Deconstruction of rheumatoid arthritis synovium defines inflammatory subtypes


  • L.G.-P., K.D.D., D.T., A.C., G.S.F., M.M., I.S., A.B.-A., A.M.M., A. Nerviani, F.R., C.P., L.B.H. and D.H., hired clients and gotten synovial tissues. L.W.M., S.M.G., H.P., V.M.H., A.F., V.P.B. and J.H.A. added to the procurement and processing of samples and style of the AMP research study. E.D., E.M.G. and B.F.B. carried out histologic evaluation of tissues. D.W., K.P.L., A.F. and V.P.B. curated and evaluated scientific and histologic information. W.A. offered task management and curated scientific and histologic information. K. Wei, A.H.J., G.F.M.W., A. Nathan and M.B.B. developed and executed the tissue disaggregation, cell sorting and single-cell sequencing pipeline. A.H.J., K. Wei and G.F.M.W. carried out the tissue and monitored disaggregation pipeline. S.N., J.R.-M. and N. Meednu. carried out immunofluorescence microscopy and evaluated these information together with M.C. and A.H.J. K.E.M. and I.M. carried out and evaluated practical cellular assays. M.J.L., F.R. and C.P. contributed unpublished information from scientific trials. F.Z., A. Nathan, N. Millard, M.C., Q.X., M.G.-A., J.B.K., K. Weinand, J.M., L.R. and S.R. performed analytical and computational analysis. A.H.J., K. Wei, M.B.B., J.H.A., L.T.D., D.A.R., F.Z., A. Nathan, S.R., D.E.O., J.R.-M. and A.F. offered input on cellular analysis and analysis. D.E.O., J.R.-M., A.F. and J.H.A. offered input on histologic analyses. N. Millard and K.S. executed the site. S.R., M.B.B., J.H.A., L.T.D. and D.A.R. monitored the research study. F.Z., A.H.J., A. Nathan, N. Millard, Q.X. and S.R. composed the preliminary draft. F.Z., A.H.J., A. Nathan, K. Wei, N. Millard, D.A.R, L.T.D., J.H.A, M.B.B. and S.R. modified the draft. AMP RA/SLE Network members added to this work by handling client recruitment, curating scientific information, getting and processing synovial tissue samples, handling biorepositories, performing computational or histologic analysis, supplying software application code, supplying site assistance and/or supplying input on information analysis and analysis. All authors took part in modifying the last manuscript.


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