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The Nature Podcast festive spectacular 2023


In this episode:

01:55 “Oh GPT”

In the very first of our joyful tunes, we admire LLMs, the generative AI chat bots that have actually taken 2023 by storm.

05:32 Twenty concerns

In this year’s joyful video game, our rivals attempt to think a few of the greatest science stories of the year exclusively by asking yes/no concerns.

24:40 “Warming night”

In our last tune this year, we take stock as 2023 is called the most popular year because records started. As intensifying environment modification continues to threaten lives, can science supply expect the future?

28:24 Nature‘s 10

Every year, Nature‘s 10 highlights a few of individuals who have actually formed science. We find out about a few of individuals who made the 2023 list.

News Feature: Nature’s 10

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