The Year Since COP15: A Hopeful Look Back… and Ahead


The effect

Our voices were heard and the world got a terribly required offer at COP15.

Not just did the The Kunming-Montreal contract embody a brand-new Global Biodiversity Framework, to change the last (unsuccessful) one, however it likewise consisted of concrete procedures to reverse and stop nature loss by 2030. And the promised nationwide biodiversity method and action strategy (NBSAP), revealed by Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault, would make those procedures stick.

But for that to take place, the federal government would likewise need to stick … to its weapons.

That’s why, because last December, Nature Canada hasn’t missed out on a chance to push the federal government on its COP15 dedications and provide a National Biodiversity Strategy.

NatureBus 2022 PM Letter Drop

You’ve got mail, Mr. Prime Minister! Countless messages in assistance of nature were provided to Justin Trudeau.

Keeping up the Pressure

Since COP15, Nature Canada has actually been working to keep the National Biodiversity Strategy at the leading edge at such occasions as the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) in Vancouver and at our flagship yearly event, Nature on the Hill, which combined nature groups in March 2023 to talk with parliamentarians. And we set in motion countless nature-lovers throughout public assessments and throughout the year to send out a clear message:

Canada needs a National Biodiversity Strategy to protect and restore nature. And we need it now!

In May of 2023, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) opened the general public assessment stage for NBSAP with a study to gather Canadians’ viewpoints and views. Nature Canada activated our partner groups (over 1,200 member companies in our Nature Network) and advocates (daily Canadians throughout the nation) to guarantee that the voices that cared most about wildlife were heard. We likewise led a joint submission to the federal government from National ENGOs which echoed these essential suggestions for the National Biodiversity Strategy:

  1. Prioritize biodiversity and nature health in governmental decision-making.
  2. Respect and acknowledge Indigenous Peoples’ rights, understanding, and management in nature defense.
  3. Take definitive action to recuperate threatened types and bring back communities, going for 30% defense of land and oceans by 2030.
  4. Eliminate aids that hurt nature from extractive and resource-based markets.
  5. Expand available and inclusive education on biodiversity, integrating clinical and conventional eco-friendly understanding.
  6. Establish robust responsibility procedures, consisting of a biodiversity responsibility law, to guarantee dedication satisfaction.
  7. Foster partnership and collaborations throughout federal government levels and sectors to efficiently reverse and attend to nature loss.

The federal government has actually spoken with us; now it’s time they speak with you. Let Prime Minister Trudeau and his federal government understand that Canada’s National Biodiversity Strategy is necessary to you!

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