A Walking Tour of Air Quality and Urban Forests in South Tacoma — The Nature Conservancy in Washington


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Less than one percent of this community is open public area and 70% of land is comprised of impenetrable surface areas that trap a great deal of heat on hot days. Throughout a heat wave, this community can get up to 15 degrees hotter than more forested parts of the city. South Tacoma is likewise among the 16 neighborhoods in our state that the Department of Ecology has actually determined as overloaded by air contamination due to a long history of regional commercial activity.

Poor air quality and minimal trees in neighborhoods like South Tacoma are a tradition of ecological bigotry. Historically, contaminating markets have actually been put in close distance to areas comprised mainly of neighborhoods of color and near Native bookings, positioning the problem of that contamination on individuals who live there. Redlining policies that disinvested in these neighborhoods implies citizens have less parks and green area to assist combat that contamination. Part of the tradition of these policies are city heat islands, flooding, and bad health. Frontline neighborhoods (e.g. neighborhoods of color, Native neighborhoods, and low-income neighborhoods) have actually been arranging for years to get more attention on the concern of air contamination, and it is thanks to their management that we now have huge policy chances.

Community efforts led by the City of Tacoma and the Tacoma Tree Foundation are working to re-green the community, with assistance fromTNC’s GRIT project The GRIT job seeks to comprehend how tree canopy is affecting neighborhood wellness by tracking heat temperature levels previously, throughout, and after tree plantings and performing interviews with citizens to much better comprehend their relationship to trees. Our preliminary findings reveal trees are effective allies in alleviating city heat, and each tree planted adds to enhancements in the neighborhood’s health and wellbeing throughout lots of metrics consisting of environment strength.


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