Thousands of Canadians Are Raising Their Voices for Ottawa to Come Clean on Logging Emissions


Pressure is growing on the federal government to observe the Auditor General Office’s call to come tidy on the environment effects of massive commercial logging.

That’s thanks to almost 9,000 Nature Canada advocates who included their names to a Freedom of Information demand requiring that Canada’s Climate Change and Forestry Ministers openly launch logging emission numbers– and stop enabling the logging market to contaminate totally free. Nature Canada is bringing those voices to Ottawa and making sure that Minister Guilbeault (Environment and Climate Change) and Minister Wilkinson (Natural Resources) hear your require action to and hold polluters liable

Concerns about the enormous greenhouse gas effects of wildfires– on top of logging– likewise triggered prevalent protection of surprise logging emissions in publications like the Globe and Mail, National Observer, and Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

And, in August, there was nation-wide media coverage of a Nature Canada poll revealing that a frustrating bulk of Canadians desire precise reporting of GHG emissions from all sectors of the economy– consisting of logging.

Finally, a high-profile academic paper discovered that GHG emissions from logging global are the size of emissions from the whole European Union– however are not being counted.

Time is going out to repair the enormous logging space in Canada– and worldwide.

Ottawa will launch an upgrade to its GHG Emission Reduction Plan upgrade this December.

If you have not yet done so, join us in requiring that the federal government plainly report the real expenses of visiting that report– and begin holding the logging sector liable for all the carbon contamination it releases simply as other sectors are held liable for theirs!

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