Spy in the Ocean: Deep Relationships | Why Are These Lobsters Doing The Conga? | Nature



As the storm develops, conditions aggravate.

Alone they’re susceptible, not simply to currents, however predators too.

They’ll make their journey together.

Currently, Spy Lobster has business.

Others likewise combine up.

Everybody signs up with the excellent migration, including our spy and its newly found friend.

As the lobsters come together, it ends up being a video game of follow the leader.

Latecomers race to enroll, including our spy.

A chain quickly begins to form.

It ends up being a lobster conga line, their an antennae keeping each in line.

The members can number 50 or more.

Nobody wishes to be left.

As they head for much deeper water, strolling in line lowers drag and keeps them on course.

Assisted by the Earth’s electromagnetic field, they can march like this for days.

Currently, they are disappearing into the deep, leaving Spy Lobster far behind.


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