Spy in the Ocean: Deep Feelings | Why Do Cuttlefish Change Color? | Nature



– [Narrator] The skin of the cuttlefish reveals his emotion.

( water swishing) Linked to his brain, countless pigment cells broaden and agreement.

( water swishing) These chromatophores reveal what’s on his mind.

( water swishing) Our spy’s screen reacts in kind.

( water swishing) Playing the patterns shown by males.

( water swishing) A very first contact with an alien mind.

If competitors are viewing,( water swishing) He turns to inspect.

( water swishing) As he does, the patterns change to his opposite, the one that faces our spy.

( water swishing) Then an idea to what he’s sensation, he approaches our spy from the side.

It’s something he ‘d just do to another male.

( water swishing) It appears our spy is showing an intriguing message, that of a competing male.

By approaching from the side, he prevents a threat he’s anticipating, a male’s sharp mouth parts.

( water swishing) As our spy isn’t aggressive, the cuttlefish is interested.

( water swishing) The spy then alters its screen to the more neutral patterns of a woman.

( water swishing) The male is a lot more curious.

In female guise, our spy gets an extremely various response.

He now attempts technique from the front.

( water swishing) A sure indication he understands he’s not with a male.

( water swishing)


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