Making Every Bird Count This Fall Migration Season


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Migratory birds that nest and type in the north, are now making their long journey back south to overwinter in a warmer environment. An approximated 4 billion birds will need to browse through cities, areas, and other developed environments. Regretfully, a lot of these birds never ever get to their wintering premises since they are eliminated or hurt from accidents with glass. Did you understand that you can assist them get here securely?

Nashville Warbler Kaitlin Brough

A Nashville Warbler with a damaged beak was effectively saved this fall and required to the Toronto Wildlife Centre for treatment by a FLAP Volunteer.

Join us for Global Bird Rescue Week!

Every year throughout the very first week in October, to assist spread out awareness of the problem, FLAP Canada in collaboration with Nature Canada, hosts Global Bird Rescue (GBR). This week-long occasion motivates individuals all over the world to look for birds that have actually hit windows and to make their widows bird-safe. There is still time to sign up with the motion! This year, Global Bird Rescue happens Oct 2-8, 2023. Registration for the occasion is open till Oct 2. Presently, there are 36 GBR Teams from nations consisting of Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, India, China, Nepal, Mexico and Panama taking part in the occasion.

During the occasion, GBR Teams look for birds that have actually hit windows in their neighborhoods. They tape this information in the Global Bird Collision Mapper and guarantee hurt birds get the care they need from their regional wildlife rehab center.

The brand-new Global Bird Collision Mapper

The enhanced and brand-new Global Bird Collision Mapper is here! Making use of ArcGIS to much better envision and translate the information, this software application likewise enables us to improve the procedure of reporting accidents. This neighborhood science tool enables authorized and confidential users all over the world to record the types, area, time, status and other information of each bird they recuperate.

Every bird reported to the Global Bird Collision Mapper assists us even more comprehend the scope of the bird-building accident problem. This information likewise plays an important part in seeing bird accident deterrent window treatments being set up at unsafe structures.

Other Ways You Can Help!

1. Make your windows bird-safe.

Did you understand that most of bird accidents occur at low-rise structures, consisting of homes and houses? To guarantee you do not hear that dreadful “thump” of a bird hitting your window this fall, make your windows bird-safe by using visual markers that follow these window marker standards. Every window we make bird-safe is a big action towards safeguarding migratory bird types.

GBR Make Windows Bird Safe

2. Report issue structures with the brand-new Bird-Friendly Building Survey.

Help us gather details on structures and their efforts to be bird-friendly. The Bird-Friendly Building Survey provides a method to track bird-friendly structures around the world by showcasing their styles! This study likewise serves as a database for recognizing issue structures where many birds are understood to clash. The supreme objective is to have structures deal with the problem of accidents by treating their windows and glass exteriors with efficient visual markers when it comes to minimizing accidents.

3. Bird-safe legislation and retrofits.

Pushing for bird-safe legislation will guarantee that we continue to safeguard birds. Connect to your member of provincial parliament, City Councillors, and federal government firms to let them understand about this crucial problem, which you would like them to support bird-safe legislature. Motivating retrofits on structures with understood window accidents is another great method to assist. Have you seen bird accidents at your work environment? Attempt connecting to the structure supervisor or owner to let them understand that retrofitting the structure will conserve many birds’ lives.

4. Switch off lights in the evening.

As birds move in the evening, they utilize the stars to direct them. Brilliant lights from metropolitan centres can draw birds off course. As soon as in these metropolitan areas, they run the risk of hitting glass. Do you have outside lighting? Do your neighbours? To assist birds bypass our unsafe cities, attempt turning these unneeded outside lights off throughout migration in spring and fall.

You can make a distinction!

Each people can assist safeguard birds from deadly accidents with glass. Participating in Global Bird Rescue by registering as a specific or group, logging your findings in the GBCM, making your house windows bird-safe, promoting bird-safe legislation, and informing your pals, household, and neighbours about the problem, are all excellent methods to make a huge distinction. Together, we can conserve the lives of countless birds.

Add your name to end up being a Migratory Bird Defender and find out more about how you can safeguard birds in your neighborhood.


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