Spy in the Ocean: Deep Trouble | This Small Creature Packs the Most Powerful Punch in the World | Nature



[Narrator] It is a peacock mantis shrimp.

Regardless of its size, it loads a killer punch.

This was simply a caution.

Much better remain back.

The mantis has a task to do.

( shells rustling) A little house cleaning.

His next job is to discover food.

While he’s away, his long-lasting partner guards the nest.

She’s bring their eggs.

It’s up to her mate to bring home a meal.

( robotic whirring) Spy crab will join him to learn how he captures it.

( water burbling) The mantis hunts with shrewd and effort.

He utilizes the coral as cover to stage an ambush.

He’s assisted by the most intricate eyes of any animal.

They see colors undetectable to most other life.

They even move individually, helpful for targeting victim.

He intends to take it by surprise.

Our spy relocations in for a more detailed angle.

( robotic whirring) This is the minute.

He strikes– the most effective punch in the world.

Faster than a bullet from a weapon.

A force 1700 times his weight.

Even the regional appear satisfied.

With his victim out cold, he brings it home.


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