15 Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Writer


In this post, I’ll be talking about the primary advantages and disadvantages of freelance writing. Whether you’re thinking about an extreme profession modification, or just thinking about earning a bit of extra money online on the side, this one is for you.

I’ve been doing self-employed composing for a number of years now. While I definitely enjoy the advantages of being a freelance author (and there are lots of– which is why I do it), there are absolutely a couple of disadvantages as I’ll discuss listed below.

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For me, the most significant benefits of freelance composing consist of the versatility to pick when and where you work, in addition to the capability to choose precisely what sort of work you wish to do. On the flip side, there is no task security and no ensured income each month.

It’s crucial that you bear these things in mind when choosing whether this is a profession (or side hustle) that will work for you. In general, I believe the downsides of being a freelance author are greatly exceeded by the various advantages. You require to consider what’s right for you.

Pros of Being a Freelance Writer

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Here are a few of the essential benefits of being a freelance author. This list shows my own individual experience, in addition to the experiences of other individuals that I understand who work as freelance authors. There’s rather a great deal of overlap in between each point, however I’ve broken them down for the sake of clearness.

Remember that every task is various, and every freelance author is special. The particular pros and cons of being a freelance author will differ according to each individual and their private situations. The following are some basic benefits that are most likely to use to many individuals.

1. Versatility

working from a campervan on the computer
Work from any place you desire, consisting of a campervan!

One of my preferred features of freelance writing is the big quantity of versatility it uses. As a freelancer, you have overall control over your schedule, consisting of when, where, and just how much you work. This versatility can be particularly practical for individuals who have kids or other dedications.

It’s difficult to overemphasize rather just how much of a video game changer this versatility is, especially when compared to a “standard” task– i.e. full-time, in-person work. You can set your own hours and take as lots of breaks, or as much time off, as you desire. It’s remarkable!

For example, if you’re feeling stressed out, wish to participate in a buddy’s wedding event in Italy, fancy a spontaneous trip, or just require a modification of landscapes, you can take a day (or a week, or a month) off without needing to request authorization from your company or manager.

Of course, you still require to handle the expectations of your customers. The dynamic is absolutely various from being a staff member. You simply require to let them understand what you’re doing– you do not require to ask authorization. It’s a crucial difference!

2. Autonomy

benefits of being a freelance writer be your own boss

Another significant perk of being a freelance author is the autonomy it supplies. This goes together with versatility (see above). As a freelancer, you are your own manager. You set the guidelines– consisting of

in your profession.

You have overall liberty over which customers you wish to deal with, which forecasts to accept, and how you wish to tackle them. The quantity of time you wish to invest composing and looking into is totally approximately you, as is just how much cash you choose to charge for your work.

You likewise have control over your profession development. When or whether you get a promo, no more stiff work hierarchy with somebody else determining! Personally, I discover this level of self-reliance satisfying and truly liberating.

I’m a lot more determined understanding that I have overall company over what I do and where my profession takes me. It likewise enables a great deal of individual development and advancement, as I’ll broaden on below.

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3. Varied Projects

One of the most interesting elements of being a freelance author is the truth that you can deal with whatever jobs you desire. Some self-employed authors pick to specialize and specific niche down more than others. Basically, the option is yours.

If you wish to handle a varied variety of jobs and check out a number of various specific niches or markets, you can absolutely do that. Once again, you get to set the guidelines (for this reason the autonomy, above)!travel writing So, state you’ve constantly fancied meddling innovative fiction writing. You’re likewise partial to doing a bit of

and definitely enjoy composing convincing marketing copy. As a freelance author, you can pick to do all of these things in the very same week, offered you handle your time well.

pros and cons of being a freelance writer

You can broaden your ability and check out brand-new subjects as much as you desire. This not just assists to keep things tough and fascinating, however it likewise provides you the chance for constant knowing and development.

4. Ability Developmentwrite a blog post for a website Following on from the previous point, picking to deal with a varied variety of jobs is, in my experience, a foolproof method of establishing brand-new abilities and widening the variety of your proficiency.social media For example, as a freelance author, you may pick to

one day, craft

posts for a brand name the next, draft marketing e-mails the next, and after that assist compose an e-book or white paper the next … And so forth– you understand.time management Also, you can pick to have a variety of customers throughout a broad spectrum of sectors (e.g. travel, marketing, monetary, organization, and so on) which assists to guarantee you’re continuously discovering. Having a varied variety of jobs assists make you a more flexible author with a wider set of abilities. Additionally, freelancers normally need to handle their own admin and organization operations. For some individuals, this is a drawback of being a freelance author. You might see it as a chance to establish transferable abilities such as

working as a digital nomad in sri lanka
, company, and monetary admin.

See Also: living as a digital nomad in Mexico 5. Work From AnywhereCosta Rica I utilized to operate in a business workplace, now my workplace is a poolside table in the tropics!Albania Another enormous perk of being a freelance author is the capability to work from anywhere. I’ve made money to do self-employed composing from some incredible locations all over the world, consisting of when I was Sri Lanka,


, Italy, internet connection abroad, and even a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands.work from virtually anywhere In basic, your customers do not care where you are, as long as you get the work done to an adequately high requirement. Once again, this is absolutely various from many work relationships. (I truly disliked being used, in case you had not figured.)

As long as you have a steady popular job with digital nomads and a power outlet, you can generally

on the planet. This is big for anybody who likes taking a trip and having the ability to do it for more than a couple of weeks annually of yearly leave.

mashable cathay pacific one day offline

It’s likewise among the reasons self-employed writing is such a

and other remote employees. This is the primary factor I picked to do it.

6. Networking Opportunities

Being a freelance author can open chances for connecting with individuals throughout a vast array of sectors. You’ll have the possibility to develop a far-flung web of expert relationships if you pick to work with a varied spread of customers.

benefits of being a freelance writer work life balance

This is clearly a fantastic method to broaden your expert network. Getting in touch with fellow authors, editors, customers, and other specialists in different specific niches can result in a wealth of brand-new task chances and yet better connections in the future.contentious debate Plus, having a strong network can likewise assist supply you with assistance and resources that may be helpful in the future. It’s likewise a fantastic method to develop your own individual brand name and get your name out there.

7. Work-Life Balancefreelancing In my viewpoint, it’s a lot easier to preserve a healthy work-life balance as a freelancer than as a staff member. I state “in my viewpoint” due to the fact that it’s a little a

, and I’ve had conversations with other freelancers who disagree with me on this.

I’ve heard individuals state that working for yourself can provide you an even worse work-life balance. According to these individuals, due to the fact that

is naturally less steady than work, there’s a propensity for freelancers to overwork to make up for it. This is absolutely real to a level.

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However, in my own individual experience, it does not need to hold true. While being self-employed does, naturally, featured its own pressures, and needs substantial discipline and effort, autonomy is essential.

The big quantity of versatility you get indicates that you can pick how you wish to structure your work life. As long as you’re able to handle your time efficiently, consisting of purposely permitting yourself enough downtime, you have the power to craft a remarkable work-life balance.

8. Innovative Freedom

Creative liberty is a significant benefit of being a freelance author. As a freelancer, you have the chance to deal with jobs that really interest and influence you. And, on the other hand, there’s no one requiring you to do any jobs that you truly do not wish to do.

Furthermore, the increased choices and control over your profession trajectory (talked about above) indicates that you can pick to concentrate on locations that provide you more innovative expression if this is something that’s crucial to you.

If you pick the best jobs (and customers), you can get a great deal of individual satisfaction from your work. It likewise enables you to pick to compose for publications or customers that line up with your individual worths and beliefs.becoming a freelance writer Cons of Being a Freelance Writer

While I truly take pleasure in freelance composing for all of the factors talked about above, it’s not best. (No task is, right?) There are absolutely a couple of disadvantages to being a freelance author, which I’ve set out listed below.

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I’m not attempting to put anybody off here from

I simply desire you to enter into it with your eyes open, having actually made a notified choice. That stated, not all of these problems will impact every freelance author, however I ‘d still suggest thinking about the following.

1. Unforeseeable Income

For me, among the best downsides of being a freelance author is the absence of monetary stability. As a staff member, you normally make money each month, on the very same day, frequently the very same quantity. This makes it much easier to prepare economically as you have a foreseeable earnings.

pros and cons of being a freelance writer having to be organized

Freelance writing As a freelance author, it’s the opposite. Your earnings can differ significantly from month to month, and not all customers pay on time. Some months you may make more, some months you may make less. You do not get paid at all if you do not get any work.

This absence of monetary predictability can be difficult to handle. It’s crucial to have a buffer of money in your account if possible so that you’re not left in a precarious monetary scenario if you have a peaceful month or, for any other factor, your earnings drops off.

2. Needs Self-Discipline

needs a substantial quantity of self-control. You require to be your own manager due to the fact that you work for yourself. This indicates setting due dates and objectives on your own, being arranged with your time, and guaranteeing you keep yourself on track.

It’s crucial to be able to stabilize the work of several jobs, while at the very same time staying up to date with your other jobs and basic life admin. Speaking honestly, this was a little an obstacle for me when I initially began working for myself.

working at a coworking space around the world
Sometimes I likewise discover that working alone for extended periods of time can make it more difficult to remain determined, provided the absence of colleagues and coworkers to provide assistance or suggestions. coworking spaces

Ultimately, you require to be able to inspire yourself to strive and compose artistically, even on days when you do not truly seem like it. It’s likewise crucial to be able to stabilize deal with relaxation to assist prevent burnout.

3. Possibly IsolatingLondon working for yourself can appear separating sometimes, that’s why I like

Being a freelance author can be separating sometimes, particularly if you work from another location on your own.

Before ending up being a freelance author, I utilized to operate in a workplace inWorking from coworking spaces While I truly didn’t take pleasure in the workplace politics and performative culture, there was at least constantly someone to opt for a coffee with, or to drop in and have a chat.

Now I work for myself, I discover myself requiring to make more of a mindful effort to fraternize other individuals. It’s not excessive of an issue for me, however it is something to think of.

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Whether or not this is a problem for you depends, partially, on your character– consisting of how shy or extroverted you are, and just how much you like to mingle in basic.

can likewise be a great way to get a dosage of social interaction and battle sensations of seclusion.legal protections in place 4. Absence of Job Securityparticularly strong in Europe compared with the US This one connect the point about unforeseeable earnings. Being a freelance author does not use the very same task security that a standard 9-5 task does.

Most nations all over the world have

that use workers a degree of task security. These differ from nation to nation (they’re

). The essential point here is that these securities primarily use to workers just.

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As a freelancer, work law securities usually do not use to you. If among your routine customers unexpectedly stops requiring your services or their organization goes under, that’s regrettable for you– you’ll require to change that earnings from elsewhere.

This absence of stability can be hard, particularly if you have monetary dedications such as lease, a home mortgage, costs, or child care expenses to pay. It’s likewise why I ‘d constantly suggest having a number of various customers to diversify your earnings streams and safeguard yourself from unexpected modifications.

5. No Employee Benefits Employees normally get advantages such as medical insurance, paid time off, and retirement contributions from their company. These benefits are not normally readily available to freelance authors. That’s the rate you spend for all that liberty! This indicates that you’ll require to cover these costs yourself, which can be pricey. Medical insurance, in specific, can be a substantial cost for freelancers, particularly in nations where health care isn’t complimentary. It’s crucial that you spending plan for these extra expenses.


time management for freelancers use a calendar

while this is absolutely not monetary suggestions

, it’s very crucial to have monetary arrangements for your retirement. Otherwise, aging is going to draw– seriously.

6. Having Too Few (or Too Many) Clients

Another significant con of being a freelance author is requiring to strike a balance in between the variety of customers you have at one time. As talked about above, as a freelancer, you’re usually not ensured a constant stream of work, and it’s typical for your earnings to vary significantly.

Some individuals pick to attempt and fight this by doing great deals of work for a couple of customers. What takes place if one of these customers unexpectedly stops offering you work or goes out of organization? Bad things, as far as your financial resources are worried.

how to create an invoice for freelance work

So, as we concurred above, it’s crucial to diversify your earnings streams. Working for lots of various customers comes with its own obstacles, consisting of handling completing due dates, expectations, and usually greater levels of admin and trouble. invoicing It’s a difficult one and needs you to strike an excellent balance, which isn’t constantly simple. This is something that I frequently discover most tough about working as a freelance author.

7. More Admin

As a self-employed freelance author, you normally need to manage more admin than a staff member. This consists of jobs such as customer outreach,

, establishing and paying into a pension, monitoring your costs, and handling your own taxes.

Freelancers are generally paid gross with no reduction for tax, so you require to guarantee that you keep adequate records to allow you to submit your income tax return each year. You likewise require to guarantee that you in fact have sufficient cash to pay your tax costs whenever it falls due– do not make that error!

These admin jobs need you to be relatively arranged. They can likewise be lengthy and, for lots of people, a bit frustrating. It’s vital that you keep on top of them to keep your organization running efficiently and avoid more headaches down the line.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing: FAQ’s

Here are responses to some regularly asked concerns about the ups and downs of being a freelance author.

Is self-employed composing worth it?

For me, self-employed writing is absolutely worth it. The versatility and liberty it’s provided me have actually been absolutely life-altering.

Is self-employed composing an excellent profession?

There are different advantages and disadvantages of freelance writing, as you’ve seen from this post. In general, freelance writing can be an exceptional profession as long as you do not mind the disadvantages excessive and are prepared to put in the work required.

What are the advantages of working as a freelance author?

There are lots of advantages of working as a freelance author. These consist of the versatility to work whenever you desire, the capability to work from home or anywhere else on the planet, and the liberty to pursue subjects that intrigue you.

What are the primary cons of being a freelance author?

The primary disadvantages of being a freelance author consist of the absence of a steady earnings, advantages, and task security. It can likewise in some cases be challenging to discover great customers that pay well and on time.

Is it difficult to be a freelance author?

It’s not especially difficult to end up being a freelance author. Being a highly-regarded, desired freelance author who can command high rates of pay can be a difficult course to browse. It’s absolutely manageable though and well worth the effort.

Conclusion(*) If you’re interested in being a freelance author, it’s crucial to believe seriously about whether it’s a profession that’s appropriate for you. There are different advantages and disadvantages of being a freelance author, which differ from individual to individual and task to task. You need to weigh up whether the pros surpass the cons. (*) For me, the advantages of freelance composing considerably surpass the downsides. Of course, everyone’s various. In any case, I hope this post assisted make your choice a bit much easier.(*)


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