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Adventures in Arkansas – The Natural State— Blog Series Post # 1

When it concerns its bird life, Arkansas is a state with a varied and abundant natural heritage. The state’s area in the south-central United States, in addition to its different environments, such as forests, wetlands, fields, and mountains, make it a hotspot for birdwatching and preservation.

A Reflections of the Natural World Blog Post Series by Jim Gain

DAY 1 Travel and Family— On the 2nd anniversary of my sibling’s translocation from California to Arkansas, I lastly entered “The Natural State” to pay her and the rest of the household a long-overdue check out. While my function was to check out household, those who understand me, understand I do not go anywhere without preparing and doing some research study about any neighboring birding chances.

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After an early start from Hughson (HUG– LOL) at 2:00 am (9/16/2023), I took pleasure in a genuinely uneventful smooth flight from Sacramento (SMF) to Dallas (DFW) and after that to Little Rock (LIT) where my sibling (JAN) and brother-in-law (GARY) were waiting.

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We stopped initially at Matt and Trena’s home to state hi.

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A one-minute time out on their yard terrace led to a Yellow-billed Cuckoo (visual just), Brown-headed Nuthatch, Carolina Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, Downy Woodpecker, Blue Jay and Northern Cardinal (visual just). Not a bad start!

Next was a come by Jamie and Kristin’s home and after that to Richard and Jenifer’s home for a household pizza get together. It was so good to talk with everybody.

From there it was a 90-minute drive to Fairfield Bay and the Hartley Wildlife Sanctuary (my label for their stunning residential or commercial property in the forest by Greer’s Ferry Lake). After a 20 hour trip, a little sleep was on my menu!

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The Hartley Wildlife Sanctuary during the night


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