Spy in the Ocean: Deep Feelings | Mudskipper Jumping Contest For Mate | Nature



– [Narrator] She’s on the lookout for a qualified partner.

The larger, the much better.

Our spy fits the costs.

Waving her fin like a flag is another excellent indication.

Our spy waves back.

This is where it all goes incorrect.

There are plenty more males to select from.

Spy Mudskipper has severe competitors (mud squelches) and their flag waving is much more sexy.

To truly impress, flagging alone is not enough.

He needs to reveal what else he can do.

( mud squelches) As feelings skyrocket, it’s now a competitors.

( mud squelches) There’s one yet to take its turn.

( mud squelching) Hardly a major competitor.

She’s after the one that jumps the greatest.

( mud squelching) (water splashing) She approaches the 2 finest candidates.

Our spy is cast aside.

There can just be one winner.

To choose, they should combat it out amongst themselves.

( mud squelching) (water splashing) The female waits for the outcome.

The loser is driven away.

She has her champ.


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