Spy in the Ocean: Deep Thinkers | Spy Octopus Helps Friend Hide From Shark | Nature



– [Narrator] Blacktip sharks hunt octopus.

Our spy does not smell like one.

Not so the genuine thing.

He might conceal, however they might still discover him.

( water gurgling) Time for some fast thinking.

A hollow bamboo reveals guarantee (water gurgling) however its open entryway is far from suitable.

( water gurgling) Our spy might have the response.

( shark swooshing) It’s simply what the octopus requires.

( water gurgling) But will he attempt take it from him?

( water gurgling) (water gurgling) Like a skilled burglar, he attempts to prevent raising suspicion.

Knowing what others might be believing signifies deep intelligence.

A best fit.

And in the nick of time.

( water splashing) With absolutely nothing worth consuming, the sharks carry on.

( water gurgling) The coconut octopus require conceal no more.

As an indication of approval, he reveals his real sensations.


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