Spy in the Ocean: Deep Trouble | Mother Humpback Protects Calf From Males | Nature



– [Narrator] Aware of the threat, the mom guides her calf away.

It’s currently too late.

The vocalist circles around the set.

All the calf can do is remain near his mom, however even this will not keep him from damage.

The male wishes to mate which’s where the threat lies.

She slaps him away and keeps herself in between him and her calf.

He would not purposefully hurt her infant, however courtship can be a rough affair.

As things intensify, the calf remains even better.

It’s about to worsen.

Other males are showing up.

They heard the vocalist’s tune, now they’ve heard the turmoil.

The calf remains in serious threat and there’s little his mom can do.

As the whales circle, there’s no escape.

The newbies are now the vocalist’s competitors.

His caution?

A bubble blast.

They aren’t terrified off quickly.

A 2nd caution from the vocalist.

An unsafe minute.

Things might spiral out of control.

The mom presses her calf to the surface area, securing him as finest she can.

The vocalist problems his last and 3rd caution.

He’s larger than any of them and prepared to eliminate.

The risk’s sufficient to drive the males away.

The calf is now safe to swim on his own.


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