A new hydrogel can be directly injected into muscle to help it regenerate


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00:46 An injectable gel for recovery muscles

Severe muscle injury can be incapacitating, with long recovery durations. Now, scientists have actually established a product that can be straight injected into hurt muscle, assisting to recover and promote harmed tissue. The group revealed this technique might quickly bring back strolling capability in seriously hurt rats and regrow muscles within 4 weeks. They hope that this option might one day aid human beings with comparable injuries, and conquer a few of the constraints of present recovery techniques.

Research post: Jin et al.

News and Views: Hydrogel implant rehabilitates muscles through electrical stimulation

10:02 Research Highlights

Ancient human genomes complete a missing out on link in between Europe’s very first human beings and later on arrivals, and how ferns are motivating pest-resistant crops.

Research Highlight: Ancient DNA reveals traces of elusive first humans in Europe

Research Highlight: Fierce ferns make insect-fighting proteins

12:43 Briefing Chat

Largest release of Wolbachia– contaminated mosquitoes reveals guarantee at managing dengue, and the genes that describe why starfish aren’t so balanced.

Nature News: Dengue rates drop after release of modified mosquitoes in Colombia

Video: How would a starfish wear trousers? Science has an answer

Research Article: Formery et al.

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