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A Season of Good Fire in Washington — The Nature Conservancy in Washington



Why do we require recommended fire?

Many forests and meadows in Washington were traditionally fire-adapted and gained from low-intensity fires every 10-15 years, and cultural burning has actually been practiced by Indigenous individuals given that time immemorial to steward these lands. In the previous century, aggressive fire suppression has actually left lands and individuals more vulnerable to devastating wildfires.

Prescribed burns are a forest management practice that utilizes low-intensity fire to the land to lower dead or passing away plant life, leaf litter and little trees that can sustain bigger wildfires and assists recycle nutrients into the soil. This assists forests end up being more resistant to wildfires and lowers the danger to close-by neighborhoods.

TREX throughout Washington

Training exchanges for recommended fire occur throughout the U.S. and over the last few years have actually ended up being a foundation of recommended fire and forest health management in Washington state. These occasions bring federal government firms, Native Nations, neighborhoods and non-profits together to supply training for fire professionals, raise awareness about the requirement for recommended fire and develop more resistant neighborhoods and lands in Washington.



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