Spy in the Ocean: Deep Thinkers | How Hermit Crabs Choose Their Shells | Nature



– [Narrator] Another spy goes undercover.

One with an electronic camera in its shell.

It’s reached the best minute.

The crabs line up in order of size.

They do not all require grand lodging.

They simply require the next measure.

They should discover their appropriate location in the line.

They wait up until everybody is put together.

The home swap starts.

The biggest leaves his old home and moves into the uninhabited shell next door.

The next size down takes over the shell he left behind, and so it goes on in order of size.

The majority of are content with their brand-new home, although one appears to have home envy.

He’s considering up our spy.

He simply requires to examine the shell for size.

It fulfills his requirements so he does not lose time.

This home comes with duties.

Ones that include shooting, too.

Our brand-new spy appears to be having 2nd ideas.

His old shell was a much better fit.

He’ll keep it for a little bit longer.

Our spy is now the only crab left homeless.


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