll to North Beach while remaining centrally on the Miami Barrier Island. It is an available beach with a stunning environment that validates a put on this list.beach resort-style Best Beaches in Miami: FAQs

Whether you pick a

area or a remote paradise with turtles and manatees, absolutely nothing rather strikes like a Miami beach. Ideally, you now have a couple of competitors for beach day areas in your schedule. Before you avoid with a beach towel in hand, however, take a look at these typical FAQs. These fast responses need to refine your search and actually guarantee you discover the beach for you.

What is the best beach in Miami? If you desire natural charm,

Virginia Key Beach Park is the best beach in Miami. The 82.5-acre park has lots of strolling tracks and picnic tables, and it has both beaches with city views and a beautiful boardwalk over marshlands.

What is the cleanest beach in Miami?

Crandon Park Beach has without a doubt the cleanest waters out of all the beaches in Miami. If you desire a tidy beach experience, these crystal-clear waters are where to head.

Which part of Miami Beach is finest?

Best Beaches in Miami To Conclude

South Beach is difficult not to enjoy. If you desire that traditional experience with art deco architecture and beach chair plans, it is by far the finest part of Miami Beach. When they believe of Miami, this is the beach that a lot of individuals believe of.

What is the very best beach in Miami for residents?where to stay in Miami Hobie Island Beach Park is the very best Miami beach for residents. This shallow bit of the beach lies simply off the Rickenbacker Causeway. It is a dog-friendly beach with water sports leasings. It is relaxed and picturesque and prevents the crowds of travelers that other Miami beaches bring in.Miami to Key West Drive Miami isn’t simply hectic South Beach; it is likewise beautiful white sand and fresh seafood. Whether you head over the Intracoastal Waterway to South Beach or south to Virginia Key Beach Park, you’ll discover an extraordinary range of Miami beaches. Choosing the appropriate Miami beach for you is crucial to having the very best time in the popular South Florida city.

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