Cabin Boy chosen for sinking ship


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Well, who would have thought it? As Amanda Anderson leaves (see here and here), Andrew Gilruth is designated CEO of the Moorland Association.

There is a little task title inflation going on here. Amanda prospered Martin Gillibrand, who had the title of Secretary, whereas I think Amanda was called Director, today Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer. Sounds grand does not it? According to

the Moorland Association had one worker last year – – and that’ll be Amanda – so rather who Andrew will be Chief of, or Executive of, is truly uncertain. He’ll still be taking the notes in the conferences too.

Well somebody needs to manage the death of driven grouse shooting, and put a brave face on it. Very few individuals might have wished to represent a previous time which is underpinned by wildlife criminal offense and by heather management (burning) that the Climate Change Committee wishes to be summarily prohibited.

If I were Andrew, I ‘d keep my LinkedIn profile approximately date and watch on the task adverts as this one might be rather short-term.


PS There can’t be numerous organisations nowadays that do not have a single lady on their board. As finest I can construct out, Amanda has actually been the just one for the last 20+ years. That’s development for you.(*)


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