Welcome to your post-apocalyptic bunker rental!


Thank you for your interest in Guest Bunker Alpha. Nestled in a peaceful, separated area of the Rocky Mountains, this cosy, 600-square-foot underground bunker with premium army cots for approximately 4 visitors uses all you require for a relaxing trip from the tension and turmoil of post-apocalyptic life.

Your appointment has actually been verified for Days 184 to 191 Post-Event and your nonrefundable pre-payment has actually been gotten.


Encoded directions to gain access to this place will be transferred through radio at specifically 01:00 utc on the day prior to your arrival– unless I forget, in which case, Mary will most likely advise me within an hour approximately. For your defense, directions will not be duplicated, so we suggest you keep the AM radio frequency and deciphering cipher supplied on the back of this page in a water resistant, brimstone-proof and fire-resistant container. No refunds for visitors missing out on the transmission (consisting of when it comes to a robotic or alien armageddon, where the opponent’s sophisticated innovation has actually obstructed using radio waves– sorry)!

Check-in time is in between 10:00 and 10:10 utc For your defense, Guest Bunker Alpha is available just through a ten-mile out-and-back path with an elevation gain of roughly 1,000 feet, which has been referred to as “hard”, “exhausting” and “what the hell did you get me into, Mark?” Automobiles might be parked at the path head at your own threat; hosts are not accountable for any vandalized, taken, robbed, kaiju-stomped, or otherwise harmed or ruined automobiles.

For your defense, the path to Bunker Alpha is not preserved and might need bushwhacking through thick undergrowth. Please prepare for severe weather condition, pack light, and watch out for toxin oak, rattlesnakes, zombies and/or grizzlies. No refunds for visitors stopping working to reach the bunker. And keep in mind, leave no trace!


Mary and I have actually put a lot into making this leasing a comfy and protected bunker-away-from-bunker for post-apocalyptic survivors, so we ask that you treat it with the very same regard as you would your own fortress.

No smoking cigarettes. No guns (machetes, chainsaws or knives OK). As Mary likes to state, “Keep those nasty butts outside!”

In the occasion of a nuclear holocaust or supervolcano eruption, please decontaminate prior to going into by pushing the green button past the very first set of doors. In case of a Big Freeze, please leave snowshoes outside. If you believe any of your celebration of being bitten by a zombie, monster, vampire or other mutant animal, please leave them outside.

Each visitor will be supplied 2 Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) each day, made from a range of nutrient-dense meals with approximately 1,200 calories per meal. Please let us understand if you would choose a vegetarian choice, and we’ll select the bacon pieces prior to your arrival. Meals likewise consist of a damp towelette and a memento military spoon.

Those thinking about taking pleasure in the ‘jacuzzi’ noted in our features area can do so by filling the wash basin with water warmed on the range. Those thinking about utilizing the ‘bath’ might do the very same.

For your defense, do not develop campfires or utilize flashlights outside after dark, as the light might draw in drifters, scavengers, zombies and/or aliens, and jeopardize the bunker’s security.

Although we motivate you to make complete usage of our 360-degree periscope to delight in the stunning landscapes around Guest Bunker Alpha, we need to recommend that checking out beyond the marked-out ‘safe zone’ is done at your own threat. For your defense, the border has actually been protected by journey wires, landmines and other protective methods. Consequently, we likewise need to restrict any celebrations, visitors or unregistered visitors, as anybody going or coming from the bunker outside the kept in mind check-in or check-out times will be thought about a security risk and handled appropriately. No refunds for visitors who pass away before completion of their stay!

In the occasion of an armageddon including huge below ground worms, we make no assurances concerning the inedibility of our bunker.


Prior to check-out, we ask that you incinerate any waste you’ve produced, switch off the generator, and provide the cots and blankets a great shake-out for the next visitors. When it comes to an afflict, please strike the blue ‘UV decontamination’ button at the door as you leave.

For your defense, check-out time is strictly implemented. Visitors stopping working to abandon the 20-mile radius by specifically 04:00 utc might be prompted to do so by our 120-lb Doberman Pinschers, our toolbox of military-grade weapons and/or mustard gas.

We schedule the right to any clothes, food, weapons or other products of worth staying on our home at check-out time. Or before that, if we’re running low. Mary states I should not consist of that in the documents, however I state that nobody checks out these things anyhow. Think we’ll see who’s right, will not we?

If you have any other concerns throughout your stay, you’re welcome to get in touch with Mary and me through Morse code tapped out on the metal pipeline on the north side of the bunker, however opportunities are, any problem you encounter, we’ll currently understand, as we’ll be watching on things from our own protected place close by.

We eagerly anticipate your stay!

The story behind the story

Wendy Nikel exposes the motivation behind Welcome to your post-apocalyptic bunker leasing!

A story trigger from my online composing group provided an obstacle: compose a story in a format or structure that you’ve never ever attempted before. I’ve been at this composing thing for a while now, so discovering a story design that I had not a minimum of tried in the past was going to be challenging. It’s one of the important things that I enjoy about flash fiction; it’s distinctively matched to experimentation, uncommon formats and discovering stories concealed in daily things.

A couple of months prior, however, our household had actually remained at a holiday leasing– a rustic little lakeside cabin in rural Wisconsin. Throughout our go to, we had the ‘enjoyment’ of experiencing a twister watch. Partner and I had actually both been raised in the Midwest, so this was absolutely nothing brand-new to us, however it did need a telephone call to the homeowner to get to the spider-infested and dark crawl area beneath the cabin, simply in case that twister watch became a twister caution.

This experience ended up being the trigger for this flash story, which is composed in the format of a holiday rental arrangement. It ‘d begun out with a typical rental home, detailing the ‘what-ifs’ of different natural catastrophes, however as stories frequently do, it quickly changed into something a bit more …



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