Creating Bird Friendly Cities: A Path to Protect the Future of Our Feathered Friends


Birds have actually long given motivation and question for individuals all over the world. Their tunes, lively plumage, and special habits include appeal and life to our city landscapes. The dangers dealing with city birds

particularly types at threat nearly 3 billion birds

  1. has actually ended up being a cause for issue. Threats to Birds in Our Built Environments
  2. Over the previous 5 years, urbanization and human activities have actually taken a considerable toll on bird populations, especially in North American cities and towns. Shockingly, we have actually lost a quarter of the wild bird population– This decrease is credited to a number of aspects, consisting of:
  3. Predation by canines and felines: Domestic family pets posture a hazard to bird populations as they hunt birds for sport or food.
  4. Collisions with lorries and structures: Birds in constructed environments typically hit glass windows and lorries resulting in deadly injuries.

Pesticide usage:

The usage of pesticides in cities for yards, landscaping and other usages can infect the environment, impacting both bird food sources due to insect decreases along with their general health.

Habitat loss:

Urban advancement without factor to consider for birds, and environment damage, have actually left them with minimal locations to nest and forage for food.

The Role of Bird-Friendly Cities, Towns and Villages

  1. Recognizing the seriousness of the circumstance, Nature Canada is taking a proactive position to attend to the decrease of birds, types at threat and biodiversity at-large through our Bird Friendly City accreditation program. Cities, towns, and towns throughout Canada are revealing the method by making impactful modifications to end up being Bird Friendly Certified. The objective is to develop safe, growing areas for birds where:
  2. The Bird-Friendly City Program Municipalities that sign up with the Bird Friendly City Program can access important resources and assistance from Nature Canada. Here are some essential advantages towns and citizens delight in when they sign up with the program: guidance Demonstrates dedication: resources Certification in the program acts as a concrete presentation of a city or town’s commitment to safeguarding birds, revealing citizens the value of our feathered buddies in our neighborhoods and the more comprehensive environment.
  3. Access to resources: Nature Canada uses

Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City Program and

to assist towns and Bird Friendly Teams to establish efforts, policies and practices to conserve bird lives.

Sign Up

Network assistance: (*) By taking part in the program, neighborhoods enter into a network of over 50 towns throughout Canada actively working to secure bird populations.(*) uses a clear course for neighborhoods to make a favorable effect to conserve bird lives. Together, we can develop a brighter future for our feathered buddies and for the world as a whole.(*) Want to find out how to make your city bird friendly? Wish to conserve bird lives in your neighborhood and throughout Canada? Register for updates.(*)


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