15 Fun Facts About Florida (By a Local)


Florida is popular for its sensational beaches, bright, warm weather condition, and juicy oranges– however there are great deals of intriguing, odd, and amusing truths about the Sunshine State you most likely do not understand. Like, did you understand that Tampa has the longest consistent walkway worldwide? Or that Opa-Locka was formerly called Opatishawockalocka? State that 3 times quickly!

From wildlife and amusement park to weather and history, Florida is loaded to the brim with remarkable truths. Here’s whatever you require to understand about the Alligator State.

15 Fun Facts About Florida

Ever because I relocated to Florida over a year earlier, I’ve feared of whatever I’ve found out about the state. Originating from the West Coast, I truly had no concept how amazing Florida genuinely is– have a look at what I’ve discovered:

1. Florida is Home to Over 22 Million People

Map of the USA with pin set on Florida.

Florida is home to an approximated22.6 million people That’s rather a number! That figure makes Florida the 3rd most populated state– coming in after California and Texas, respectively. With roughly 2% development each year, Florida continues to get increasingly more appeal.

A terrific method to see the size of this location from a various point of view is to see the vast horizon of Miami by helicopter with a 30-minute personal helicopter tour.

2. Florida is the Flattest State in the U.S.A

Family in a golf cart on the street.

If you like a difficult walking, you will not discover it in Florida. Really, you will not truly discover any hills at all. Florida is topographically the flattest state in the nation, with the majority of the state at, or somewhat listed below or above, water level.

The flat lands of Florida make it the best location to travel around on a golf cart. It’s an excellent method to navigate and check out more of the location. Rent one in Tampa.

3. Britton Hill is the Highest Natural Point

A long road and a signage of Lakewood park surrounded by green field land and trees.

Speaking of hills and walkings, the closest thing to a slope you’ll get is Britton Hill. At simply 345 feet elevation, Britton Hill isn’t precisely frightening. Found near the Florida-Alabama state line, this “mountain peak” has a path that’s less than a mile long and can be finished in about 15 minutes or two.

Since you’ll be near Destin, while here, I advise you reserve a Dolphin Watch Cruise at sundown.

4. St. Augustine, Florida is the Oldest City in the U.S.A

Aerial image of St. Augustine, Florida's old city and lake.

Many individuals consider the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and other European inhabitants in the Northeast as the very first U.S. settlements, however that’s inaccurate. St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest constantly inhabited settlement in the nation– established in 1565, fifty-five years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Take a directed trip of St. Augustine on a hop-on hop-off trolley tour, where you’ll be taken around to all the most historical and popular areas, and have the possibility to get on and off at your leisure.

5. Florida has one of the most Golf Courses in the U.S.A

Sun setting on a golf course with the green and pin in view surrounded by trees.

Florida is referred to as a playing golf capital, and for great factor– it’s home to the most golf courses out of any other state in the United States. You never ever need to drive far to discover the closest golf course when the state has more than 1,200 golf courses spread about. Aside from the periodic thunderstorm throughout the rainy months, Florida’s bright weather condition makes it perfect for a round of 18 holes.

Make sure you make a stop at the World Golf Hall of Fame simply north of downtown St. Augustine. They show over 4,000 pieces of golf souvenirs from the 155 legends that comprise the members.

6. Florida Produces 70% of the Country’s Oranges

Background orange farm ready to harvest.

Thanks to Florida’s great weather condition offering the best balance of sun and rain, it’s the best environment for growing oranges. Now, all those commercials make good sense! The orange grove farmers of Florida grow 70% of the oranges in theUnited States

Stop by Florida’s Natural Visitor Center where you can sample a range of rejuvenating and yummy juices.

7. Panthers are Indigenous

Florida Panther walking in the field enjoying it's environment and surrounding while exposing it's body, head, ears, eyes, nose, paws and tail.

You may consider bobcats or mountain lions when you consider “huge felines” in the United States, however, panthers are a native feline to Florida. They’re primarily discovered in the southern part of the state, although they’re in some cases found in the north.

Look out for wildlife on an exhilarating airboat trip in the Florida Everglades where you’ll take a trip through 4,200 acres of secured swamps, marshes, and rivers.

8. Florida Held the First Scheduled Passenger Flight

Allen Ryan and Wilbur Wright in discussion, c. 1909-1912. Ryan was chairman of the Committee for the GREAT AERIAL TOURNAMENT at Belmont Park, in Oct. 1910 (BSLOC_2018_2_156)

Of course, the very first flight happened in 1903 with the Wright Brothers, nevertheless, the very first arranged traveler flight occurred in 1914 in Florida. The brief flight flew from St. Petersburg to Tampa and lasted 23 minutes. It was an amazing accomplishment due to the fact that, at the time, the journey would take almost 11 hours by train.

Learn more about Tampa’s history on a cruise tour while taking in views of the city’s million-dollar homes, museums, and the popular Plant Hotel.

9. Florida has the Longest Coastline in the Lower 48

Aerial view of the hotels along the coast of South Florida from an altitude of about 1000 feet over the Atlantic during a helicopter photo flight.

Sure, California has some remarkable beaches, however it has absolutely nothing on Florida’s marvelous coast. Can be found in with over 1,500 miles of coastline, it has almost double the stretch of California. It’s no surprise countless individuals flock to the wonderful beaches every year. Rent a bike in South Beach, Miami, and cruise along the coast for the day.

10. Suntan Lotion was Invented in Miami

Sunscreen/suntan lotion. Woman putting sun screen lotion on sexy legs on beautiful beach on summer holidays.

It’s not a surprise with all this talk of sunlight and beaches that suntan cream would discover its origins in Florida. A pharmacist in Miami produced the very first contemporary sunscreen throughout World War II, later on refining the formula, and beginning the popular Coppertone brand name.

Put on some sunscreen and go on a shelling and sightseeing boat cruise off Marco Island. It’s a perfect method to invest a day capturing some rays and relaxing.

11. Florida Holds the Record for the World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunting background. Various candy and chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies, and rabbits with baskets for eggs on the green park or garden background.

The Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven, Florida, hosted the world’s largest Easter egg hunt on April 1, 2007. The Easter egg hunt broke the Guinness World Record when 9,753 kids looked for 501,000 eggs concealed throughout the park. The record is yet to be broken.

Winter Haven lies near LEGOLAND— a LEGO-themed experience park with over 50 programs, destinations, and trips.

12. 58 Million People go to Disneyworld Every Year

Disney castle and a statue at the center and garden.

The Walt Disney World resort is among the most significant reasons individuals go to Florida throughout the year. This enormous destination is consisted of 4 amusement park, a water park, and numerous hotels, and over 58 million people go to the resort every year, making it among the most gone to destinations worldwide.

Stay cool throughout the hot summertime at the Walt Disney World Water Park. They have 56 acres of slides, wave swimming pools, rivers, and other destinations. A see here is among the best things to do in Orlando.

13. Crocodiles and Alligators Live Together

Black Crocodile on Green Grass

Usually, you would never ever discover alligators and crocodiles in the exact same environment in the wild; however not in Florida! The Florida Everglades, in the southern part of the state, is the only location where the 2 big reptiles cohabit in the exact same environment, side by side.

Experience the Everglades on an entire brand-new level by taking a Night Airboat Tour. You’ll skim throughout the grassy waters at 40 miles per hour, and keep an out for the shining eyes of crocodiles and alligators.

14. Secret West is the Southernmost City in the Continental U.S.A

Panoramic sunrise landscape view of the small islands sunset key and Wisteria Island of the island of key West, Florida Keys.

Although Key West is just a little island, it’s still thought about to be a part of the continental United States, and it’s as far south as you can get (besides Hawaii). You can reach Key West by taking a gorgeous drive over an impressive 42 bridges, consisting of the popular 7 Mile Bridge which takes 10 minutes to drive throughout alone.

Relax in a sandbar with lunch and endless beverages on a Key West Sandbar Excursion & Kayak Tour.

15. Tampa has the Longest Continuous Sidewalk

Bayshore Boulevard and a road on the other side, as well as a structure in the distance.

Head to Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida, and take a walk on the world’s longest constant pedestrian sidewalk. The 4.5-mile-long walkway runs along the Upper Hillsborough Bay and follows the seawall from Columbus Statue Park to Gandy Boulevard.

If you wish to offer your legs a break, take a look at this Guided City Tour of Tampa in a golf cart and experience a few of the liveliest areas in design.

FAQs: Facts About Florida

Here are some responses to the most often asked concerns about Florida:

What’s Florida’s label?

Florida’s label is The Sunshine State thanks to its 237 days of sunlight every year.

What are 5 historic truths about Florida?

Here are 5 historic truths about Florida:
— St. Augustine, Florida is the earliest city in the country
— The very first arranged traveler flight flew from St. Petersburg to Tampa
— Florida was the 3rd state to sign up with the Civil War
Spain regulated Florida till 1762
— Florida ended up being the 27th state in 1845

What is Florida’s old name?

Ever because it was formally settled, Florida has actually constantly been called Florida. It equates to Land of Flowers.

What is the most typical name in Florida?

The most typical name for guys is John and Mary for ladies.

How did Florida get its name?

510 years earlier, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León landed in what he called “Florida.” Some state it’s equated to Land of Flowers.

In Closing

Florida continues to impress me, and these enjoyable truths are simply the start! I appear to discover something intriguing and brand-new almost every day. It makes me delighted to keep exploring this lovely state, and I constantly motivate my buddies and household to do the exact same. Strategy your next trip to Florida– you never ever understand what you’ll discover out.


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