Southern Gulf Island Whale Sighting Network: Top Whale Spotter


Nature Canada want to extend congratulations to the Southern Gulf Island Whale Sightings Network (SGIWSN), a multi-island task led by the Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society, for getting the acknowledgment!

SGIWSN is a volunteer citizen-led company for tracking and event field information on whales around Saturna, Pender and Mayne Islands in British Columbia.

The spotting details gathered by the SGIWSN is utilized by Ocean Wise and shown other ENGOs, federal government firms, and scholastic organizations for conservation-based research study, vital environment analysis, and the facility of marine safeguarded locations. The real-time sightings have actually likewise been utilized to notify the WhaleReport Alert System (WRAS), a tool utilized by industrial vessels to prevent ship strikes and disruptions to cetacean populations. The contributions made by SGIWSN are exceptionally important provided the company’s distance to the high-risk locations of Boundary and Active Pass, and the Interim Sanctuary Zones for the Protection of Southern Resident Killer Whales.

To find out more about the Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society, the Southern Gulf Island Whale Sighting Network, and their essential work to construct awareness of marine life and communities in the Salish Sea, visit their website.

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