Sunday book review – Diary of a Secret Royal by Henry Morris – Mark Avery


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Not strictly, and even loosely, speaking an ecological book, today that Henry Morris has actually come out as the author of this and the side-splitting predecessor Diary of a Secret Tory MP (reviewed here) you can see why it is worthy of an evaluation.

There is the odd word or more about wildlife and just how much the Royal Family love it in these pages. The account of the late Queen’s last grouse shoot at Balmoral, helped by significant fire power and an attack helicopter, brought tears to my eyes, and most likely will yours. Sandringham’s Hen Harriers get a reference too, which is more than they performed in Prince Harry’s book Spare (not examined here due to the fact that it does not appear, a minimum of by style, to be satirical). The Boxing Day Pheasant shoot is here too.

Henry Morris contacted Wild Justice in its early days, and stays the organisation’s most substantial donor thanks to hisfund-raising run in support of Hen Harriers It was great to see him at a Wild Justice occasion in Poole Harbour just recently, where Henry showed up a day late due to the fact that he had actually needed to clean up the emperor’s crown gems the day in the past.

But what of the book? It’s a laugh, however just like the very best satire it is strongly rooted in the awfulness of truth, and as one guffaws at the imaginary tales one believes ‘I wager that isn’t up until now from the reality’. And it’s a smart book with amusing allusions, carefully observed degenerate characters and links to numerous genuine occasions. It’ll make you laugh. Perhaps a book to check out while not viewing the King’s Christmas message?

The cover? An ideal royal success. I’ll provide it 9/10.

The Diary of a Secret Royal: dodgy dispatches from your house of Windsor by Henry Morris is released by Mudlark/Harper Collins.



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