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  • Taxonomic Name: Pachyramphus aglaiae
  • Call in Spanish (Mexico): Cabezón Degollado
  • ABA 4-Letter Bird Code: RTBE
  • Family Members: Tityridae– Tityras as well as Allies
  • Order: Passeriformes– Setting Down Birds
yucatan 12 05 2021 muyil 40
Rose-throated Becard Man Photo © Jim Gain

Concerning this Variety

The Rose-throated Becard is a little, vibrantly tinted bird types discovered in Belize as well as various other components of Central America. One of the most distinct qualities of this bird is the rose-colored neck bib discovered in men. Men are mainly grey in shade, with a different darker upperside as well as a light grey bottom. Men additionally reveal a black crown. Ladies are mainly brownish in shade, with a rustic brownish top side, as well as a light buffy bottom. The crown is a dark grey, not almost as sensational as the men.

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Rose-throated Becard Women Photo © Jim Gain

The Rose-throated Becard is dispersed throughout the bogs of Belize, from water level approximately around 500 meters in altitude. These birds can be discovered in a selection of environments, consisting of exotic woodlands, additional development, as well as sides of cleanings. They are frequently observed setting down outdoors, where they can conveniently be seen as well as listened to vocal singing their tunes.

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Rose-throated Becard Man Photo © Jim Gain

The nature of the Rose-throated Becard is not well researched, however they are recognized to feed upon bugs, fruits, as well as little animals such as reptiles. They are additionally recognized to nest in tree tooth cavities, as well as both moms and dads take part in taking care of their young. This types is ruled out endangered or threatened, however like several bird types, it might be susceptible to environment loss because of logging as well as various other human tasks.

yucatan 12 05 2021 muyil 39
Rose-throated Becard Man Photo © Jim Gain

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