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Learn 100 Common Valley Birds Post # 36 (Variety 57/100)

Couple of points in the world load us with as much pleasure as birds, and also recognizing them by name just contributes to our enjoyment. In The golden state’s Central Valley, with just a little of initiative, any individual can discover 100 regional bird varieties. Particularly because every day Valley Locals are available in call with a minimum of a lots varieties that many acknowledge, yet might not recognize the name of. The intent of this blog site is for fans to learn more about and also have the ability to determine 100 typical valley birds.
A Reflections of the Natural World Post Collection by Jim Gain

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WHAT remains in A NAME?

Western Grebe– Aechmophorus occidentalis
Call Origins: (Gr. aichme, “spear”; phoreus, “holder”– L. occidentalis, “western”)

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The Western Grebe is the biggest amongst North American grebes. It has a slim body with crisp black-and-white tuft, a yellow expense, and also a red eye. It varies a little from the Clark’s Grebe because the black cap does get to the eye and also expense. Its eye is entirely bordered by black feathering. Its lengthy neck is virtually two times the size of its body and also is made up of 17– 21 vertebrae. The feet of the Western Grebe are squashed, which minimizes resistance and also help in propulsion throughout swimming and also diving.

Western (left) and also Clark’s (right)

An intriguing truth regarding the Western Grebe is that it is renowned for its ballet-like courtship screen in which the man and also woman “run” throughout the water in synchrony ¹. This dancing is recognized to be among one of the most intricate amongst water bird varieties.

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The Western Grebe is a Rather Typical Yearround Local in the Central Valley and also can be located in nearly any type of location with open water.

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eBird Bar Graph for Stanislaus Region


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