Work in the Clearwater Forest Protects Salmon


by Leah Palmer, TNC Writer/Editor

Prospering salmon swim with healthy and balanced rivers. Healthy and balanced rivers are fed by beautiful creeks. Well balanced landmarks circulation with vibrant woodlands– making woodlands critical areas for salmon environment remediation.  

Clearwater Justin+Urresti JUL23 54

Justin Urresti, Preservation Forester, in the Clearwater Woodland Get of Washington. Picture by Leah Palmer

Justin Urresti, Preservation Forester understands his job needs to happen attuned to neighborhood participants. This dynamic is particularly real in the Clearwater Woodland Get, acquired by The Nature Conservancy in 2011, as occasionally TNC seems opposed to sectors that benefit off the land. Justin’s forestry techniques exist someplace in the grey. He intends to both fix up a woodland that’s been logged because the late 1800s and also sustain a regional labor force within an altering economic climate.  

Resolved along the Clearwater River are generations of logging households that experience the woodland as important to their identification. So, when Justin started deactivating a when epic logging roadway, he was consulted with resistance from some neighborhood participants. “If you simply bring optimism right here, you’re going to obtain that beat out of you. And also when that’s gone, this is a hard area to live,” he states. However, he preserves, “somebody needs to represent the land. Within the context of political stories and also beliefs, I was worried concerning this roadway and also it falling under the river.”  

Clearwater Justin+Urresti JUL23 01

Justin Urresti (safety helmet) routes specialist, Jeremy, as they tip trees for crafted logjams. Picture by Leah Palmer.

Justin proclaims a comprehensive history in dirt scientific research and also thirty years of experience in woodlands. He urges the West side of the Olympic Peninsula includes several of the “last wonderful salmon and also steelhead runs” in the reduced 48.

They are distinct because they are not fed by breeding grounds. They are not blocked by dams. They are not weakened by growth.  

However, the best hazard to these salmon runs are the influences of logging. Today, TNC possesses over 16,000 acres of land in the peninsula. The hope is to secure these important hallways and also tributaries from substantial decrease and also the potential of salmon extension within our lifetime.  

Justin states, “when [a forest] is clearcut it’s gotten of its all-natural routine. It can no more be taken into consideration unblemished and also untrampled. A great deal of individuals fail to remember that component– that [TNC] really did not acquire land that was stunning and also untouched. This land was apparent several times. That’s our tableau, if you will. That’s what I’m offered to repaint on.” 

With funds from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB “Browse” Board), TNC is taking a multifaceted approach to managing these vital lands and waters. One strategy is to often tend to the existing logging framework in the woodland.  



A dust and also crushed rock roadway rests 40 feet over Search Creek. Today it’s entirely blockaded by automobiles and also vehicles. Justin states, “There are basically landslides that are taking place right here. This roadway, overtime, is dropping straight right into Search Creek.” It seems a huge bite was gotten of its’s side. Search Creek feeds right into to Clearwater River, which at some point splashes right into the Pacific Sea. Debris from a falling short roadway upstream can have substantial effect on Salmon downstream.  

With low-tech and also economical options, this roadway is currently on a favorable trajectory. Functioning along with a regional specialist, Justin positioned a range of all-natural products along the roadway to prevent water reduce abrasive flooding. Rocks, straw, yard, and also particles likewise function to filter debris prior to it splashes right into the river.  


Clearwater Justin+Urresti JUL23 10

Decommissioned logging roadway in the Clearwater Woodland. Picture by Leah Palmer

He’s changed the roadway right into a large foot-trail that causes a camping site close by the beautiful Clearwater River– so citizens can still access a preferred area for leisure. Periodically, he keeps track of the development of his job. 

On the day of my check out, Justin was pleased to see the yard he grew weeks ago can be found in solid. “Although these are little points, I can make a distinction right here, right here, right here and also right here. And also quite quickly, if you zoom out …” Justin routes off and also allows me fill up the time out calmly. Influence After that he takes place. “This is an extremely durable area. However it can still damage. The appeal of it being durable is it can likewise recuperate.” 

In his initial 8 months at TNC, Justin has actually started a variety of tasks in the Clearwater Woodland and also an area of the Hoh Jungle. A few of his techniques consist of thinning acres of thick understory brush with man-power and also saws. 

Trees are tipped to tactically maintain their favor crafted logjams to be positioned in the close-by Clearwater River. Video Clip by Leah Palmer

In various other areas of the woodland, he’s dealing with the Quinault Indian Country to develop crafted logjams (ELJ). They gather trees from fully grown woodland wait tipping them over with hefty equipment. This maintains the trees’ origin systems so they can be accumulated, bound with each other, and also positioned in the river to supply environment and also cover for fish. This procedure would normally take place when fully grown trees come under rivers, however some historical logging techniques, particularly clearcutting right approximately the river’s side, has actually stunted these rhythms.  

In various other areas of the woodland, Justin prepares to take part in what he happily calls “hippie logging.” This strategy sees some logging as a preservation approach– reducing choose trees in order to permit area for others to expand larger and also more powerful.  

Speaking with the selection of his job, Justin shows, “I locate tranquility in irregularity. I’m great with that said.”  

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