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Adventures in Arkansas Blog Series: Post # 4

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On the 2nd anniversary of my sibling’s translocation from California to Fairfield Bay, Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas, I lastly entered “The Natural State” to pay her and the rest of the household a long-overdue see. Arkansas is a state with a varied and abundant natural heritage when it comes to its bird life. The state’s place in the south-central United States, in addition to its different environments, such as forests, mountains, wetlands, and fields, make it a hotspot for birdwatching and preservation. {

Adventures in Arkansas is a Reflections of the Natural World Blog Post Series by Jim Gain

First Stop: Hartley’s Wildlife Sanctuary Morning Survey

The huge prepare for the day was to visit the Blanchard Springs Caverns, however initially things, initially! |eBird Checklist Link

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First Stop: Hartley’s Wildlife Sanctuary Morning Survey

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Birds at Blanchard Springs

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Summer Tanager– female

Eastern Phoebe

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Eastern Wood-Pewee

Next Stop: Blanchards Springs, Mill Creek, Mirror Lake, Mill Creek Dam and The Old Mill


After we went back to “The Sanctuary”, Jan took us out for a flight on their ATV, Vroom, Vroom!

And then it was time for yet another unwinding late afternoon bird seeing on the deck. I was intending to picture a few of the Eastern Bluebirds that I had actually heard previously as they would be a “Lifer Photograph.” I was lucky to get a number of good pictures of them.

As well as more Carolina Chickadees, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (*) … and female Indigo Buntings, a Pine Warbler and an Empidonax flycatcher which I presume was an Acadian Flycatcher.(*) A Red-bellied Woodpecker likewise made a quick appearence.(*) Previous Adventures in Arkansas Posts(*)


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