The Platypus Guardian | Baby Platypus Caught on Camera | Nature



The nest structure resembles a wonder of nature, in my viewpoint.

( water hurrying gently) I didn’t understand that Zoom might snuggle her tail like that.

Her grip requires to be strong to keep that plant life.

To see Zoom come out of the water with her complete load of nesting products and after that vanish into a small burrow, it’s amazing.

How does all that things even suit the burrow?

The platypus can barely fit through that hole.

She’s building that nest in 100% darkness.

We were incredibly lucky to discover Zoom’s burrow.

My method is to put a number of path cams around that burrow, out of her method, and simply leave them running.

They’ll send me an alert when they see something occur.

When I awakened one early morning and took a look at my phone I saw 2 or 3 informs from the path cams around that nesting burrow.

It resembled, something’s decreased.


All right, the crucial moment.

To see a child come out of Zoom’s burrow was such a wonderful sensation.

( laughing) And the next day I ‘d boil down to the pond here and I’ve simply been walking for a couple of minutes searching for him.

There’s me walking searching for him all over, however the entire time he had actually lagged me.

( light music) (water hurrying gently) Young platypus are so awkward and so susceptible.

( water splashing) But Zoom’s work as a mom is done.

Now her child’s out of the burrow, he’ll need to discover his own method the world.

( birds chittering) Zoom’s child offers me hope that platypus can continue residing in this city.

( light music goes out)


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