15 Pros and Cons of Living in Playa del Carmen


Mexico is a nation that’s gorgeous and so varied it’s difficult to choose where to go to, not to mention live. After living there for almost 5 months, I can extremely suggest remaining on the Yucatan Peninsula, particularly, Playa del Carmen. But, obviously, there are drawbacks and advantages to every city– in this post, I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of Playa del Carmen.

The weather condition is warm, and individuals get along, however there are definitely some battles that feature living in Mexico– similar to any other foreign nation. Personally, I think the pros surpass the cons– however you can evaluate on your own.

15 Pros and Cons of Playa del Carmen

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The list listed below is based upon my own individual experience, discussions with other expats and tourists, and checking out other individuals’s ideas online. There definitely appears to be agreement throughout the board, and it’s certainly understanding you’ll desire before going out on your journeys.

Keep checking out to read more about the sensational city in Mexico, and what you can anticipate if you remain or transfer for a prolonged amount of time in this list of advantages and disadvantages of residing in Playa del Carmen.

What is Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen lies south of Cancun and north of Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Nestled along the coasts of the Caribbean Sea, it’s understood for its white sand beaches, crystal clear blue-green waters, and easygoing ambiance.

Millions of travelers flock to Playa del Carmen every year, and countless expats and digital nomads have actually called it home. Simply a brief flight from the U.S., it’s no secret why this beach town has rather the draw. There’s a practically unlimited list of things to do in Playa del Carmen.

Pros of Playa del Carmen

There are a lot of benefits of Playa del Carmen and remaining there long-lasting. Here is what I discovered throughout my five-month stay.

1. Digital Nomad-Friendly

Coffee shop with customers using a laptop device.

One of the greatest pros of Playa del Carmen is its lodgings for digital wanderers and online employees. With coworking spaces, coffee shops, beach clubs, restaurants, and coffeehouse galore, you’ll constantly discover an area to take out yourlaptop

Playa del Carmen is growing significantly, which indicates its facilities is enhancing. High-speed web can be discovered all throughout the city, so you’ll constantly have the ability to satisfy those work due dates.Nest My preferred locations to work were Bunker and Mamita’s Beach Club.

; they are both coworking areas. I likewise would spend lavishly every now and once again and work in a lounge chair at a beach club like

2. Awesome Beaches

The top benefit of Playa del Carmen is that it’s a Mexican paradise. The beaches resemble something out of a postcard, and you can swim year-round. Discuss a dream life!

There are miles of walkable beaches that are all quickly available by bike, foot, or automobile. Along the beaches, you’ll discover white sands, easy chair at bars and dining establishments, and suppliers offering artisan items.

Cost of living written in a notebook and calculations of home finances.

Playa del Carmen’s beaches are surrounded by a reef, so the water is shallow, usually calm, and at the best temperature level. Watch out for sea turtles, dolphins, and other marine life.

3. Expense of Living

I discovered that a significant perk of residing in Playa del Carmen was the budget friendly expense of living. The existing currency exchange rate (in 2023) is $17.20 MX (pesos) for each $1 USD. This isn’t really that excellent due to the economy (I’ve seen it at $22.00 MX); nevertheless, it’s still more affordable than the U.S.

Apartments in Playa del Carmen variety anywhere from $400 to $1500 typically, depending upon the community and the features you’re trying to find. You can discover fundamental studio apartment or condos or high-end apartment apartment or condos with a roof swimming pool.

jungle hike mexico

Food is reasonably low-cost also, specifically if you patronize the grocery store or regional markets. You can quickly purchase fresh vegetables and fruits from a regional fruiteria for less than $5 USD. Obviously, heading out to consume can vary from affordable regional taco trucks to dining establishments that are rather high-end.

4. Surrounded by Nature

A big advantage to Playa del Carmen, if you like the outdoors, is the quantity of nature that surrounds the location. Not just exists the beautiful beach, however there are cenotes (freshwater underground springs), jungles, nature protects, and more to check out.

Within a 30-minute drive, you can seem like you’re in the middle of no place. You can choose day walkings on jungle routes, go snorkeling to check out the reef, and swim in the crisp, clear waters of the cenotes. There’s constantly something to do outdoors.

hailing local bus

Nature fans will fall for Playa del Carmen. It does not have any mountains or hills, it makes up for it with a landscape you can’t discover anywhere else.

5. Relieve of Transportation

Getting around Playa del Carmen is very simple. The main beach location is extremely walkable, and you can navigate to the majority of locations within 15 minutes. You can likewise navigate by bike rather quickly.

For more expeditions, you have a couple of alternatives. Playa del Carmen provides Uber as an easy choice; they likewise have taxis that are continuously driving around the streets trying to find a fare.

Coba mexico

If you ‘d like to take a trip like the residents, you can likewise get on a “collectivo.” These are basically vans that carry individuals on particular paths around town and even to close-by locations like Tulum, Cancun, and other towns. They charge a cost based upon range, and it’s generally very budget friendly.

6. Immersed in HistoryChichen Itza In regards to the advantages and disadvantages of residing in Playa del Carmen, and the Yucatan Peninsula in basic, among my preferred pros about this location is that it’s definitely bristling with history. From the Mayan culture to the asteroid that eliminated the dinosaurs, there is definitely an unique energy in this part of the world.

Learn about the abundant history of the location by checking out well-known ruins and pyramids like Tulum, Coba, and

All of which are within a day’s journey from Playa del Carmen.

A beautiful lagoon, ocean, jungle, rocks, and beach hut.

There are likewise museums and websites in the city for you to learn more about the culture, like the Museo Frida Kahlo, Riviera Art Gallery, and the main plaza with historic architecture.

7. Enjoyable Attractions Around Every CornerXel Ha As you’ve most likely collected by now, the pros of Playa del Carmen are lovely attracting. In addition to the totally free natural marvels of the city, there are likewise lots of parks and tourist attractions to check out.Xcaret Thanks to its gorgeous natural landscape and inlets of the Caribbean Sea, many water amusement park include the ocean itself into the park. Snorkel, swim, zipline, and more at locations like Xplor.,

, and Coco Bongo Club Some even have rollercoasters!

You’ll likewise discover lots of programs and celebrations around town at any offered time of the year. View a lively program at the well-known

shopping mall

, or watch out for music celebrations that are a routine incident.

8. Lots Of Shopping

Whether you require groceries, clothing, electronic devices, or home items, Playa del Carmen has numerous shopping options for you. There are shopping centers, mom-and-pop stores, outlet store, and almost whatever you’ll discover in the States.

Along the touristy and popular 5th Avenue, the street is lined with stores, clothes shops, art galleries, and regional suppliers. You can likewise discover stores complete of mementos and ornaments.


The main location is home to shops like H&M and Louis Vuitton and all around the city you can discover a buy your every requirement. The most popular supermarket are Walmart, Mega, and Chedrui. United States 9. Affordable Medical Treatments

It’s obvious that individuals take a trip abroad for more budget friendly medical and oral treatments, and Playa del Carmen is a popular location for that. I’ve even taken benefit of treatments myself. From optometrist and dental experts to basic health and cosmetic surgery, you’ll have the ability to discover a physician or professional for far less than you would in the


I required to see a dental practitioner for a crown that had actually fallen out, and I could not think how great the workplace was. The whole personnel spoke English, and it was extremely expert. They charged me $50 to repair the crown, whereas, in the States, it would have been $200.

Of course, similar to any oral or medical treatment, it’s crucial to do your research study. Check out the medical professional, checked out evaluations, and ask concerns.

Cons of Playa del Carmen

Woman working and suffering for summer hot weather

Despite all the pros, there are likewise some cons to residing in Playa del Carmen. Just like any worldwide location, it’s crucial to inform yourself before making a dedication to a prolonged period, or perhaps checking out a brand-new city or nation.

1. Humid and hot Weatherweather in this area A disadvantage to residing in a tropical environment is that it constantly includes a generally damp and extremely hot season. Playa del Carmen is no exception.

Generally speaking, the

is extremely enjoyable. From July through September, anticipate damp and hot weather condition with periodic heavy rainstorms. There were times I keep in mind the whole street being flooded immediately.

Crowded of people walking on the city street.

Many locations in Playa del Carmen do not use cooling or have an open store. Frequently, you may discover yourself extremely sweaty with frizzy hair.

2. Heavy Crowds During Peak Season

Since Playa del Carmen is unique and so gorgeous, it draws in countless travelers every year. Throughout peak seasons, it can be difficult to discover lodgings, enter into dining establishments, discover beach chairs, or perhaps stroll down the street!

There are 2 significant peak seasons in Playa del Carmen– Christmas and Semana Santa (the weeks before and after Easter). Not just exist travelers galore, however the residents likewise have holidays throughout that time, and the city is loaded.

Young woman trying to sleep but disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering ears with pillows

I took place to be in Playa del Carmen throughout Semana Santa, and I was blown away by how hectic it was. The beach was a sea of individuals, without any space for anymore towels. And the partying continued well into the morning hours.

3. Rowdy and loud

Speaking of partying up until the morning hours, if you like your solitude, you’ll wish to select your area carefully. Playa del Carmen, especially throughout the peak seasons, is understood for being a celebration town– and it definitely measures up to its track record.

Around 10 pm in the evening, the dynamic bar scene comes alive. DJs, live music, and reveling are taking place on every corner in the main location. You may desire to prevent this community as the clubs can remain open up until 5 am if you require your appeal sleep.

Water flows from the tap to sink

Also, beware of significant vacations due to the fact that the residents do not mess around. In their culture, it’s totally regular to celebration and commemorate up until the sun shows up.

4. You Can’t Drink Tap Water

When thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of residing in Playa del Carmen, among the significant drawbacks is the truth that you can’t consume the faucet water, indicating you’re continuously going to the shop to purchase more mineral water.

If you’re intending on remaining there long-lasting, you’ll certainly wish to buy a five-gallon water dispenser. It’s a discomfort to bring them home and after that need to refill them, however it a minimum of conserves you some journeys and lowers your trash waste.

Construction of a residential building on a summer evening. Many cranes are in operation.

Some individuals state not to consume the ice at bars and dining establishments, however the ice they utilize is usually bought from the shop and is safe to consume.

5. Great Deals Of Construction

As pointed out previously, Playa del Carmen is proliferating, and with that– comes building and construction. On almost every corner, you’ll discover a brand-new apartment structure increasing– and there are definitely no indications of this stopping, or perhaps decreasing, at any time quickly.

Because of this, you’ll typically discover rush hour, closed pathways, and great deals of unsafe particles on the roadways and pathways. If you ultimately discover yourself with a flat bike or automobile tire, do not be amazed.


Sadly, the building and construction is likewise ravaging the regional wildlife due to the fact that of the land cleaning. Part of the growing discomforts of a broadening city.

6. Criminal Activity Awareness

As with any other foreign nation, it’s crucial to be familiar with your security at all times and familiar with the basic criminal offense rates. In general, Playa del Carmen is safe; nevertheless, there are particular things to be familiar with.

The Mexican cartel is a unsafe and extremely genuine group. They do not usually target travelers, unfortunately, individuals can be in the incorrect location at the incorrect time. Constantly understand your environments.

There are likewise criminal activities targeted at travelers. Things like pickpocketing and theft, cost rip-offs, and druggings do take place. Practice great good sense and if something feels off, prevent it. Keep your belongings close and prevent strolling with big volumes of money.

Is Playa del Carmen Worth It?

Absolutely! Regardless of the cons, the pros of Playa del Carmen far surpass them. It’s stunning, it’s complete of beauty, and the culture is terrific. When weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of residing in Playa del Carmen, I can with confidence state that I enjoyed my time in this city and would gladly return once again.(*) Playa del Carmen is a location where you can develop a gorgeous, pleased life in the sun without the high expenses of lots of other Western cultures.(*)


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