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00:54 Franklin’s genuine function

When it pertains to the structure of DNA, everybody believes they understand Rosalind Franklin’s function in its discovery. The story goes that her vital information was taken by James Watson without her understanding, assisting him and Francis Crick resolve the structure. Brand-new proof has actually exposed that this wasn’t truly the case. Rosalind Franklin was not a ‘mistreated heroine’, she was an equivalent factor to the discovery.

Nature Podcast: 25 April 2023

Comment: What Rosalind Franklin truly contributed to the discovery of DNA’s structure

14:37 An automatic method to keep an eye on wildlife healing

To avoid the loss of wildlife, forest repair is essential, however keeping an eye on how well biodiversity really recuperates is exceptionally hard. Now however, a group has actually gathered recordings of animal sounds to figure out the degree of the healing. While utilizing these noises to determine types is an efficient method to keep an eye on, it’s likewise labour extensive. To conquer this, they trained an AI to listen to the noises, and discovered that although it was less able to determine types, its findings still associated well with wildlife healing, recommending that it might be a automatic and cost-efficient method to keep an eye on biodiversity.

Nature Podcast: 25 October 2023

Research short article: Müller et al.

27:11 Research Highlights

The very first brain recording from an easily swimming octopus, and how a Seinfeld episode assisted researchers to differentiate the brain areas associated with understanding and valuing humour.

Research Highlight: How to measure the brain of an octopus

Research Highlight: One brain area helps you to enjoy a joke — but another helps you to get it

30:24 Why multisensory experiences can make more powerful memories

It’s acknowledged that multisensory experiences can produce strong memories which later-on, a single sensory experience can activate memories of the entire occasion, like a particular odor conjuring a visual memory. The neural systems behind this are not well comprehended. Now, a group has actually revealed that abundant sensory experiences can produce direct neural circuit in between the memory areas included with various senses. This circuit increases memory strength in the flies, and assists discuss how sense and memories are interlinked.

Nature Podcast: 25 April 2023

Research short article: Okray et al.

38:58 Briefing Chat

How elephant seals capture some shut-eye while diving.

New York Times: Elephant Seals Take Power Naps During Deep Ocean Dives

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