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Small and completely mighty, Rhode Island is among the gorgeous spots on the east coast that’s completely fantastic to check out! From stunning bays, historical towns and museums galore, there’s a load of the very best things to do in Rhode Island dotted all throughout the state.

We completely liked our journey to Rhode Island, particularly Providence that is so charming to go to. That being stated, there’s no requirement to simply restrict yourself to one state whilst in the area. Whilst here, we tagged on a journey around Massachusetts best places and had the most fantastic time in Boston, too.

So, to assist you get the most out of your journey around Rhode Island, I wished to share our leading areas that we fell for. Some are nature-based, others include the charming little towns; however whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll discover a shed load to fall head over heels with!

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Take an appearance, listed below, at the very best things to do in Rhode Island. Enjoy your time checking out the east coast.

1.) Newport

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Nestled on the coasts of Aquidneck Island, Newport is a growing little city that’s gorgeous to go to. Quickly reached by a variety of bridges linking the island, it’s the sort of location that’s well worth going to for a day (or more) when roadway tripping the east coast.

Once you get here, make certain to take a look at Ochre Point Avenue and The Breakers, a large Vanderbilt estate that’s too fantastic to miss out on. Constructed back in the 1800s, it was symbolic of the Vanderbilt’s wealth. And it even reveals to this day.

With around 70 spaces and a gigantic three-story dining-room that’s an overall work of art. The entire estate is a masterpiece!

Afterwards, get out of The Breakers and follow the renowned Cliff Walk that heads around the coastline and bays here. The views from here are completely sensational and it’s such a beautiful area to go to later on in the afternoon when the sun dips a little bit lower.

Love your estates and elaborate architecture? Make sure to stick around the Bellevue Avenue Mansions. This location of Newport is renowned for its sensational structures and you can discover them all spread in between the ocean and Bellevue. It’s charming.

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Be sure to go to the renowned Rosecliff Mansion, Marble House and do not forget The Elms, too.

The latter is another gem of an estate and among the very best things to do in Rhode Island to check out the areas renowned homes.

Commissioned by Edward J. Berwind in the middle of the 18 th century, it’s the sort of location that’s filled with French impacts. Plus, the classical revival gardens are simply too excellent to miss out on.

After that luxury, pop over to Fort Adams State Park and learn more about this fort that dates all the method back to the 1800s.

Oldest Tavern and pub in the USA

Finally, ensure to go to the White Horse Tavern which is the earliest (still running) pub in all the United States. Going back from 1673, it’s an area that’s amazing to identify for supper. Their seasonal menu is so delicious; therefore is their New England clam chowder for that matter!

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2.) Block island

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Easily reached by boat (from this spot) at Point Judith, Dock Island is a completely enjoyable island experience for an excursion whilst in Rhode Island. Taking the Block Island Ferry, you’ll get here on Block Island in no time at all.

Your very first port of call will naturally be New Shoreham. From here, you’ll have the ability to get a yummy bite at Kimberly’s (for their cheese, mac and lobster) before heading the stunning shoreline around Mohegan Bluffs.

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

If it’s a beach you’re after, head over to Mansion Beach before completing your day of rest with a walking around North Lighthouse. It’s simply joyous.

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3.) Sachuest Bay

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Another gem on Aquidneck Island, going to Sachuest Bay is among the very best things to do in Rhode Island for any beach bottom.

You see, Second Beach is a sandy paradise that you truly can’t miss out on in summer season. Within simple reach of Newport, it’s well worth a look for a more peaceful day. Plus, you’ll get among the very best sundowns in Rhode Island from here. If you’ve got time (and additional energy to burn) pop on the stunning tracks around the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge,

When the waves are crashing versus the coast,

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

They’re amazing and so tranquil on a blustery day. I like that noise a lot!

4.) Providence Our very first genuine port-of-call in the state, going to Providence is among the very best things to do in Rhode Island for a beautiful city break. With a young ambiance, it’s the sort of capital city that’s got a little something for each taste. Once here, make certain to take a look at the RISD Museum of Art that’s too excellent to miss out on! Part of the Islands School of Design is understood for its large collections that are simply amazing. From collections of modern fabrics, ancient Egyptian clothes to 20

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island


Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

– century designers, it’s the sort of location that you can quickly invest a couple of hours checking out. Bolt Coffee Co. Afterwards, head throughout to WaterFire, a renowned Rhode Island sculpture produced by Barnaby Evans. With 4 acres of Riverwalk and Water Place to check out, it’s an ideal location for a walk on a warm night. Plus, there are loads of street suppliers that run seasonally, too.

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For a tasty reward, head into

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

for among their fluffy doughnuts (and excellent coffee). I inform you, you’ll desire more than one!

5.) Beavertail State Park

Just beyond Jamestown, Beavertail State Park is a gem to go to along Rhode Island’s outstanding coastline. The entire location is completely sensational though my preferred point needs to be Beavertail Lighthouse Museum.

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

The walkings here are simply fantastic and the lighthouse is simply renowned. I believe it may be my preferred in all of Rhode Island.

6.) Narragansett Bay

Ah, fine, so Narragansett Bay is an overall gem to check out whilst in Rhode Island and kinda difficult to miss out on! You see, it takes in some huge areas like Newport, Providence and Warwick which all line its coast.

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

In the summer season, ensure to head for Narragansett Town Beach. It’s a stunner of coastline and there’s a load of little food lover stalls and ice cream stops the whole time the coast.

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Plus, close by, it’s The Towers that stand iconically ignoring the town from the 1800s.

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Oh, and do not forget to go to Point Judith Lighthouse which’s completely close by, too. It’s a stunner of a location for a walk and to take in the views of the larger Narragansett Bay.Massachusetts 7.) Bristol

Not too far from the border with

, Bristol is a beautiful little town that’s well worth a look whilst checking out Rhode Island. Reasonably little, it’s the kind of location that’s excellent for a day journey (or a cooled out weekend).

After parking up make certain to go to a few of the town’s most well-known areas. Naturally, you’ve got to check out Colt State Park which extends over among the most gorgeous coastlines in New England. Not just is a terrific for a ramble, however there’s likewise Coggeshall Farm Museum to go to, too. Feeling like checking out more? Head over to Blithewold Mansion which’s situated at 101 Ferry Road. Far back, well 1908 to be precise, Blithewold was built for Augustus Van Wickle. It has a comparable style to a 17


– century English nation manor and is completely stunning to see. Bristol Oyster Bar With a massive 45 spaces which were provided with the household’s art collections, it’s the sort of area that’s charming to go to. Plus, the premises are simply sensational.

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For some delicious regional grub, head to

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

Their oysters and grilled Atlantic salmon are so delicious. New York state 8.) Napatree

Right on the fringes of

and Connecticut, Napatree is a terrific location to go to if you’re yearning the outdoors. With a secured and unaffected spit of land, Napatree has a beach line stroll that’s too excellent to miss out on. Olympia Tea Room The entire dunes location and the beach are simply completely unaffected and well worth going to for a couple of hours walk.

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Plus, you can quickly visit at the neighboring

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

that’s been around for over 100 years. They do a mean clam roast that you can’t miss out on.

9.) Pomham Rocks Lighthousethis point Right on the coastline, ignoring Providence River, Pomham Rocks Lighthouse has actually stood in Rhode Island for over 150 years!

To make your seeing much easier, head over to tours of the lighthouse that’ll offer you some sensational vistas of the bay location.

Best of all, you can take

Best Things To Do In Rhode Island

(around 2-hours in length) and find out far more about its history. Plus, the lantern space is quite cool!

10.) Ocean Drive

Technically still part of Newport, Ocean Drive is a cosy little path that runs the rugged coast of the island itself. The drive will not take you long at all, it’s one of the finest things to do in Rhode Island if you have not had your fill of estates yet.

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If you have an interest in moseying around some more, merely follow through Bellevue Avenue approximately completion at Coggeshall Avenue. You can then continue the delegated go along the coast past Bailey’s Beach (that’s similarly charming). , if you continue the next 10 miles ought to take you to Gilded Age homes.. They’re anything however conventional homes!The Very Best Of Great Britain!

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