Spy in the Ocean: Deep Relationships | Dolphin Megapod Caught on Camera | Nature



(dolphins sprinkling) – [Narrator] Of all the relationships discovered in the ocean, couple of can beat the spinner dolphins.

As event in big numbers, they are the acrobats of the dolphin world.

( dolphins sprinkling) They can jump over 10 feet high and spin 7 times in a dive.

( dolphin splashes) (dolphin whirling) (dolphin splashes) Today, they’re on a searching exploration.

( dolphin splashes) Spy Dolphin is here to discover how they work as a group.

( water splashes) (dolphin whistles) Their bubbles supply a hint.

On closer evaluation, they clearly originate from the dolphins blowholes.

( dolphins whistling) An indication they are whistling to each other.

( dolphins whistling) They utilize these calls to bring the pod together.

( dolphins whistling) They likewise have a distinct whistle to reveal who they are.

The dolphin equivalent of a name.

( dolphin squeaking) (water bubbles) (dolphins whistling) As well as whistles, they utilize clicks to interact too.

Some clicks are ultrasonic, far above our hearing variety.

All this operates at close quarters, however to get in touch with dolphins far, they utilize their corkscrew jumping.

For a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on, Spy Frigate movies from above.

( water splashing) The leaps can be seen by far-off dolphins, (dolphin splashing) while the splashing can be spoken with everywhere.

( dolphins whistling) United, they can hunt as an incredibly group.

( dolphins whistling) Our spy remains in the middle of an amazing event: One of the best mega pods ever recorded.

( dolphins whistling) Spy Dolphin is here to witness this impressive minute.


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