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Adventures in Arkansas Blog Series: Post # 2

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On the 2nd anniversary of my sis’s translocation from California to Fairfield Bay, Greers Ferry Lake Arkansas, I lastly entered “The Natural State” to pay her and the rest of the household a long-overdue see. Arkansas is a state with a varied and abundant natural heritage when it comes to its bird life. The state’s place in the south-central United States, together with its different environments, such as forests, fields, mountains, and wetlands, make it a hotspot for birdwatching and preservation.

Adventures in Arkansas is a Reflections of the Natural World Blog Post Series by Jim Gain

Anxious to experience what I anticipated to be a terrific early morning getting aquainted with Jan and Gary’s lovely homestead, I was up prior to the daybreak. My sis repaired me a Cup o’ Joe and we rested on the terrace awaiting the dawn chorus to start. Making the most of the cloudless night sky, I handled a shot of the stellar, stellar night with my iPhone 13 Pro Max (click the image to see it complete screen).

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Jan and Gary Hartley have actually resided in Fairfield Bay at Greers Ferry Lake for 2 years. The very first bird to sign up with the dawn chorus was a “ cawing” American Crow, signed up with quickly after by Northern Cardinals, Blue Jays, a Red-bellied Woodpecker and a number of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. The “Hartley Wildlife Sanctuary” has spectacular, wide-open views towards Greer’s Ferry Lake with huge Post Oaks and spruce trees along the sides and a hummingbird feeder and a seed feeder at the edge of the deck.

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The Morning Species Count 9/17/2023

The 2 hours invested listening, viewing and photographing birds on the deck was absolutely nothing except amazing! While I did not see any brand-new “lifer bird types”, I did include “lifer pictures” of a bird types (Carolina Chickadee) I had actually seen prior to, however never ever photographed. In addition, I changed a couple of dreadful types pictures of a couple of birds with some far better images.

The 2 hours of observations led to an overall of 23 types taped. eBird Checklist Link

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