The Platypus Guardian | Witness a ‘Platypus Love Donut’ | Nature



– [Narrator] I was following Scoot upriver and we stumbled upon a female grooming.

She was lying back scratching, launching her fragrance into the water.

And after that I understood it was Zoom.

All that time she was missing out on, however here she was, upriver.

Run had actually been following the odor of a woman he had actually never ever satisfied, and he ‘d taken me along as his wingman.

Breeding does not take place right away.

There’s a reasonable little foreplay for platypus.

The women are truly evaluating the males.

Run may’ve been from the incorrect side of the tracks, however it seemed like Zoom had actually lastly satisfied a male that she enjoyed to mate with.

They put their costs on each other’s tail like they’re in a hypnotic trance.

I call it the platypus love donut.


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