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Brittany is among the most beautiful places in France to check out. From charming towns, and stunning countryside to a spectacular shoreline; Brittany has it something for everybody. Most importantly, there are a lot of of the very best things to do in Brittany that are dotted all throughout the area.

This all makes it one extraordinary area in the north of France to check out throughout a trip. When driving around, it’s so much enjoyable and we had an outright blast. For many years, we’ve checked out all over the nation and enjoyed the west of France and Brittany itself.

So, to make it simple and great for you, we’ve popped our preferred locations in Brittany to check out when you get here. By doing this, you will not need to invest hours investigating the leading locations in Brittany and concentrate on all that pleasure!

Have the most remarkable time checking out France.

1.) Locronan

Locronan Best things to do in Brittany

Just north of Quimper, the stunning town of Locronan may be little however it’s well worth checking out for a couple of hours when in Brittany.

Fondly called, Petite Cité de Caractère, Locronan holds numerous spiritual processions that are quite popular in Brittany. Now, if that seems like your thing, ensure to drop in Locronan and an amazing one is the Grande Troménie which is kept in July. To set expectations, it just occurs every 6 years!

Another location of trip is the Chapelle Sainte-Anne-la-Palud, simply kilometres far from Locronan. If you desire to check out the area’s spiritual heritage, it’s one of the finest things to do in Brittany.

There is a painted statue of Saint Anne in this chapel, which is likewise made from granite. As you leave the town, you can delight in the sundown on Sainte-Anne’s Beach; which is so charming. It’s extremely rural, so take great deals of sunscreen and a picnic, however it’s worth it.

Afterwards, you can drive even more down the coast to close-by Douarnenez andTrezmalaouen Beach We enjoy it for how unaffected and natural it is.

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2.) If you enjoy middle ages history, Saint-Malo

Malo Best things to do in Brittany

Visiting Saint-Malo is quickly one of the finest things to do in Brittany. With a few of the best-preserved middle ages barriers, Saint-Malo is an area you can quickly invest a day checking out.Saint-Malo Castle There are a great deal of winding roadways and patched streets that make the city best to check out on foot. You’ll have the ability to take in the similarity;

which is absolutely renowned to see. There’s a little entry charge, however it’s well worth it.Demeure de Corsaire Afterwards, you Grande Plage du Sillon (a stunning beach) or check out the stunning estate of

Saint Malo Best things to do in Brittany

; which you can go within. It was integrated in the 1700s and still stands to this day.book this private walking tour To make things simpler,

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with a guide. It’s a fantastic method to discover a lot more about Saint-Malo and the centuries of history that are included within its middle ages streets.

Chateau Josselin castle Best things to do in Brittany

3.) Josselin CastleJosselin Castle The outright gem and history of

is among the most stunning locations in Brittany to check out. Most importantly, you can quickly stop at Josselin Castle as you drive in between Rennes and Quimper.

With its timeless towers and grand walls, the magnificent castle is absolutely stunning to see. Plus, there are no entry costs to head within and walk the staterooms, the gardens and the Doll Museum.

Though, if you wish to check out the very first flooring; ensure to go on the directed trip rather. This can be reserved at the castle for a little charge.this place If you’re getting here by automobile, we discovered

that’s just a minute’s leave. All of it makes it simple and great to check out. Simply ensure to check out in the warmer months, entry to Josselin Castle is forbidden in between the 1st of November and the 8th of April each year.

Nantes Best things to do in Brittany,

4.) Nantes

Nantes is most likely among Brittany’s popular cities that you might have become aware of in the past. If you enjoy history, it played a substantial function in history and is one of the finest things to do in Brittany. You see, Nantes, throughout the Middle Ages, was the Duchy of Brittany’s capital and was likewise the location where Henry IV signed the Edict of Nantes in 1598.

Castle of the Dukes of Brittany in Nantes Best things to do in Brittany

Not just that, being the 6th biggest city in France, Nantes is well worth checking out for more than a couple of hours. We ‘d recommend an over night stay to really enjoy it.Château des Ducs de Bretagne Once here, ensure to visit at;

which is ideal beside Nantes South train station. Plus, you’ve got Place Royale, Rue Crébillon, the Bouffay district, and the Cours Cambronne square.book this essential Nantes city pass To make things simpler, ensure toNantes Museum of Art Not just will it offer you access to the primary sights like the

, Château de Goulaine therefore a lot more. Plus, you’ll even get public transportation and city cruises consisted of.Botanical Garden of Nantes Finally, for a relaxing walk, head over to the

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where you can head on a trip of the Palm Houses that were constructed back in the 1800s.

Dinan in Cotes dArmor Best things to do in Brittany

5.) Dinanprettiest places in the north of France Nestled on the northern fringes of Brittany, checking out Dinan is among the very best things to do in Brittany whilst driving to the


Dinan Best things to do in Brittany

Now, what makes Dinan so unique is its Middle Ages history and impact (which you’ll observe a fair bit in this location of France).Jerzual Gate After getting here, ensure to see the

which is centuries old. Oh, and there’s likewise the cathedral of Saint-Sauveur that’s nearby, too.

Breton Village Dinan Best things to do in Brittany

You can quickly stroll in between all the sights; so park your automobile and head around Dinan on foot.

You may even wish to capture Les Soirées which are occasions hosted to reveal the life of the Duke of Brittany, Jean IV, and the servants and knights throughout their time.

It’s extraordinary.

Vitré Best things to do in Brittany

6.) Vitre Referred to as the Ville d’Art et d’Histoire

, checking out the wonderful town of Vitre is among the very best things to do in Brittany when you check out.

With half-timbered homes and narrow lanes throughout the city, there are undoubtedly quite streets and things you can check out in this part of Brittany. A few of the notable areas are the Rue de la Baudrairie and the Eglise Notre Dame.

The Château de Vitré is likewise a witness to the town’s history, so you must visit this historical castle. It houses a museum of middle ages history, so you may wish to think about taking an assisted trip to make the most out of your see.

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Some kilometres away, in the southeast part of Vitre, you can likewise discover the Château des Rochers Sévigné. This is open to the general public where visitors can see a museum collection honoring Madame de Sévigné and some other essential products of the household.

Broceliande forest Best things to do in Brittany

7.) Brocéliande Forest

Said to be the home of King Arthur and Merlin, the wizard, the Brocéliande Forest is a must-see when in Brittany.Comper Castle After getting here, ensure to follow a few of the sensational routes and stunning locations to see. Not just that, you can see the sights of the Tomb of Merlin and drop in

The latter has loads of King Arthur history and legends.La Fontaine de Barenton Plus, you’ll even have the ability to see

This is the extremely area where Merlin the Wizard, after getting stuck and absolutely lost in the area, fulfills Vivien.

If you enjoy the legend of King Arthur, then you need to visit this location in Brittany.

Carnac stones Best things to do in Brittany

8.) The Carnac StonesCarnac Stones Another terrific area for history enthusiasts is the

That being stated, it’s not simply history enthusiasts that will enjoy it here.

Known to have actually been established by Britain’s pre-Celtic individuals, The Carnac Stones is a strange structure in France that dates all the method back to 4000 BC.

Pop into the visitor centre at Maison des Mégalithes, check out the larger Carnac Stones and check out the larger location.

Afterwards, drive over to Mane Guen Beach which is a long white stretch of sand. It’s a best location in summer season for a dip. That Atlantic water can be cold.

Pink granite coastline Best things to do in Brittany

9.) Côte de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast)

Stretching the shoreline of Côtes d’Armor, this sensational coastline is legendary to see. Not just that, it’s one of the very best things to do in Brittany if you wish to check out the outdoors in France.

Don’t forget, one-stop to check out is the seaside resort Perros-Guirec. There is a lot to do in the location, like sports activities, swimming, and lots of other family-oriented activities if you elegant a little chill time.Trégastel Also, you can really see great deals of the pink granite around Ploumanac’ h and the shoreline by

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It’s a charming rural drive along the coast and you’ll discover loads of towns along the method.

Quimper Best things to do in Brittany

10.) Quimper

If you are still yearning for some historical ambiance and old town environment, checking out Quimper turns into one of the very best things to do in Brittany whilst you drive the area.

Quimper Best things to do in Brittany

While here, you may wish to totally appreciate the finest Gothic structure in Brittany, the Cathédrale Saint-Corentin. Here, you’ll discover King Gradion’s famous figure is well worth looking at.Musée des Beaux-Arts Also, do not forget to check out the

and the Musée Départemental Breton. There are loads of collections in these museums, from outfits, things, and images to paintings, art work, therefore a lot more.Château de Lanniron Afterwards, head to the botanic gardens of

It’s little, and not the greatest, however a charming location for a walk in the heat of summer season.

Rennes Best things to do in Brittany,

11.) Rennes

Still called a financial and cultural centre of Brittany, Rennes, in today, is well worth a see.Church of Saint-Sauveur Once here, ensure to check out areas like; Hôtel de Ville in Place de la Mairie, the

, and the Place du Parlement de Bretagne. You can likewise discover the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre in the further northeast of Rennes to offer you a magnificent view of the architectural design that makes Rennes so quite.Portes Mordelaises Afterwards, head over to the fort of

All of it feels so historical and the streets are simply wonderful. I ‘d state the old town of Rennes is one of my preferred locations in the city.Bretone Finally, for a yummy reward, get a table at

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